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Kate Reid - Summer Newsletter 2019: gigs and more!


Hello Friends-
I hope this email finds you well in your lives. It’s been a really long time since I’ve written, mostly because doctoral studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto has been taking over my life…in a good way. I have been deeply valuing my time reading, thinking, researching, and writing. As it turns out, my schooling adventures have been just what I needed to help me ride out this big transition between living in British Columbia, my second home, and moving back to Ontario where I grew up. I’m loving life going back and forth between Toronto (where I have a great little apartment near downtown) and Guelph (where my partner, Lori lives, and incidentally, where I did my undergraduate degree back in the early 90’s!). Being in graduate school has been really stimulating, motivating, fun, and also, life-changing. I have been working with my own research interests: folk music, education, social justice, queer theory, LGBTQ+ lived experience, arts-informed research, and song-writing, and have been a part of two other research projects at OISE. I have just finished my third year of my PhD and have begun writing up my dissertation. I aim to defend and graduate by this time next year. After that, we shall see what opens up before me. In the meantime, I have settled into a summer of writing that will be punctuated with some time with friends and loved ones, and various encounters with nature in the front and backcountry—here in Ontario, as well as in Alberta and BC. 

Since I haven’t reached out with a newsletter since last summer, I thought it was high time to let you know what I’ve been up to over the past year, and what is on the horizon! 

OISE, University of Toronto

Here are a few successes I’ve had and fun things I’ve been involved with during my doctoral studies at OISE: 

Out at School–Toronto Pride 2019
At OISE, aside from conducting and writing about my own research, I am an artist-researcher on a research project called LGBTQ Families Speak Out. It’s an arts-based research study about the experiences of LGBTQ+ families and youth in Ontario schools.Over the course of the project, we have video-interviewed 36 families and curated over 300 video clips from these interviews and posted them on our website: www.lgbtqfamiliesspeakout.ca. Along with interviewing the families, we also developed a 90-minute verbatim monologue performance called Out at School, which consists of excerpts from the interviews, beautiful illustrations by another team member, benjamin lee hicks, and music by yours truly. This past June, we gave three performances of Out at Schoolfor Toronto PRIDE 2019 at OISE. I have lots of duties as a researcher on this team, but, my favourite task by far is to write music based on the interviews we conducted—what a dream job! I feel very lucky to work with this team of amazing people. If you or anyone you know would like to bring this amazing performance to your school or university, please contact me! We received rave reviews of this production from countless audience members. Below is a link to the three songs I have composed and performed for Out at School:Pushing the EnvelopeLet Love be the Way, and Risk Hope. On this page, you will also find some information about what each song is about. I hope you enjoy the songs…you can download them here:  http://www.lgbtqfamiliesspeakout.ca/out-at-school.html.

Co-authored chapter: Inviting Startled Empathy Through Performed Ethnography: A Queer(ed) Collective Research Project – byTara Goldstein, Jenny Salisbury, benjamin lee hicks, Kate Reid, Austen Koecher, and Pamela Baer 
In 2018, my doctoral supervisor, Dr. Tara Goldstein and her team of researchers, of which I am a part, co-authored an article about the research project we are all involved in called, LGBTQ Families Speak Out. This article was included in a book of articles about the ethics of conducting research entitled, The Methodological Dilemma Revisited, edited by drama education scholar Kathleen Gallagher. This book is a follow-up to Kathleen’s book, The Methodological Dilemma, which came out in 2008. A copy of The Methodological Dilemma Revisited can be purchased at Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca.

Peer-reviewed, co-authored article:A Production of Survival: Cancer Politics and Feminist Media Literacies – by Chelsey Hauge and Kate Reid
You may remember a few years ago, my dear friend, Chelsey and I composed a song called Breast Cancer Pink, about her experience with breast cancer, and then made a music video to go along with the song. Well, then, we wrote an article about our art-making processes and our article was published in the acclaimed academic journal, Studies in Social Justice. You can download and read the article here: https://journals.library.brocku.ca/index.php/SSJ/index

Ontario Graduate Scholarship
I’ve been a successful recipient of the Ontario Grad Scholarship for both years I applied for it: 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. This has been very helpful in allowing me to work less and focus more on my research and writing. 

Queer Special Interest Group Graduate Student Travel Award
This past year, I was awarded the Graduate Student Travel Grant at the American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Conference in Toronto. This conference is the biggest education conference in North America and travel to a different city each year hosting upwards of 20, 000 academics and graduate students. 

Upcoming journal article

I’ve been invited to write an article for an edited collection of papers called,Practicing the Social: Entanglements of Art and Justice, on arts-based research, social justice,  critical arts methodologies. The title of the article I’m working on for this collection is,Music as Method: The Ethics of Using Songwriting to Analyze and Synthesize Data. Practicing the Social: Entanglements of Art and Justice will be edited by Dr. Carla Rice and Dr. Ingrid Mündel at the Re*Vision Centre for Art and Social Justice at the University of Guelph. 

Upcoming gigs
July 26-28, 2019 
Skylight Festival
Five Oaks Retreat Centre
Paris, ON
This is the third year I’ve invited to perform at Skylight Festival in Paris, Ontario. This great little festival focuses on arts, social justice, peace, and spirituality.There will be a range of thought-provoking performers, speakers, workshops, and other activities that will no doubt feed you in some way. Along with performing a set of my own music on the main stage, I will be facilitating a writing workshop, hosting an open mic, and leading a campfire sing-along.  At Five Oaks Centre, there is a range of accommodation options from camping, to private rooms, to cabins, to shared accommodations….so many fun options for the weekend! The festival also offers food trucks and a pre-ordered meal plan. Here is the website for so much more info and tickets: https://www.skylightfestival.ca

August 8, 2019
Creekside Villa 
709 Benchlands Trail 
Canmore, AB
I’m playing this sweet little gig at this lovely live music venue that also doubles as a fine dining restaurant, hotel in the heart of the Rockies in Canmore, AB. Tickets for this show include two 45 minute sets and dinner. I will be performing my own material for the first set, and for the second set, I will be performing cover tunes with a special guest who will be backing me up on bass, my uncle and longtime Canmore resident, Hugh Hancock. You can get your tickets by contacting Carolyn at info@creeksidevilla.ca.

August 17, 2019
New West Pride
New Westminster, BC
I’ve played New West Pride twice before and they’ve asked me back for their 10thanniversary Pride celebration. This is a great street festival in New Westminister, BC and if you want something smaller than Vancouver Pride but still with lots of variety of things to do and see, come to New West….just a short drive or skytrain ride from Vancouver! Here is New West Pride website for more info about all the goings-on! http://newwestpride.ca.

Collaborative Songwriting 
Here’s a link to my collaborative songwriting page in case you or anyone you know would like to work on a song together about some aspect of your life, or a particular life experience. Different fee options are included on this page.

Finally….one last little gift. A couple of years ago, I composed and recorded this song, Something ‘Bout You and Meand would love to share it with you here for you to download (once you click on the link, you have to scroll down a ways to get to this song). It’s a true story and I hope you enjoy it! https://www.katereid.net/singles/

That’s it from hot and humid Ontario.
Sending you all much love and light for a summer full of fun, relaxation, and adventure! 
Thank you for reading my newsletter. 

Kate Reid Summer Newsletter - July 2017

Greetings Friends, Fans, and Compadres-
I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well in your lives and following your own heart’s rhythms and desires. It’s been since January 2017 since I sent out a newsletter and so I wanted to update you with what’s been happening in my world of music and studies since then. As most of you know, I have transplanted myself back to my homeland of Ontario,and have found myself coming full circle in my life. Even though the stunning land of British Columbia will always have a special place deep in my bones and memory, it feels like home here in beautiful Ontario—the land of apples and maple syrup—two of my favourite things! And while I am living in downtown Toronto—which is so surprisingly fun and even quiet in my little bachelor pad with a large east-facing balcony that looks out on to tree tops—I am able to get to the country often, which I love dearly. Living back here, I realized Ontario is also deeply embedded in my body: the lakes, the beaches, the familiar bird songs, the friendliness of the people, the farmer’s markets, the rolling fields, and deciduous forests (the mosquitoes??). I often find myself feeling awestruck and so lucky that I get the privilege of living on such beautiful and vast land, and am also very aware of the violence of colonialism through which I and those who came before me came to be here, our home on Native land. I try to remember and carry this knowledge with me as I travel on this land and give thanks for the animals, trees, plants, rocks, and soil that provide us companionship, joy, and life.

And now…updates!

OISE University of Toronto - Graduate Studies
I’ve successfully completed year one of my PhD at OISE, University of Toronto, which is so thrilling. I love how the learning, reading, and thinking continue to challenge me to consider and come up with new, exciting ideas, especially as these ideas relate to my ideas about songwriting and singing. I have joined an incredible research team under the direction of Dr. Tara Goldstein, who does research in the area of performed ethnography, which is an arts-based, theatrical research approach to organizing, analyzing, and disseminating research data. As a member of Tara’s team, I have been commissioned to compose songs based on interviews she and her team have been conducting on actual, lived experiences of LGBTQ families in schools. This research is important because not only does it document these experiences (in theatre performance and song), it also brings awareness to the range of experiences, both positive and difficult, that people in LGBTQ families experience in schools in Ontario, and is used in the university classroom to train pre-service teachers to better support LGBTQ families in schools. Tara’s research also aims for policy and curricular changes in public schools and post-secondary institutions, articulates the moves towards inclusion we have made thus far, and reminds us how much work still needs to be done in terms of inclusion in values, curriculum, policy, and language. Using Tara’s interview data and several theatre scripts, I have written a song entitled “Pushing the Envelope” and have performed it several times at various academic conference presentations with Tara and her team. At the end of August, Tara is providing funds for me to go into the studio with Toronto producer Stew Crookes (http://stewcrookes.com) to record the song for her. We will be working in Blue Rodeo’s recording studio (so cool, right?) called The Woodshed, check in out here, it’s a great space: http://www.thewoodshedstudio.com.
Once the song is done, it will be posted to her research website as a downloadable mp3. Then, in September, I will be working on another new song based on new theatre scripts she and her team are developing. It’s all very exciting and right up my alley!
         As well, I have two more courses to complete this coming semester and then I will be done my coursework. Following that, I will move on to writing my comprehensive exams and a research proposal for my own research. Finally, for this next school year, I get the opportunity to work with an Indigenous scholar at OISE named Dr. Sandra Styres. I took a course with Dr. Styres this last semester and she invited me to work with her for the next year as a research assistant where I will be conducting and writing a literature review for her on Indigenous land-based education. I am very excited about this work and about the school year to come.

