Uncharted Territory

IÕm walking into the unknown
Into uncharted territory
And I know there are people out there
Who donÕt agree with me
Cuz I sing about who I am
And IÕm sorry thatÕs so hard for them

But IÕve been putting in time dreaming
And IÕve got something different in mind
I just hope IÕm not ahead of my time
You see, I want to burst the floodgates open
On this soulless river
And IÕm a pretty good swimmer
But IÕve been swimming upstream for far too long

And IÕm not into politics
And the guys in office who mouth off
Because as far as IÕm concerned
There ainÕt much else happening there
And I must admit, I pretended to care
So people would think I was smart
When itÕs women and music and the Earth and art
That moves me

And IÕm political just by loving who I love
By being who I am, you see itÕs an act of rebellion
So I guess that makes me one hellava
Rebellious, political, singer-songwriting, earth-loving
Woman-identified woman

I know people are either going to love me or hate me
ThatÕs the way it is in the biz and in the world, too
And IÕve heard guys at the top of the food chain
Talking about what I shouldnÕt sing about
Talking about what they think about me
IÕve heard women say, ŌSheÕs great but sheÕs kinda angry and Why does she keep on singing about her sexuality?Ķ
Well, itÕs a little more interesting to me than
What IÕm seeing on TV and what IÕm hearing on the
Top 40 radio

You see, IÕm a woman who has survived a lifetime of
Violence and lies
At the hands of my family and the patriarchy
And it nearly killed me
And silence was my only friend
And now my guitar and my voice and my pen are my companions
And where these songs come from, I donÕt know
Cuz IÕm singing words I wrote years ago
And theyÕre just starting to make sense to me now

There are parts of me that have to die so that I can become more alive
And I have wished that if I cry enough, my tears will subside And the fear in me will disappear
And I have looked in the mirror hoping to see someone else
Hoping these lines on my face will have been erased
But I have finally reached the place where I wonÕt erase myself
And I wonÕt let anyone else

And I wanna see my name in lights and have people
Lined up down the street
And I wanna fill every seat in the house
I wanna be backed by an orchestra with standing room only
At the door
So who cares if IÕm a lesbian, I didnÕt mean for it to happen
I think I just caught it while standing in line
Athe bank the other day
So letÕs make a deal here,
You donÕt make like your straight in front of me
And I wonÕt rub it in your face that IÕm queer

So, in case you havenÕt figured it out yet
IÕve got something to say and itÕs my time to say it
And IÕm not acquiescent and IÕm done with being complacent
So consider yourself warned, cuz IÕm just warming up
And when people who live 3,000 miles away tell me that my Music makes their day and my words make their hearts sing
I know in my soul IÕm doing the right thing
IÕm doing the right thing