Rise Up

ItÕs been a rough morning
In fact, itÕs been a rough week
The sky is blue
But I donÕt hear you calling me

And IÕve missed this train
I didnÕt even hear it pull into the station
And now IÕm waiting all alone
In my shame

You asked me over to sing a few
And I said, ÒCanÕt. IÕve got a job to do.Ó
And I felt that familiar nothingness coming through

What is it that keeps me frozen even when itÕs warm outside?
What is it that keeps me down when IÕm supposed to fly?

See thereÕs old blood coursing through me
From the lives that have gone before me
And it slows me down now and then

And despair built my bones
And fear forged my flesh
But thereÕs a warrior spirit somewhere in here, too

And the truth is that life has always terrified me
But dying empty always terrified me more

And I know how to make friends
With other people
But I havenÕt yet learned how to make friends
With myself

So I play music
To fill that space in me
And I know the Earth has
Birthed a place for me

And itÕs the heart weÕve got to pay mind to
Or we may find ourselves where we ainÕt supposed to be
And sometimes I canÕt see beyond my own eyes
But I know inside that IÕm going to rise up
IÕm gonna rise up
IÕm gonna rise up