Camp fYrefly Ontario
This was my fourth time as the Artist-in-Residence for Camp fYrefly. This time, I worked at the first ever Camp fYrefly in Ontario based on the beautiful Trent University campus in Peterborough. As always, it was an incredible experience. I was astounded by the fierce, intelligent, radical, and passionate youth who attended the camp. I am always blown away by how much queer and transgender youth teach me about the ever-evolving ideas we have about gender and sexuality. As well, using the camper’s input and ideas written on scraps of paper which I collected from them throughout the camp, I wrote a song about Camp fYrefly Ontario called “Close to Magic.” I performed it for the camp on the last day, during my closing address and it was so fun and heart-warming to witness their excited responses upon hearing their ideas set to music. If you or anyone you know would like to attend camp as a camper, youth leader, or adult volunteer, please direct them to the Camp fYrefly Ontario webpage: https://www.ualberta.ca/camp-fyrefly/locations/ontario

Upcoming Performances and Workshops
I’ve got some new songs to share with you and of course, some old faves—so, if you are in the area, here are my upcoming performances in case you and your compadres wish to attend (except the school one, that’s just for the students!):

Skylight Festival – Paris, ON
July 28 -30
Paris Fairgrounds, Paris, ON
Tix and info at www.skylight.ca 
I will be performing a set on Friday night at 9pm, giving a writing workshops over the weekend, leading a campfire songcircle on Saturday night, and participating in a songwriters-in-the-round on Sunday afternoon. 

Vancouver House Concert – East Vancouver, BC
Sunday, August 13th: doors 7pm, show 7:30pm
Limited seating, tix $20
Julie and Tam’s house
To reserve a seat and obtain the house address, email me at kate@katereid.net. Names will be held at the door.

The Notional Space – Vancouver, BC
Sounds & Furies proudly presents:
KATE REID - Queer Singer/Songwriter/Activist/Academic
Friday August 18th: doors 7:30 pm, show 8pm
1523 E. Pender, Vancouver, BC*
Suggested Door Donation: $10 - $20
Here’s the link to Sounds and Furies’ website: http://www.soundsandfuries.com/concerts.html
*Due to limited seating, please rsvp Pat at soundsfuries@shaw.ca if you plan to attend. Names will be held at door.

Victoria Folk Music Society – Victoria, BC
August 20th: open stage from 7:30-8:45pm, Kate Reid: 9pm
Norway House - 1110 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC
$7/adults, free admission for youth under 16/VFMS volunteers, staff
Here’s the link to the VFMS website: http://www.victoriafolkmusic.ca

Humbercrest Elementary – Toronto District School Board 
September 29th: workshop: LGBTQ: What’s with the Acronym?
14 St. Marks Rd., York, ON

Keynotes, concerts, workshops!
If you or anyone you know is doing equity work in your schools, I give keynotes for GSA/QSA youth conferences as well as concerts and workshops at secondary and post-secondary levels and at community agencies. Please email me for more details! (kate@katereid.net)

Our Lives in Song
Finally, some of you may know that I do collaborative songwriting work with people who wish to document some aspect of their lives in song. Some of the songwriting projects I have worked on so far are:  “Breast Cancer Pink,” “Phoenix,” “fYreflies,” which have been recorded and added to my website as free downloads. I have also completed two other song projects with other folks called “The Fuck You Song,” “Body Matters,” and “No Place Like Home” which are unrecorded to date but “Body Matters” will be on an upcoming album. If you or anyone you know would like to collaborate with me on a song, please check out this page on my website for more information about options, fees, and the process! http://www.katereid.net/our_lives_in_song 

That is it from here. I am pet-sitting a very large, friendly dog and two quirky kitties at my sister’s little stone cottage for the next few days so I must go and entertain them for a bit.
Thank you for reading my newsletter and for your interest in my musical pursuits…it means more than you know. Here’s to a relaxing and fun-filled rest of the summer for all of us.
Kate xo

Kate Reid Newsletter - Bring it, 2017!

Dear Friends-
Well, it certainly has been a while since I sent out a newsletter, and I hope this letter finds you well. Firstly, let me wish you all a Happy New Year, one that brings health and happiness in its many forms to you and your loved ones. We certainly need it after some of the awful things that have been happening all over the world this past year. Many people have been saying “good riddance” to 2016, and for those reasons, I agree. But, amidst the upsetting news stories and suffering that continues on our planet, I have also found much happiness and joy this year, in which I have been revelling.
    As I mentioned above, it’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter. In fact, I just checked back on my website to see exactly when I sent my last newsletter and it was October 2015! So, it’s been over a year since I have written you. Those of you who know me well, are aware that over the past year, and in fact, the last couple of years, I have made some difficult decisions that resulted in big changes in my life. It was not an easy time and I struggled incredibly with the tension between wanting to somehow make other people happy while at the same time, trying to meet my own needs for growth, forward movement, and fulfillment. And, while the journey was fraught with difficulty and pain--both mine and others’--I understood deep inside me that, in the end, I had to follow my own heart’s compass. While these personal challenges were going on, I continued to feel the pull to move back east to Ontario, the land on which I grew up. I had been feeling that draw for quite some time but it was unclear for quite a while how I might make it happen.
     Last winter, just before defending my master’s thesis at UBC, I applied for the PhD program at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at University of Toronto, proposing to conduct research on how collaborative songwriting and performance might assist youth in making sense of their identities, and encourage civic engagement and involvement in social justice movements. Then, in the early spring of 2016, I received a personal email from one of the professors at OISE giving me a heads up that they were going to offer me an admission package. This was incredible news for me: I was going to be starting a doctoral program! If someone had told me back in high school that I would be starting a PhD at age 45, in conjunction with living the precarious life of a musician, I never would have believed them…in fact, I never would have believed that I would have done most of the stuff I’ve done over the past decade and a half. This is what I think is so amazing about our lives: we just never know where our dreams and actions will lead us; we never know what the universe has in store for us.
     So in July, I packed up my little apartment in Kitsilano, Vancouver, and after an amazing backcountry-hiking-car-camping-combo-roadtrip in the Kootenays, and a gorgeous kayak trip on Lake Huron with some lovely people, I landed in Toronto this past September in a little bachelor apartment four blocks from the OISE campus. A number of years ago, when I was starting out as a singer-songwriter, a longtime publicist in Toronto told me I should move there to immerse myself in the music scene, and I responded with an adamant, “No-freaking-way!” And now, here I am: living in the city I never imagined living in. And what a pleasant surprise—I love Toronto! It’s vibrant, busy (with pockets of quiet), and I have found the people here to be incredibly friendly. As always, I mostly depend on my bike for transportation and I have become one of those people who even rides in the winter!
     I just successfully completed the first semester of my PhD and have spent the winter holiday doing some snowshoeing, and getting back on my snowboard at Chicopee Ski Hill, which is the hill I grew up skiing on when I lived in Ontario as a young person. What a trip to go from boarding in the Kootenays, the north shore mountains in Vancouver, and Whistler, to the landfill-turned-ski-hill that is Chicopee! It was surreal riding the chairlift up for the first few times: I kept expecting the lift to continue going after we approached the top of the hill but it didn’t—we had to get off after only a couple minutes on the lift! And, I remember the slopes looking so much bigger and steeper when I was a kid. Regardless, it was a joy to be there again, to be at the top and look out over the sparkling lights of the city of Kitchener. And the cold, snowy wind! I have missed this snow and these blustery Ontario days and nights. 

And so, onto a bit of music news…

Songwriting Projects
Over the past year, I have written a ton of songs: many of my own and some, in collaboration with others. At some point, I will work on recording a new album, but for now, I am simply enjoying the process of getting together with people, listening to their stories, and translating them into songs. The process of writing collaboratively with other people is very gratifying for me and feels like an important way to narrate the experiences of others in a celebratory and healing way. I recently began a songwriting project with Benjamin Lee Hicks, whom I met at OISE. Benjamin is a Toronto artist, graduate student, and teacher who writes beautiful poetry and creates stunning visual art, among other things. Here is Benjamin’s website for you to check out their work: http://leehicks.weebly.com

As well, Dr. Tara Goldstein, a professor at OISE, has commissioned me to write a song based on some research data she collected in the form of interviews with LGBTQ families regarding their experiences related to the public school system. Tara’s research lies in the area of what is termed “performed ethnography” where a play script is created from ethnographic research, the play is then performed, followed by a discussion of the content of the play. I am working with some select interview pieces from Tara’s research that she gave me in order to compose this new song. On Sunday, January 22nd  at OISE, Tara, along with her research team and interviewees will be presenting select interview scripts, and I will be performing the new song at this event as well. Here is the website that exemplifies Tara’s current research project on LGBTQ families’ experiences in schools: http://www.lgbtqfamiliesspeakout.ca .

If you or someone you know—maybe even a group of people—might be interested in writing a song with me, I would love to hear from you. Please check out this page on my website for more details on how it works: http://www.katereid.net/our_lives_in_song .

Upcoming performances
Amidst my graduate studies at OISE, I am doing a few performances here and there. If you would like me to come to your house and give an acoustic concert, we can certainly talk about that, just email me or message me on Facebook.  

Saturday, January 7 – 6:30-9pm
Mills Hardware
95 King St., E.
Hamilton, Ontario
Admission at the door: free for youth/adults suggested donation: $20
With storyteller and performer, Ivan Coyote (https://www.ivancoyote.com)

Sunday, January 22 – 1:00-4pm
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - University of Toronto
252 Bloor Street, W., Nexus Lounge - 12th floor
Toronto, Ontario
Admission: free
Along with a showcasing of artwork by Toronto artist, Benjamin Lee Hicks, Kate will be performing a short selection of songs in support of a staged reading of excerpts from Dr. Tara Goldstein's verbatim theatre script entitled, Out of School. 

Thursday, April 13 – 7:00-10pm
Halton District School Board - Queer Prom
Georgetown District Secondary School
70 Guelph St.
Georgetown, Ontario
Admission: free with admission to the prom
Kate will be performing a short set for students and staff at Halton District School Board's Queer Prom. 

