Reach To You

Can we drive your car to the far shore of town?
Can we watch those almost springtime rains come pouring down?

Would you lay your head down on my shoulder and tell me your life story?
Could you tell me all your sorrows and your glories?
I want to know your sorrows and your glories

Could you come clean and admit to your dreaming heart?
Could you let this thing between us start steaming up the windows of your car?

Would it be alright if while we are talking all I'm thinking of
Is taking you home tonight and keeping you warm for the night?
Could I take you home with me tonight?


Would you mind if I wasn't rehearsed and if I was nervous, too
Would you mind if I lay my hands on you?

Would you mind if I stopped being such a tough guy and I showed you my soft side?
You know I would reach to you from inside here
And would you reach to me from inside there?