Emergency Dyke Project

We were driving along a
Winding highway road
On a weekend camping getaway

There was a twisting turning river
Churning right beside us
It was ready to spill over the sides

And the sandbags piled high on top
To stop the overflow and the cars
Were stopped up in front of us

And on the road just up ahead
There was a sign, I strained my eyes
To read what it said and it said

This is an emergency dike project
There's an urgent roadblock, please pull over here and wait
It's a necessity to keep a tight rein on the flow here
We'll let you know when it is safe to drive on through

I started thinking about emergencies, rivers and dikes
And how I fight the urge in me
To want to merge with the mainstream

How singing feels urgent to me
How I must hold tight to my identity
Or I'm going to watch it slip downstream

See a guy from a festival committee with a wimpy handshake told me
“Maybe you oughta play it a little straighter
In your application, Kate.”

And I said, “Thanks for the advice” and I walked away
And I got to thinking, “Wait a second, man
What's he really trying to say?”

Cuz, I've kissed a girl and I liked it, too
In fact, I've kissed a few in my day
So how come I'm not famous for it yet?

I don't care if my boyfriend minds,
Oops, I forgot I don't got one to hide behind
See, I'm not just here for some trendy joyride.

I need an Emergency Dyke Project
Seems there's a roadblock here to my success
It's a necessity cuz the bandwagon's up ahead of me
And I'm still not getting waved through yet

I must admit we're mostly lucky in this country
Being queer seems to be getting easier here

Except for the fear of coming out
Being called names while walking down the street
Gay-bashing, jokes in the staffroom
What are we complaining about?

We don't have to serve jail time cuz it ain't a crime no more
So what if they organized a vote nation-wide
To decide if they should let us get married?

But the divorce law still specified
“Man and woman”, they forgot to change the wording
So, gay divorce was technically illegal
Good thing they didn't take a vote on changing that law, too
That could have been hell for some people...

Now while I'm at it and I'm on a roll,
Just wind me up and watch me go
Let me paint you a little slice of lesbian life

Butchie women aren't always welcome in women's public restrooms
Cuz, some straight mom will insist you're in the wrong place
Grab her kids and run, thinking you're a man

Then, the small town hotel clerk asks, Two beds then?”
And you and your gal say, “No, one will be grand”
Then,he looks confused saying, “Well, which one's the wife and which one's the husband?”

And then, your mother asks,
“Darling, do you have to dress so masculine?
I mean really, honey, do you
Have to be a lesbian?”

I need an Emergency Dyke Project
One that defies heterosexual logic
It's a necessity cuz I'm an invisible minority
And conforming just ain't an option for me

So until I see us all out there on the big screen
On radio, in textbooks
In ads and magazines

I'm going to keep in living my dream
I'm going to keep on being the real thing
I'm hoping I'll work myself out of this job eventually

But in the meantime, I'd rather pass for a girlie dyke
Than squeak by as a question mark
You know, I'd rather make my mark in this game

Cuz I'm a dame making a name for myself
I'm a woman on the loose, loose-lipped and rocking the ship
Shit-disturbing just for the fun of it

Chorus 2X:
This is an Emergency Dyke Project
There's an urgency to my work here everyday
It's a necessity cuz the mainstream can't seem to accept me
So I sing in bold hoping this is all history one day

We need an Emergency Dyke Project
There's an urgency to our work here everyday
It's a necessity cuz the mainstream can't seem to accept you and me
So let's live in bold hoping this is all history one day
And, I'll sing in bold hoping this is history one day