Friday, May 5 – all day
Upper Grand District School Board - Rainbow Coalition Conference
500 Victoria Rd., North
Guelph, Ontario
Kate will be delivering a keynote address and facilitating a writing workshop for the Upper Canada District School Board's Rainbow Coalition Conference. 

Grants for school performances
If you or anyone would like to invite me to come and give a performance and/or workshops at your schools, I would love to arrange this with you. Several school boards in Ontario have brought me to their schools with grant money they have received from their communities or the Ontario Ministry of Education. For example, the Speak Up Project grant gives money to schools to help students lead projects that make a difference in their schools. The deadline for this grant application is coming up quickly: January 13, 2017 before midnight, EST! Here is the link:  http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/students/speakup/projects.html .

Well, that’s it from here. The snow is swirling outside and I’m onto tackle some other work at my desk. I hope each of you has a lovely day and that 2017 brings much joy, laughter, inspiration, learning, and love to your lives. Let us all keep working and hoping for peace and positive change out there in the world, in all of the big and small ways that we can. Benjamin Lee Hicks calls us to engage in “increased kindness in general” so I’m going with that. 

Yours in music,
Kate xo

October Newsletter 2015

Hi Everyone! 

How about that Super Moon, eh? That was pretty spectacular – I hope many of you got outside to witness that incredible event. I’ve been wrapping up my thesis  - all the “heavy-lifting” is done – now it’s just a few minor revisions and then I ship it off to my editor who will format it according to UBC standards and make it look like I actually have a good command of the English language. Then hopefully, I will get to defend that sucker by the end of this semester!

In the meantime, I am writing to share with you three cool things: the latest news about my new collaborative song-writing venture called Our Lives in Song; a workshop that my friend, Chelsey and I put on at a conference here in Vancouver recently; and the details of my upcoming (jam-packed) tour this month that will take me to Ontario and then down to New Mexico where I will be performing in classrooms for a week at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Our Lives in Song – www.ourlivesinsong.com :
Over the past two months, I worked with my very first client – a woman who lives in the southern USA – on a song that we have titled “Phoenix.” We did 4 songwriting sessions together over Skype, sent songwriting notes, lyrics and sound bytes back and forth and…we wrote ourselves a kickass ballad! It’s a song about how she is coming to terms with an identity that she has always had but never allowed herself to live, and how she is doing the work of rebirthing herself into this new life. We finished writing it a couple of weeks ago and I recorded it in the studio last week with my band. Now, we are putting the finishing touches on the mix. While I was recording it, I sent my client photos and video clips of our process in the studio (since she couldn’t be there in person). It’s going to sound amazing and I can’t wait to hear the final version. I will be adding the lyrics and mp3 of “Phoenix” to the Our Lives in Song website soon, so stay tuned! If you want to check out this new website and the two different collaborative song-writing options I offer, please go to www.ourlivesinsong.com. Please feel free to share this with people who you think might be interested in working on a song with me. It’s kind of an awesome thing, if I do say so myself (insert smiley face).

Breast Cancer Pink workshop:
Back at the beginning of September, my friend Dr. Chelsey Hauge and I presented a workshop at the BOLD Conference in Vancouver. Chelsey is my friend with whom I wrote the song “Breast Cancer Pink”  - http://www.katereid.net/new_singles1/ - (she is still working on editing the “Breast Cancer Pink” music video and is getting close to being finished). For BOLD participants, she and I put together a 2 hour workshop about how we met, why we wanted to write the song, how we wrote it and why we think it’s important to challenge the commercialized nature of breast cancer and the normative “pink” breast cancer narratives that abound in our society. Our workshop was a resounding success with lots of participants in attendance who were very interested in our artistic process around writing the song, and who also shared some of their own heartfelt stories and thoughts about their own experiences with breast cancer. If you can think of anyone or any institution – ie. hospital, academic institution, health care provider – that might benefit from our workshop, please email me (kate@katereid.net) and let me know. Also, since it is October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – it might be a good time to check out the documentary: Pink Ribbons Inc., if you haven’t seen it yet. I guarantee it will make you think differently about pink ribbons!


October 2015 Tour:
Finally…my upcoming tour! In case you would like to come to a performance in your area, the details are below. I have “bolded” the venues that are open to the public. It’s been two years since I’ve done a tour like this (since I began grad school) so I am really looking forward to it. I hope to see your friendly faces out there!

Thank you so much for reading my newsletter. I hope you are all well in your lives and following your hearts. I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday about the challenges of speaking our truths, even if it might be difficult for others to hear. I was reminded once again of the words of poet and scholar, Audre Lorde, from her essay, The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action (1984): “What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say? What are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you will sicken and die of them, still in silence? … We have been socialized to respect fear more than our own needs for language and definition, and while we wait in silence for that final luxury of fearlessness, the weight of that silence will choke us.” It is a difficult thing to speak one’s truths: some of our truths might be small truths and others might be so large that the line we walk between speaking them or not makes us feel precarious. I make daily deals with myself to speak my truths. How about you?
Yours in music,

Tuesday, Oct. 13th
Ginger Press
848 2nd Ave. E.
Owen Sound, ON
Doors: 6:30pm/show: 7-9pm
$10/students $15-20/adults
Acoustic, intimate show - limited seating!
For tickets and info, contact Joan - jklbeec@bmts.com.

Wednesday, October 14th
Durham Alternative Secondary School
Durham District School Board
Performance and Q&A for the students of DASS

Wednesday, October 14th
The Pearl Company
16 Steven St.
Hamilton, ON
Doors: 7pm/show 7:30-9:30pm
$15/students, $20/adults – tickets at the door
For tickets and info, call 905-524-0606 or email Barbara - barbaramilne@cogeco.ca
The Pearl Company has incredible ambience and one of the best sounding rooms in southern Ontario! 

Thursday, October 15th
Georgetown District High School
Halton Hills District School Board, ON
Workshop/performance for students and staff at GDHS.

Thursday, October 15th
House Concert – Lori Herteis
Guelph, ON
Doors: 6pm/show: 7-9pm
For tickets, address and info, email Lori - lori.herteis@rogers.com

Friday, October 16th
St. Francis Centre – in conjunction with Ajax Youth Centre
78 Church St., S.
Ajax, ON
1-2:30pm – training workshop for Durham Regional Police Force
4:30-6pm – writing workshop for youth (open to the public)
6:45-8:30pm – public concert
For tickets and info about the concert and youth workshop, please contact Amy at amyn@theyouthcentre.ca

Saturday, October 17th
House Concert – Kim and Nancie
Prince Edward County
Doors: 6:30pm/7pm
$20/person (includes wine and desserts)
For tickets and info, email: Kim – kimcharlebois@hotmail.com

Monday, October 19th
Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
Limestone District School Board
Kingston, ON
Performance for students and staff of KCVI

Monday, October 19th
Limestone School of Community Education
Limestone District School Board
Kingston, ON
Performance for students and staff of KCVI

Tuesday, October 20th
Craig Kielburger Secondary School – Milton, ON
Halton Hills District School Board, ON
Two performances for the students and staff of CKSS

Wednesday, October 21st
House Concert
South Etobicoke, ON
This is event is invite-only.

Thursday, October 22nd
Rainbow Youth Forum
Upper Canada District School Board
Kemptville, ON
Keynote and workshop for Rainbow Forum Youth.

Thursday, October 22nd
The Love For All Ball
The Venue
286 George St., N.
Peterborough, ON
Doors: 7:30pm/show: 8pm
$15/students+unwaged, $30/adults
Opening address and performance.

Friday, October 23rd
House Concert – Deb and Donna
Russell, ON
Doors: 7pm/ show: 7:30pm
For tickets and info, email Deb  - doodlegirl100@gmail.com

Monday, October 25-29th
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Kate will be giving workshops all week at SFUAD. 
For more info, contact Corine.Frankland@santafeuniversity.edu



August Newsletter: new website - Our Lives in Song + upcoming shows!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to the end-of-August 2015 version of my newsletter. I hope you are all finding some time to be outside before autumn rolls around in a mere month!

Me, I’m still working on my MA thesis and trying to wrap that up in the next few weeks in between other life things: marking student papers for a course at UBC, launching a new songwriting service and website (which I will tell you about in a sec!), booking concerts for the mid-late autumn months, and hanging out with loved ones where possible. As you are reading this, I am actually in Oakland, California after having driven a U-Haul (umm….lesbian joke s aside!) down the Interstate #5 from Vancouver. I offered to drive my friend’s furniture and belongings down here for her because she and her husband, their new twin babies and 2 cats have just moved back to Oakland from Vancouver. And, after having been in grad school for the past two years, this road warrior needed a road trip! So, I get to spend a couple of days in the Bay area before they put me on a plane back to Vancouver. Then, it's back to eat-sleep-breathe my thesis until that sucker is done....that's my life right now. 

But in the mean time, I have some cool stuff to tell you about…first, a new and really exciting collaborative songwriting service that I am rolling out called Our Lives in Song; and second, some workshop and performance dates coming up this fall. But first, this.....

 Our Lives in Song:
As many of you know, I have collaborated on a two songs with two different people over the past year: I wrote “fYreflies” with Chase McKee – a youth from Alberta who I met at Camp fYrefly, and “Breast Cancer Pink” Dr. Chelsey Hauge – a woman I met at UBC, both of whom are dear friends of mine. Both songs are based on their own experiences and as I worked with Chase and Chelsey in co-writing these songs, I was reminded over and over of the power of songwriting to celebrate and heal. It is so important for us express ourselves and tell our stories, and for me, songwriting has been instrumental in helping me learn how to navigate the world and my place in it. I know from talking with many people that listening to songs that resonate with them in some way is very validating: music makes our lives more livable and more rich.

So...I developed a collaborative songwriting service and over the past month, I put together a website, and I am so excited to launch it today! I have already begun a songwriting project with my first client and thus far, our process has been very touching and productive. Please check out my new website – Our Lives in Song - and share it with as many people as you wish…via email, word-of-mouth, and social media! Thank-you in advance for sharing it. Here is the link, let me know what you think about it! http://ourlivesinsong.com 

Update - Breast Cancer Pink - the music video:
Back in June, Chelsey and I rounded up a bunch of enthusiastic folks to be in the video along with us, and then Colin Burwell and Carla Sinclair shot a bunch of footage for the video. Next, she and I did a little "guerilla shoot" of our own in a Victoria’s Secret store in Vancouver and now we are in the middle of the editing process. Since Chelsey’s twin babies were born 3 weeks ago and she and her husband moved back to California (yes, that was her U-Haul I was driving), the editing process has been slow-going. However, we are plugging along and hope to have it ready to go this fall.  So, stay tuned…I will keep you updated on the release of  “Breast Cancer Pink” – the music video!

Upcoming shows this fall:
I’m currently booking some fall dates in Ontario, including an interesting day in Ajax where I will be doing a workshop for the Ajax Youth Centre, a “sensitivity training” session with the Durham Regional Police Service, and a public concert that evening at the St. Francis Centre in Ajax. If you or anyone you know would like to talk with me about the musical-educational workshops I offer around how to support LGBTQ clients, staff, and/or colleagues in the workplace, or would like to have me do a workshop or concert for your classroom or school, contact me! As well, if you live in Ontario and would like to host a house concert in October, let’s talk. Send me an email: I would love to figure something out with you. Below, you will find my dates so far. For more details, here is a link to my calendar: 

Saturday, September 10
BOLD Fest, Coast Plaza Hotel
Vancouver, BC  
Presentation on “Breast Cancer Pink” – with Dr. Chelsey Hauge
See http://www.boldfest.com for more details about our presentation and this fun conference for lesbians and dykes 

Wednesday, October 14

The Pearl Company 

Hamilton, ON


Friday, October 16
St. Francis Centre
Ajax, Ontario
Workshop for Durham Regional Police Force, Workshop for Ajax Youth Centre + Public Concert

For tickets, email Amy Nagel at: amyn@theyouthcentre.ca 

Saturday, October 17
Public House Concert –Women’s Night at Nancie and Kim’s

Prince Edward County, Ontario

To reserve seats and receive the house address, email kimcharlebois@hotmail.com    

Friday, October 23

Public House Concert – Deb and Donna’s
Russell, Ontario

To reserve seats and receive the house address, email Doodlegirl1000@gmail.com 

Monday, October 26-Friday, October 30
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I will be facilitating in-class workshops and giving concerts for the students of SFUAD for this week.

I think that's it from here in this little cafe in Oakland, CA…I’m off to take a break from working to do a hike or a couple of hours at the beach with Chelsey and her cute, yummy, little twins. I wish you all a lovely and radical rest of the week. Please don’t forget to check out my cool new website…http://ourlivesinsong.com. Can you tell I’m excited about it? Listening to people’s stories, writing and recording songs that are important and meaningful to them…what could be better than that? In my books...nothin’.

Yours in music, 

Summertime update and upcoming shows!

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing? As our lives keep spinning on, I am thinking of the many people I know who receive this newsletter and hoping that you are finding time during this beautiful summer weather to make some space for yourselves and listen to your heart. I, too, must carve out this time that is so precious amidst all of the demands that life presents. With that, I want to share a little story with you about what it means to listen to one's heart. But before I do that, I want to tell you about my upcoming concerts and workshop dates and a couple of other items. 

Upcoming concerts and workshops dates:
Thursday, July 30 - Public House Concert
Doors: 7pm, show: 7-9pm
Ancaster, Ontario
To reserve seats and receive the house address, email michelle.r@cogeco.ca
Light snacks and non-alcoholic bevvies provided, BYOB

Friday, July 31 - Skylight Festival
All weekend festival + camping
Paris Fairgrounds - Paris, Ontario
See www.skylightfestival.ca for information and tickets!

Sunday, August 2 - Public House Concert
Doors: 7pm, show: 7:30-9:30pm
Kitsilano - Vancouver, BC
To reserve seats and receive the house address, email: kate@katereid.net
Light snacks and non-alcoholic bevvies provided, BYOB

Saturday, August 15 - New Westminster PRIDE
All day festival
New Westminster, BC
For more information on this free festival, go to: http://newwestpride.ca

September 10 - BOLD Conference
All weekend conference
Vancouver, BC
For more information about BOLD and to purchase tickets, go to: http://www.boldfest.com
Kate will giving a presentation on the writing and making of the song and video for Breast Cancer Pink with her co-collaborator, Dr. Chelsey Hauge.

Friday, October 16 - Training for Durham Regional Police
St. Francis Centre - 78 Church St S.,
Ajax, Ontario
Kate will be providing a workshop for the Durham Regional Police Service focusing on best practices and current language use for serving LGBTQ people and communities. 

Friday, October 16 - Workshop and Concert
4:30-6pm (workshop), 6:45-8:30pm (concert)
St. Francis Centre - in conjunction with the Ajax Youth Centre
78 Church St., S.
Ajax, Ontario
Kate will be facilitating a workshop on LGBTQ-related issues, music and poetry; and giving a concert for the youth and community of Ajax, Ontario. For more information, please contact Amy Nagel: amyn@theyouthcentre.ca.

Breast Cancer Pink video update:
The Breast Cancer Pink video is being edited and I will keep you posted on its release date on YouTube. Chelsey and I wish to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, all of the folks who came out in support of the video, who lent their bodies and voices in the filming of the video…they were all so enthusiastic and lovely! It was great to work with everyone who volunteered their time for this project. As well, we wish to thank Carla Sinclair and Colin Burwell who flew all the way from Ontario to shoot the video footage for us. As always, Carla and Colin were a pleasure to work with and it was fun to see their creative minds at work while they filmed!

Heal Myself - The Documentary:
After more than 8 years of hard work, Heal Myself - The Documentary, by Carla Sinclair, is complete. If you would like to purchase a copy, please let me know.

And now, a story about listening to one’s heart:
As many of you know, over the past two years, I have been working on attaining my Master's of Arts at UBC. It’s been a mixture of joy and agony…indeed at times, it has been a bit of a slog! Currently, I am in what I hope to be, the final stages of writing my thesis. I feel as though I am on the homestretch and what this means for me right now is that I am focusing heavily on finishing up the writing of my chapters for my thesis and then will submit it to my committee and plan a defense date. It feels like the "final push" and it's hard work....writing a thesis is challenging! It's challenging to knit all of the theory and methodology and research together so that it makes sense and says something interesting and contributive. However, I am committed to getting it done so that I can move back into the rest of my life again. 

About halfway through my MA program, I realized that I had the ability to do a PhD: I discovered that, not only did I enjoy academia, but I am also smart enough to do this work....who knew? I didn't. It's been really enjoyable to think about how theory and artistic practice can be intertwined, and how we can brings arts and academia into conversation with one another. There has been so much work done on this, and I have been thrilled to be able to contribute to this body of knowledge. So, I began to set my sights on a PhD, thinking that it would be a valuable and fun challenge, and of course, a huge learning experience to go through that process. I tossed back and forth images about what it would look like to continue existing in the academy as a student and researcher for the next 5 years, which would amount to doing a lot of reading, thinking, writing academic papers, (sitting!), and conducting research. I have worried that doing a PhD might very well take me further and further away from what I love to do, which is to write and sings songs and connect with people through music. And while, if I did a PhD, of course, I would make it be about artistic and musical practices in some way, I was worried that I would be spending the majority of my time in my head writing academic works, rather than being present in my body, writing songs and singing. I was simultaneously excited at the possibility of doing a PhD and also worried that it wasn't really want I was supposed to be doing. 

Then, I met a new friend named Chelsey. And, when I met Chelsey, she had breast cancer. As many of you know, Chelsey and I came together a few months into our friendship and wrote a song called Breast Cancer Pink, which is based on the experience she had over the past two years with breast cancer. After writing the song, we recorded it in the studio. Then, with the help of a lot of generous donors, we filmed a music video to go with the song, which, as I said above, Chelsey is in the process of editing. We aim to launch the video by the end of the summer and we are looking forward to sharing it with you on YouTube! 

But the really important thing for me that came out of the experience of writing and recording Breast Cancer Pink is that, once again, I was reminded of the healing power of song: the sitting together and sharing stories, the crafting and re-working of lyrics, the tears and the anger of recounting difficult experiences, the joy that comes from putting one’s story to music, the healing that comes from singing it out loud and sharing it with others. I enjoyed every minute of the process of composing Breast Cancer Pink, recording it and now making a video for it, because it meant that I got to do something I love: I got to write music that means something to someone. I got to help make someone’s life a little more livable and a little more joyful, and that makes my life more livable and joyful.
So, long story short, I have decided to embark on a new adventure in my musical practice. In listening to the desires of my heart, I have scrapped the PhD idea for now because what I really want to do is write songs for people: songs about important events or experiences in their lives; songs to commemorate and acknowledge moments of joy, sorrow, anger, challenge, love, loss. Therefore, I’ve decided to start a new business, or a new musical venture!

Here is how it works: If you or someone you know would like to commemorate, celebrate, or heal a particular experience in your life, I would like to offer a way for you to do that, through songwriting and recording. First, you would decide a specific story, experience or event in your life that you would like to write about. Then, you and I would decide on a time to sit down together, either in person or via Skype and you would share your story with me. Next, I will take that story and fashion it into a song, based on the discussion we had, and using key moments from your story. Or, depending on how involved you want to be in the process, we could work together on the song over a number of sessions together so that it is an even more collaborative process, where you and I are co-writing the song. Once the song is complete, I would make a professional recording of it in the studio - either with just my voice and guitar or all the way up to full production, ie. a full band, depending on what you want. If you wish, you could also sing on the recording, if it is possible for you to do so. As a final product of this experience, you will end up with a professionally recorded song which could be a therapeutic tool to help you move through a challenging time in your life; or it could be a way to celebrate an exciting milestone or event in your life; or it could be a gift you give to someone in your life. I am open to working on whatever story you would like to share: ultimately, it is the story you choose that we will turn into a song, and that story will be at the heart of our songwriting and recording process.
I wanted to share this with all of you because I am excited about the prospects of this endeavor, and because I am aware, on a soul level, that being able to narrate our stories, write these stories into songs, and then record these songs so that the song can accompany us in our lives is a marvelous thing. And, I would love to do this work with as many people as possible. So, if you think you may be interested in talking with me about being one of my first songwriting partners, or if you know someone who might benefit from or enjoy this storytelling-songwriting-recording process with me, let me know! I will be rolling out a new website in the next couple of months that provides more information about this service: the lay-out of the specifics in terms of the different levels of this service offered, costs, booking appointments, and other information. Stay tuned for details to come in my next newsletter….

Thank you all so much for reading my newsletter! I so appreciate your companionship on this musical journey. It means a lot to me. I hope to see you at a show somewhere down the road. And if not, I wish you all a summer filled with spaciousness, creative time, outdoor exploration and time with loved ones.

Yours in music,
Kate xo

Kate Reid News - We're gonna make a video!

Hello everyone-

I hope all is well in your corners of the world. I am certainly struggling to get through the next few months: trying to keep up with my workload for my two teaching positions, making time to finish my master’s thesis, and finding space to do simple things like ride my bike and go for a walk has been an ongoing challenge. I have put musical-creative pursuits on the back burner for months and that has definitely had an effect on my soul. However, I am committed to getting this thesis done so that I can get back to writing, performing and recording, and other creative pursuits. And so, right now, my motto is “one foot in front of the other” and hopefully, that will get me somewhere….

In the meantime, I don’t know if you remember from my last newsletter but I posted two new *free* singles on my website: http://www.katereid.net/new_singles1
The new songs are fYreflies and Breast Cancer Pink, which I co-wrote with two amazing, inspiring people. Please have a look and download the songs for free.

We’re gonna make a video!

Chelsey, my lovely friend and co-writer with whom I wrote Breast Cancer Pink, and I are determined to make a music video to go along with this important song for people struggling through breast cancer. We have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds. We need to raise $6600.00 to shoot, edit and produce this video. So far, we’ve raised $2840 in just a few days with 30 people backing the project! I just did the math: we still need $3760….wow, it’s not that much, really.

Here’s our budget:

Empty Cup Media Full day shoot-8 hrs




*Hourly* (Regular $105/hr, *discounted to* *$75/hr* for "Breast Cancer Pink" music video)
Includes: Adobe Premiere Pro post production studio, Colour Correction and DVD/Blu Ray or digital authoring for deliverables


24 hrs. @ 75.00=1800.00


Return flights for Carla and Colin:

1750.00 - West Jet from Toronto to Vancouver, May 2014



1000.00 – four nights stay in Vancouver, May 2014



200/day per musician, 4 musicians (Christina, Toby, Adam, Richard)





Total costs: 6,600.00

If I had a record company to sponsor this project, it would all be so easy but as an independent artist, I depend on my own resources and the help of friends and listeners to get these projects out in the world. Chelsey and I would be so grateful for your contributions to this exciting project…. an important video that speaks about one woman’s experience of corporate breast cancer (and my first real, professional video!).

If you are unable to donate, then sharing the Kickstarter link with friends who might care about this project, posting it on your facebook/twitter pages…these are all really useful things in helping us get this project off the ground.

Here is the link to our Kickstarter page, Breast Cancer Pink – the video: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1864457835/breast-cancer-pink-the-music-video. We hope you at least enjoy the promo video we made for our Kickstarter paper….Chelsey is a whiz with digital stuff. Thank-you in advance to those of you who are able to help us with this project!

Off I must go to finish marking midterms. I’m sending some joy your way, and maybe a bit of Vancouver spring…..
With thanks,
Kate xo

Welcome in January 2015, and a bit 'o' news!

Greetings Everyone-
Welcome to my first newsletter of 2015. Thank-you for joining me here. I have a couple of news songs to share with you today, and the stories behind them, followed by some well wishes for the upcoming year.

This past year, while working on my Master’s Degree, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to complete the several songs I did start to write. I did however, manage to complete 3 new songs, two of which were co-written with friends of mine and recorded in the studio. So, I am gifting each of you two new songs! I want to share them with you because you have all been so supportive of my work for so long, and since I don’t have a new album in the works yet, I wanted to give you the two, new recorded songs in mp3 format. Hopefully, most of you access music digitally (surprisingly, I do not…I still listen to cds, the radio…and even more old-school, records!). 

The first song, “fYreflies” was written with a young, vibrant friend of mine named Chase McKee last summer. I met Chase at Camp fYrefly (http://www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca) back in the summer of 2012 when I was the artist-in-residence at the camp in Edmonton. Then, last July, Chase and I both attended Camp fYrefly in Calgary, he as a camper, and me as the AIR again. Chase asked me if I would consider writing a song with him during our time at camp. It was awesome that he approached me, because for a couple of years, I had been wanting to write a Camp fYrefly theme song: to capture just how amazing this queer youth camp is, in song. I heartily agreed. Chase also thought writing a song about camp was the perfect idea and so, we sat down for a few songwriting sessions and hammered out the song, “fYreflies”. We had such a great time working together: our creative energy flowed easily, and we laughed a lot. Chase is a very talented when it comes to rhythm, timing and word-play, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time co-writing with him. On the last night of camp, we performed “fYreflies” for all of the campers, staff and volunteers at the Showcase Night. It was a hit and we had a blast performing it for the camp. The co-founder/co-director of the camp loved the song so much that after camp was over, he provided funds for Chase to come to Vancouver so that we could record “fYreflies” in the studio. With my producer, Adam Popowitz, I organized the studio time, including a band: Adam on electric guitar, Toby Peter on bass, Richard Brown on drums, me on acoustic guitar of course, and Chase and I on vocals. We recorded “fYreflies” in August 2014 and gave a copy of the song to Camp fYrefly so they could use it on their website (above), where you can also listen to it. It was a heart-warming experience to be able to introduce Chase to the exciting process of being in the studio. It was also inspiring to see how well he performed and how much he enjoyed himself. We had so much fun together.  

Breast Cancer Pink
The other song I co-wrote in October 2014 is a song entitled, “Breast Cancer Pink”, with my friend, Chelsey. I met Chelsey at University of British Columbia (UBC) last spring. She was 29 years old, and she was in the final year of  her Ph.D. At first, I only knew her peripherally: she was in the same department as I, the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, and I would occasionally see her around with other people in the Institute. She had these amazing different hairstyles, often with wild colours like purple, and light blue mixed with bleach blonde. I couldn’t figure out why her hairstyle always changed so drastically. It never even occurred to me that she might be wearing wigs because she had cancer. After all, she seemed quite young and like many people, I don’t associate youth with cancer. So, one day while a bunch of us were sitting down to listen to a guest lecturer, I boldly asked her, “So, what’s under the wigs anyway?” She looked at me and said, “I have breast cancer.” Oh shit. I immediately felt terrible. How could I have been so rude and insensitive? I think I apologized for asking and then, I didn’t say another word. I thought about it throughout the lecture, realizing that my response to her statement was also insensitive. I just didn’t expect her to say that she had cancer, and I wasn’t prepared with a kind and supportive response. So, I called her the next day. We talked for quite a while. She told me about cancer things and I again, apologized for my lack of tact. She told me about her blog and I signed up. It was a blog about her experience with cancer. As the months went by, we became friends. We would talk on the phone now and then. She invited me to her “Bye-bye Left Boob Party”. We ate cake that had breasts drawn in icing on the top. Some of her friends helped her make a breast cast using strips of cloth dipped in plaster which they wrapped around her torso and chest. She was having a left-breast mastectomy in a few days and she wanted to remember her body pre-mastectomy by making a plaster cast she could decorate and keep. She sent me a stop-motion video she had made with a little doll she fashioned at a “cancer camp” she attended. I love the video and I watch it now and then, from my laptop.
     As we continued our friendship, I continued reading her blog. Chelsey’s blog is smart, insightful, funny and full of fire. In particular, one installment struck me: it was laced with pain, sorrow, humour and rage. I knew instantly that it would be the basis for a great song. I sent her a text telling her that I wanted to write a song with her using this blog as inspiration. She laughed and agreed. We didn’t pin down a date but just figured it would happen when it happened.

     In the meantime last summer, the ex-wife of my partner, Maike (they have two children together) was on a steady decline due to her own cancer, which she and the kids, had been living with for seven years. Maike and I were preparing for everything that her ex-wife’s eventual death would entail, including how we were going to cope with the challenging new journey of parenting the kids full-time; two kids who were about to lose their birth mom to cancer. As some of you may remember from one of my newsletters last fall, their mom passed away last August, and the kids have been with Maike and I every since.
     When Chelsey and I finally sat down to write Breast Cancer Pink together in October, I was going through my own breast cancer scare. You see, the previous year, they found a lump, strangely enough, in my left breast, too (this will make more sense when you listen to the song), which turned out to be nothing to worry about. But then, this year, when I had my annual mammogram again in the fall (which another friend of mine likens to having a garage door come down on your chest), it was followed up with a letter from the BC Cancer Agency telling me I needed further testing: an ultra sound. Thankfully, Chelsey knew so much about breast cancer. Being a bit of an academic nerd, she had done a lot of research on it and had much to share with me about what to expect, what to ask…those kinds of things. My ultra sound turned out to be negative, and the screening practitioners and doctors deemed me healthy. But I will continue to monitoring my body every year.

     Eventually, Chelsey and I recorded Breast Cancer Pink because I got a small arts grant from UBC for my thesis work and I used the money to record this song, which I hope to include in my thesis as part of my research around songwriting. I think the song rocks, especially at the end, where Chelsey and two of her friends who also have cancer, are singing along with me on the chorus. I have since been to a couple of follow-up appointments with Chelsey and now we are writing an academic paper on breast cancer, songwriting, gender, visibility and belonging, with the goal of getting it published in an academic journal. We are also planning on filming a music video to accompany the song because we feel like it’s an important song that needs to be heard (and seen on YouTube) because it challenges the mainstream narratives that are perpetuated in society about women with breast cancer. We will be putting together a crowd-funding campaign in the near future.
     Chelsey and I chose lyrics for Breast Cancer Pink very carefully, words that we feel express our anger and indignation at the way that breast cancer is framed in our culture. Not that Chelsey I don’t understand the need for hope and positive-thinking, we do. But, this song also opens up a space for other feelings to be aired: feelings like anger, grief, humour, and a different kind of hope – hope for a society where we can express what we need to express about what it means to be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness without being told it is “too much”, “too negative”, or “too angry”. This is Chelsey’s story, the story of a brave, intelligent and pissed-off woman who got married, completed her Ph.D and was diagnosed with breast cancer all in the span of a year. And, it may also be the story of other women with breast cancer.

     I have learned so much about breast cancer from spending time with Chelsey. I have learned how corporations have “appropriated” breast cancer, and the colour pink in order to sell their products and increase their profit margins. I have learned that dominant narratives of breast cancer in advertising and in the media can, and do, silence and render invisible a lot of women’s stories of their own breast cancer experience. I have begun to notice how “breast cancer pink” is everywhere and how women are told, in overt and covert ways, that contracting breast cancer is their fault because they didn’t eat enough greens, get enough exercise, drank too much red wine, have too much stress in their lives etc.etc. And, of course, in this songwriting process, I have been reminded once again, of the healing power of music and song.

Thanks for reading the stories behind the songs. Please let me know if you have any problems downloading the songs. Chase, Chelsey and I hope you enjoy the songs.

You can download both songs here: http://www.katereid.net/music Go to "New Singles" and you will find the songs. 

Heal Myself – The Documentary (www.emtpycupmedia.ca) is finally complete. Carla, Colin and Richard at Empty Cup Media are now busy on festival applications, one of which is Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto, which showcases world premier documentaries by up-and-coming and established filmmakers from around the world. Wish them luck on a successful entry! After that, they hope to screen it in as many festivals and cities as possible. They will be working on a tour for the film this year. It’s amazing to see Carla’s work come together after years of dedication to this project. When she approached me 9 years ago asking to do this film, I had no idea she was actually going to see it through. She’s an amazing artist with drive, talent, vision and oh-my-god commitment.

I have committed to head down to Santa Fe University of Art and Design sometime this spring to work with my good friend, Dr. Corine Frankland, who is a professor and the liberal arts chair at SFUAD. I will be doing some workshops for her students, and a public concert there, and then hopefully, I will be able to spend some time at the New Mexico Women’s Retreat. I lovelovelove going to the women’s retreat there: it is spectacular and such an incredible place to be alone: to just write, hike, eat, sit outside and marvel at the sky and the landscape, and sleep….at least, that is what I do when I go there. The website is slightly out-of-date but the land is so worth a visit for those of you who need to get away and fulfill some creative urges (http://www.nmwomensretreat.com) and by checking out the photos on the website, you may get a sense of why it is so amazing. Other than that, I have nothing else on my musical calendar because I am busy for the next 3 1/2 months doing another semester of seminar leading at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and as a teaching assistant at UBC.

I wish all of you a year filled with joy, laughter, challenges that move you forward in your lives and relationships and peace, where ever you may live. Thanks again for reading my newsletter. I so appreciate that you take the time. All the best for 2015, and by “all the best”, I mean, “everything that is coming your way in this life, the good and not-so-good”, because all of it can teach us something, if we let it. To quote one of my favourite songwriters, “…and maybe the sun will shine or
maybe it won't at all, but whatever is coming for you,
you get to have it all.” ~ Ferron

Yours in music,

Kate Reid's October Newsletter 2014

Hey Excellent People and supporters of independent music!
How are you all doing? I hope all is well in your respective worlds. This is just a quick newsletter to give you info about my upcoming shows.

I’m in the middle of writing a keynote address for the conference I will be attending in November in Ontario. I am also pondering when the hell I’m going to get all this marking done for the classes I am TA-ing at UBC and Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and further to that, when the hell I am actually going to write my Master’s thesis! Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into. But at least, I still get to perform here and there, in between all the school stuff. So, below are my shows for the rest of year, and I know they will be oh-so-fun! Shaw TV is filming the show in Edmonton because Camp fYrefly, Chase McKee (my youth co-songwriting buddy) and I are launching our new Camp fYrefly anthem, “fYreflies”. So, I may have a fun little video to show you all after the show’s over.

Wishing you well from cloudy Vancouver,
Kate xo

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
The Artery - with Chase McKee and Camp fYrefly
Doors at 7:30pm/show at 8:30pm
9535 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, AB
(780) 233-3635
Price: $12/advance, $15/door, $10/youth (18 yrs. & under)
Special guest, youth spoken word artist from Calgary, Chase McKee, will be joining Kate onstage to launch their new song, "fYreflies". Camp fYrefly, a leadership camp for queer and allied youth is co-presenting this show. Tickets can be purchased at: http://yeglive.ca/events/kate-reid/oct-23-2014/artery. Tickets will also be available for purchase through the yeglive.ca automated ticketing kiosk(s) located at: Pawn Shop, 10551 Whyte Ave, Edmonton. This is an ALL-AGES show. 

Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Silvertip Pavilion - Fundraiser for the Canmore Hospital Ladies' Auxiliary
Doors at 7pm/show at 8pm
2000 Silvertip Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 3J4
Price: $20/person
This is proving to be Canmore's gala fundraiser of the year! Cocktail hour,50/50 draw, plus prizes drawn (including a trip for two to Waikiki, Hawaii).Entertainment provided by Kate Reid, Cori Brewster, Amy Bishop and Myriam Walsh. Tickets are available at Cafe Books in Canmore, or call Terri Harrison: 403. 678.7691. 

Sunday, October 26th, 2014
Living Spirit United Church - with Mason Jenkins
Doors at 1pm/show at 1:30pm
629 49 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Price: $20 at the door or go to this Brown Paper Tickets link: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/browse.html
Kate will be playing an afternoon concert at this affirming church. Her opening act is local songwriter and performer, Mason Jenkins. 

Thursday, November 6th, 2014
Ontario Contact Conference - Keynote
Best Western Hotel, 924 King St., Midland, Ontario
Price: for registered delegates only.
Kate will be the keynote speaker/performer for this annual conference, which brings together people working in the touring performing arts sector. The conference runs from November 6-8th 2014. See www.ontariocontact.ca for more information. 

Friday, November 7th, 2014
Ginger Press
Doors at 7:00pm/show at 7:30pm
848 2nd Ave E., Owen Sound, ON
(519) 376-4233
Price: $15 at the door
Come and join Kate for an intimate, acoustic (no sound system) performance at this lovely bookstore in Owen Sound!

Monday, November 28th, 2014
Astorino's Hall - Britannia Centre
Show at 7:30pm
1739 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC
Price: By donation
This event is sponsored by Claire Robson, Brittania Centre, Quirk-e, a writing collective for queer elders and GAB Youth, Qmunity’s queer youth group in Vancouver. Kate will do a full set followed by a question and answer period. Admission by donation. 

Kate Reid's Almost Autumn Newsletter+Shows in Alberta!

Greetings Everyone-
Welcome to the end of summer edition of my newsletter. Thanks for tuning in here! Thanks to those of you who have just signed up and of course, thanks to those of you who have been long-time supporters of my work.
It’s Saturday morning as I draft this. I’m sitting on the beach near my house and it’s a beautiful morning here: the sun is out, the sky is blue and the tide is in, and there is a fisher wearing hip waders, putting out his smelt nets and then sitting on his white buckets, waiting for a good catch. Sometimes, I get lucky and notice a seal or two pop their shiny heads up above the water, as they try to steal fish from the nets, of course, the fishers don’t like this so much! I feel amazingly privileged to be able to enjoy the scenery of the ocean and the surrounding mountains in the morning.  This afternoon, I will be engaging in my other passion, hiking. A couple of friends and I are doing a half-day hike in the north shore mountains. Fall is one of my favourite times to hike because there are less people out there, there are no bugs (not that we get a lot of bugs here on the coast), there is something a little different about the sunlight and the way it lands on the trees, and the forest seems a little quieter as autumn begins to set in.

Before I get to my musical adventures, I want to tell you a bit about what’s been happening in my personal life. It’s been a challenging summer. As some of you know, I have been co-parenting part-time with my partner Maike for the over the past 6 and a half years. Maike has two children, Ben and Jessie, with her then-wife, Janice. Janice passed away this summer after being ill with breast cancer for several years. It has been a long and difficult journey for Maike and I in navigating everything that comes with dealing with the impending death of the kids’ other mom, and most certainly, it has been a long and challenging journey for Ben and Jessie. Now, we must all transition into fulltime family life at our house. At times, it has felt so challenging that Maike and I weren’t sure how it would all unfold, and we still don’t know the answer to this. But we do know that Ben and Jessie are turning into incredible, fun, smart, caring and engaged children before our eyes and, besides all the challenges that come with parenting, that is a pleasure to behold. One of my challenges, well admittedly, one of my fears, is that I will lose myself in family life and parenting and not be able to carve out time for the things I want and need to do, like songwriting, recording, hiking and simply, being alone. But I just remind myself over and over that I can balance these things out and that carving out time for one’s own soul time is a daily practice, and it is a choice. And in the midst of all of that, Maike and I strive to continue communicating and endeavor to raise open-hearted, feminist, creative, active, caring children. No small feat in these trying times! Maike has been doing an incredible job supporting Ben and Jessie in this transition, and in fact, she rented a farmhouse just outside of Tonning, a small town in northern Germany and they  are on a two-week trip there right now, visiting friends and family.

On to musical adventures!
Here are the upcoming shows I have:

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
The Artery-doors at 7:30pm/show at 8:30pm
9535 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, AB
(780) 233-3635
Price: $12/advance, $15/door, $10/youth (18 yrs. & under)
Tickets can be purchased at: http://yeglive.ca/events/kate-reid/oct-23-2014/artery. Tickets will also be available for purchase through the yeglive.ca automated ticketing kiosk(s) located at: Pawn Shop, 10551 Whyte Ave, Edmonton. This is an ALL-AGES show. 

Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Silvertip Pavilion-7pm doors/8pm show
2000 Silvertip Trail, Canmore, AB
Price: $20
With Cori Brewster, Amy Bishop and Myriam Webster. This is fundraiser put on by the Canmore Hospital Ladies’ Auxiliary and the evening includes a cocktail hour, silent auction, 50/50 draw, plus grand prize draw for 5 nights in Waikiki, Hawaii! Tickets available at Café Books or call Terri Harrison at 403.678.7691

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Living Spirit United Church-1:30pm – early afternoon show!
629 49 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Price: $20 at the door
This is an ALL-AGES show! Opening set by local singer-songwriter, Mason Jenkins. 

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Ontario Contact Conference – Keynote
Best Western Hotel, 924 King St., Midland, Ontario
I will be doing the keynote for this annual conference, which brings together people working in the touring performing arts sector. The conference runs from November 6-8th 2014. For registered delegates only. See www.ontariocontact.ca for more information. 

Friday, November 7th, 2014
Ginger Press Bookstore-doors at 7:00pm/show at 7:30pm
848 2nd Ave E., Owen Sound, ON
(519) 376-4233
Price: $15 at the door
Come and join me for an intimate, acoustic (no sound system) performance at this lovely bookstore in Owen Sound! This is an ALL-AGES show.

Heal Myself – The Documentary
Back in June, Carla Sinclair and her gangbusters team at Empty Cup Media ran a private screening for funders of Heal Myself, a full-length feature documentary film about the power of art to heal, which features a soundtrack of my music, and stories from both of our lives: www.healmyself.ca . The evening was a grand success and now Carla is working on the final edits for the film, based on feedback she solicited from members of the audience. She aims to have the film all ready to go for the 2015 film festival and touring season so stay tuned for upcoming dates of Heal Myself at a film festival or in a town near you. In the meantime, check out their website to see some of the great work they do! www.emptycupmedia.ca

Camp fYrefly, Calgary 2014 – A new song called “fYreflies”!
It was yet another incredible joy to have been invited back for the third time in a row as the Artist-in-Residence for Camp fYrefly, which a leadership camp for queer youth and allies. What an amazing life experience it is to be at a camp that values creativity, resilience, exuberance, and self-determination of gender and sexual identity! I simply love being a part of the Camp fYrefly community. One of the campers, whom I knew from a previous camp, approached me and asked if I would like to write a song together. I was thrilled and so we sat down and hammered out a song called “fYreflies”: he performs the verses as spoken word and I sing the chorus and play guitar. We subsequently performed “fYreflies” for the open mic and it was a total hit! Then, the camp’s co-founder, Dr. Kris Wells offered to pay for the recording of the song. So, I organized studio time and the camp flew my young co-writing partner to Vancouver from Calgary to spend a weekend with us in the studio. Adam Popowitz (our producer) and I are just putting the finishing touches on the song. We will be giving it to Camp fYrefly so they can put it on their website and distribute a copy to all campers and volunteers. It will also be available on iTunes in a few weeks or so. If you want to see the first performances of “fYreflies”, find me on Facebook and check it out. It was posted around mid-July.

Well, that’s it from here. It’s currently Sunday as I finish drafting this newsletter, yes, it sometimes takes me a while to finish these things! And I will be sending this out this coming Wednesday. Yesterday, I did an awesome day hike up Mount Seymour with some friends of mine. Next weekend, we plan to head up to Joffre Lakes, north of Whistler/Pemberton for an overnight hike, which I am excited about…fall hiking is amazing. In the meantime, please pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested in coming to my Alberta shows. Thanks for taking the time to read my update!
I hope you all have a lovely transition into autumn this coming weekend.

Yours in music,

My response to a recent homophobic post on my Facebook page

Re: "I get so annoyed with my lesbian peers who advertise their shows with other lesbians using lesbian in the title "My Lesbian folk/rock show with Lesbian comedienne opener ..."! Seriously!?! Why do I care who the !@#%^ you sleep with, make a life with... whatever!!! I just want to know if you can sing/write/play and if your opener is FUNNY!!! Damn! I need a coconut water and a chill pill." — listening to Kate Reid Fan Page with Kate Reid

Greetings all:
The above statement was posted by musician Carolyna Lovely (CL) to my personal Facebook page, along with the tagging of my name, this past Friday which consequently elicited a long and difficult discussion for those who participated. Here is my response to the incident.

     Some people have gently advised me to not respond to the comments that CL posted saying that it is not worth my time and energy, and I thank those of you for your concern and care. However, when someone posts homophobic comments on my public Facebook page, and tags me in it, it is my duty and desire as a queer/dyke/cis-lesbian artist and person to name that homophobia, and provide a clear, thoughtful response, not only to speak back against homophobic rhetoric, but also to acknowledge and commend so many of you who weighed in with your own responses. As many of you know, this is not the first time I’ve experienced this kind of direct challenge to the content of my music and my identity (refer to the songs: Uncharted Territory, Ain’t No Drama Queen). Some may argue that CL’s comment on my page (and subsequent comments from her, which got decidedly more hurtful and hateful as the night went on) were not coming from a place of homophobia and heterosexual privilege to which I would counter, if not these things, then what?

     When someone says, in response to my naming of my sexual identity, that they don’t announce their “straightness” every time they give a performance (this occurs in the same vein as statements from folks who ask, “Why don’t we have Straight Pride?”), this is indicative of a complete lack of understanding of one’s straight (and often white, middle-class) positionality and privilege in the world. When someone challenges my work by asking me, “Why do you sing about being a lesbian?” my favourite response is, “Because you just asked me that question.” If CL really doesn’t “care who the !@#%^ [I] sleep with, make a life with….whatever….., she wouldn’t have made that statement in the first place. Imagine saying to a straight-identified musician, “I don’t care if you sleep with the opposite sex, I want to know if you can sing/write/play….” Preposterous, right? The very idea that it bothers CL when I sometimes name my sexuality in my songs, at my shows and in my newsletters, points to the fact that homophobia is still rampant in our society, and that we are not yet done with this business of equity and inclusion (which is also a problematic word). It follows then, that we need to continue to intervene in heterosexist and heteronormative thinking, behaviour, ideals and norms: by writing songs, creating art, authoring stories and poems, painting paintings, sculpting sculptures, taking photographs, writing screenplays and scripts, organizing events, theorizing, talking, sharing, marching, protesting, and working on policy change….all in support of making this world a safer space for non-dominant bodies. When I began writing, I wrote to make sense of my life and my experiences: I wrote to learn something that I didn’t yet know, and I wrote to work through the messy and complicated feelings of what it means to be aware and alive in this world. In short, I wrote and sang myself into existence, and I continue to do that today and will for the rest of my life. Yes, of course, we need to move beyond a place where we don’t need to label ourselves but until that day happens, we must name ourselves so that we are heard, seen and acknowledged in the face of dominant (and domineering) voices and identities. Clearly, I (and my work as a queer/dyke/cis-lesbian musician) was simply a trigger for CL, and before really thinking through why she might be triggered, she targeted me. This is often how these things get played out. These acts of homophobia (and racism, sexism, misogyny, classism etc.) are not random: they are reflections of the society we live in, a society that has been and continues to be oppressive and exclusive.

For me, living and loving in this world, and acknowledging our diverse identities and positionalities is a political act. Identifying myself as I do is a political statement. It is an attempt to create space for “the other”, and it opens up possibilities for our voices to be heard, voices which are otherwise silenced, ignored, dismissed and abused. It is my work in this life to continue to claim and voice my identity in my art. Trust me, I have thought (and felt) long and hard about writing songs that are more palatable to a wider audience and in the end, I always return to the same question: if my current songs (and by extension, my identity) is not palatable, then that speaks to a major societal problem, rather than problem with my artistic practices. Therefore, I must forge on. I invite CL and others who share her beliefs to go into our schools and have conversations with queer youth, or to volunteer their time at queer youth camps like Camp fYrefly (Alberta and Saskatchewan) and Camp Out (BC), to get a real picture of what is actually going on in queer lives, beyond the misguided belief that we are “post-gay”, “post-queer”, and that it doesn’t matter who we make our lives with here in Canada simply because we have legalized same-sex marriage (note: the problematics of these notions “legalized”, and the “right” to marry based on a country-wide vote!). To be clear, many teachers, parents, activists and administrators are working very hard to make schools safer for our children (Thanks, Vancouver School Board, and other school districts across Canada!). 

Curiously, this past Sunday morning I ventured over to CL's page to find out if she had de-friended me after she removed her eloquent post along with the stream, and found this status update, verbatim, at the top of her page:
It's Sunday. Today my love mended fences and installed a new electric fence creating two extra paddocks for the new foals coming in a few months. Then he and the boys rode the horses for a few hrs, rode their bicycles to Maleny, then moved cattle! I baked cookies and edited video and audio today. That is why Im soft and my man is a rock hard god of a man.”

If that isn’t advertising one’s sexuality, I don’t know what is.

Last but certainly not least, I want to acknowledge and thank each of you, from the bottom of my heart, regardless of how you identify, who weighed in and shared very heartfelt, personal, insightful and impassioned responses to this discussion. While I regret that I did not have the pleasure of reading every one of your posts before CL removed the stream, I did manage to read a few, and I acknowledge and celebrate each and every one of you, and I am beyond moved that you have chosen my music to accompany you in your lives. I acknowledge and hear that all of you write and speak from places of lived experience, both painful and joyful, and I understand that as we move through the world, we often come up against, and attempt to heal from, the fear, confusion and shame we’ve internalized as a result of living in a society that regularly dismisses, denigrates and/or abhors queer (and “othered) bodies. I cannot describe to you what it means to me to share in your journeys through my work as a musician because I, too, have found the work of many politicized artists to be life-changing, indeed life-saving, and am grateful for the opportunity to be able to pay it forward by writing and performing my own songs for all of you. It is these shared experiences and stories that bind us together, and, to paraphrase the late Jose E. Munoz, give us hope for a different world, one that is full of possibility.

Thank-you so much for taking the time to read my words.
With gratitude…yours in music,
Kate <3

May Newsletter: Vancouver House Concert+Spring/Summer Calendar!

Hello everyone! 

I am hoping that you are having a good day and finding moments of laughter here and there. Speaking of laugher, the other day, I was on my laptop working on some school-related things on the back deck of our house while our large black cat named Owl was lying on her back underneath the barbeque.  Only the bottom half of her torso and her legs were sticking out from under the bbq. I was just about to grab my camera and take a picture of her with the intention of posting it on Facebook with the caption, “In her former life, she was a car mechanic”, but alas, she rolled over and moved entirely under the bbq before I had the chance. She’s pretty hilarious and she made me laugh. She insists that she is much better at relaxing than I am…..

Onto music news! I’m having a house concert on Saturday, May 24th at our place in Vancouver. If you are interested in coming, email me to reserve seats. I only have a few spots left so please only email me if you are sure you can make it. (kate@katereid.net). More details are below. I hope you can join us….that is, if you live in the vicinity. On the “house concert” note, if you would be interested in booking me for a house concert, contact me at the above email address and if I’m on tour somewhere near you or we live within a couple of hours of each other, that would be cool! House concerts are fun and relatively painless to pull-off.  And, they are a great way to have a house party.

The first screening of Heal Myself is happening on June 20th in Ajax, Ontario. At this screening, audience members will be able to give Carla, the filmmaker (www.emptycupmedia.ca), some feedback about the film so that she can improve the film with further edits. There will be a cocktail hour along with a Q&A and I will be there as well. (www.healmyself.ca). More details are below. This event is a private event for major funders and soon, Carla will be booking further screenings and submitting it to various film festivals. Stay tuned! 

Other than, all of this, I am busy working on my Master’s Degree, figuring out what my school year will look like next year in terms of research, courses and work; and I’m organizing what I am doing for the summer. Sometimes, I feel so busy, I need to watch and learn from Owl….unfortunately, I am not able to squeeze myself under the bbq! One of the ways I do like to relax is going hiking. Yesterday afternoon, I did my first spring hike (a short one but well worth it!) of the year with a friend to Dog Mountain on the north shore mountains here in Vancouver. It has a stunning view of the city at the top and a pair of Ravens always come by for a visit.

I hope you are all well in your lives. I am hoping to see some of you on my travels.
As such, I will leave you with a list of my upcoming shows. Please join me for a show!
Yours in music,
Kate xo

Upcoming dates:  (www.katereid.net/calendar)

Saturday, May 24 – 8pm
Vancouver House Concert
doors at 7pm/show at 8pm
$20/person (Includes house concert plus appetizers + non-alcoholic bevvies. BYOB.)
Email me: kate@katereid.net for the address and to reserve seats for this fun event! 

Sunday, June 1 – all day
BC Government & Service Employees' Union Human Rights Conference
Westin Bayshore Hotel
1601 Bayshore Dr.,
Vancouver, BC
I will the keynote performer at the BCGEU's Human Rights Conference this June in Vancouver. 

Saturday, June 14 – 8pm
Prince Edward County House Concert
Consecon, ON
Andrew and Andy's house concerts are so fun that we're doing it again....for the fourth time! To reserve seats and for house address, email Andy: andrewsiddell@gmail.com 

Friday, June 20th, 2014 – 7pm
Heal Myself - The Documentary screening
St. Francis Centre, 1001 Ravenscroft Rd. Ajax On Canada
The first screening of Heal Myself - a documentary film by Carla Sinclair and Empty Cup Media about the power of music to transform. Music by yours truly. This first screening is a private screening for benefactors of the film. For more info, email carla@emptycupmedia.ca. Stay tuned for a screening in a town near you. 

Saturday, June 28 – 8pm
Robert's Creek Pride
Robert's Creek, BC
More info coming soon! 

Monday, June 30 – all day
Private wedding-Marika and Leonie
Whitehorse, YK
Congratulations Marika and Leonie!
Can you believe I actually got approved to perform the wedding ceremony for a Marika and Leonie? What a riot…I’m now a wedding singer and marriage officiant!)

Wednesday, July 1 - 7pm
Bush Pilot Room - Yukon Transportation Museum
30 Electra Crescent, Whitehorse, YT
Tickets: $20/person
To reserve tickets, email: marika_i@hotmail.com

Friday, July 3 – 7pm
Yukon House Concert
Marika and Leonie’s house
To reserve seats and for house address, email: marika_isaac@hotmail.com.

Thursday, July 10 - Sunday, July 13
Camp fYrefly Calgary - Artist-in-Residence
Calgary, AB
See Camp fYrefly Calgary website for details. (www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca/Calgary). I will be the Artist-in-Residence for Camp fYrefly, an amazing 4-day leadership camp for queer and allied youth in from July 10-13th in Calgary, AB. 

Sunday, July 13 – 7-9pm
Calgary House Concert
Bonnie and Patti’s house
To reserve seats and for house address, email Bonnie: bkcrawford@shaw.ca.

Thursday, July 17  
Opening for comedienne Suzanne Westenhoefer
WISE Hall 1882 Adanac St (@ Victoria Drive)
Vancouver, BC
$26 advance via PayPal / $32 at door.
For info, email Pat: soundsfuries@shaw.ca
For tickets, go to: www.soundsandfuries.com/concerts

Saturday, August 16 – all day
Red Deer Pride Festival
Red Deer, AB
Stay tuned, more infoto come!

Saturday, August 30
House Concert
Lake Cowichan, BC
Stay tuned, more info to come! 

Sunday, August 31
Private wedding-Beverly and Shannon!
Vancouver Island, BC
Congratulations Beverly and Shannon! 


Come find me on Facebook and Twitter. See more at: www.katereid.net.


Spring 2014 News and Tour Updates!

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing? Has it been a difficult few months for everyone? Is it in the stars, or is it just me? Well, I have had a lot of ups and downs this year and yet, in the midst of it, I am still finding moments of joy in the process. I am almost done my coursework for my Master’s, in fact, I just finished a term paper a few minutes ago and have one more to complete (it’s almost there, I think!) and then I will be done the semester. I have one more course this summer and then my coursework will be done and I will get onto my research and thesis writing. It’s been a steep learning curve with many new learning challenges but I am finding a way to be both an artist and an academic, which is very exciting. Last summer before I started grad school, I was truly fearful that entering the academy and doing all of this brainwork would squelch my creative energy and desire, and even my emotional connection to creativity. But it’s been the opposite. I have been writing a lot of poetry and have been pondering the ways that heartwork and soulwork and brainwork can dance together…it’s exciting to be able to go in this new direction. Many times throughout my first year of grad school I wondered why the hell I was there and felt I didn’t belong, for myriad reasons. But those feelings and thoughts always shift and morph into other ones, ones that allow for more possibility. The trick, I have found, is waiting and breathing and being open to what comes next…this is so damn difficult sometimes to do!

Anyway, I hope this newsletter finds you all well and doing what you need to be doing for yourselves in your life.  Following the desire of one’s own hearts is always the challenge, yes?

Here is a list of my performances booked thus far. If you are wondering about screenings and other questions regarding Heal Myself, the documentary film, please contact Carla Sinclair at carla@emtpycupmedia.ca. She and her team are doing all the bookings and everything else a documentary release entails, I am simply along for the ride! (www.emtpycupmedia.ca).  They do have an initial private screening set for this June 20…it’s in the list of dates below! Very thrilling…and slightly weird/scary to be in a documentary but what can I say, it’s not up to me, it’s up to the Spirits….and to Carla.

If you are looking for a kick-ass performer (um…hint...that would be me!) for your school, event, gathering, or celebration, please contact me and we can figure something out. I’m currently in Ontario for a jam-packed couple of weeks doing mostly school tours and an acoustic show in Owen Sound. I’m looking forward to seeing many students I met last year while I was touring schools here, as well as new faces.

Upcoming Tour Dates: (including school performances, live music venues and the first Heal Myself Documentary screening)

Friday, April 11th, 2014
Bluewater District School Board GSA Conference - all day
Owen Sound, Grey Bruce County, ON Can
I am giving a keynote performance for the Bluewater District School Board's first ever GSA Conference! The conference lasts all day with workshops and panels, too.   

Saturday, April 12th, 2014
Ginger Press Bookstore and Cafe -7:30pm
848 2 Ave E Owen Sound ON Canada (519) 376-4233
This is an all ages, acoustic show; up close and personal. Please email Joan Beecroft for info and tickets at: jklbeec@bmts.com. 

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
Innisdale Secondary School - 8am-11am
95 Little St. Barrie ON Canada 705.726.2552
I will be giving two concerts for the students and staff at Innisdale Secondary School in the Simcoe County District School Board.  

Thursday, April 17th, 2014
Centennial Secondary School - 9:30-11am
160 Palmer Rd Belleville Ontario Canada
I will be performing for the students and staff at Centennial Secondary School in the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. 

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
Granite Ridge Education Centre
14432 Road 32 Sharbot Lake Ontario Canada
I will be giving a concert for the students and staff at Granite Ridge Education Centre in the Limestone District School Board. 

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
Sydenham Secondary School
2860 Rutledge Rd Kingston Ontario Canada
I will be giving a concert for the students and staff of Sydenham Secondary School in the Limestone District School Board. 

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014
Just Singing 'Round-Vancouver Rowing Club
Dinner at 6:30/show at 7:30pm
Vancouver, BC Canada
Price: $25 adults/$15 seniors + students/kids under 12 free
Just Singing 'Round supports local charities. This show will be in support of the Tir-Na-Nog Theatre School, Bowen Island, BC. Get your tickets for dinner and the show at http://www.synergycollective.ca.

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
BC Government & Service Employees' Union Human Rights Conference
Vancouver, BC Canada
I will be performing at the BCGEU's Human Rights Conference this June in Vancouver. 

Friday, June 20th, 2014
Heal Myself - The Documentary screening - 7pm
St. Francis Centre, 1001 Ravenscroft Rd. 
Ajax, On Canada
The first screening (yahoo!) of Heal Myself - a documentary film by Carla Sinclair and Empty Cup Media about the power of music to transform. Music by…me! How cool is that? This first screening is a private screening for benefactors of the film. For more info about this and other screenings, email carla@iemptycupmedia.ca. Stay tuned for a screening in a town near you…or if you have an idea of a great place to screen this film, contact Carla!

Monday, June 30th, 2014
Private wedding-Marika and Leonie
Whitehorse, YK Canada
Congratulations Marika and Leonie!

Thursday, July 10th - Sunday July 13, 2014
Camp fYrefly Calgary - Artist-in-Residence
Calgary, AB Canada
See Camp fYrefly Calgary website for details!
I have been invited back for the third year in a row to be a Camp fYrefly Artist-in-Residence, this year, in Calgary, AB! Camp fYrefly is an amazing, life-changing 4-day leadership camp for queer and allied youth in from July 10-13th in Calgary, AB. Also, check out Camp fYrefly Edmonton and Regina: www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca and www.usask.ca/education/fyrefly

Thursday, July 17th, 2014
Opening for Suzanne Westenhoefer
Vancouver, BC Canada
Price and venue: TBA
For info and tickets, email Pat: soundsfuries@shaw.ca.

Saturday, August 16th, 2014
Red Deer Pride Festival
Red Deer, AB Canada

Sunday, August 31st, 2014
Private wedding-Beverly and Shannon
Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Congratulations Beverly and Shannon! 

Saturday, September 6th, 2014
Lake Cowichan Centennial Hall
Lake Cowichan, BC Canada
Man, I love performing in this small town off the beaten path on Vancouver Island….so rad! Stay tuned, more info to come! 

Thanks for reading my newsletter. I hope to see you out there in the wide world someday soon. Take care of yourselves and if you are able, get outside and listen to those songbirds who are waking us up to Spring. They have a lot to sing about. 

Be well.
Your friend in music,
Kate xo

Kate Reid's January 2014 News-Wishing you all a year full of creativity and possibility!

Hello Everyone!

Well, we made it through another holiday season, didn’t we? I always find myself thinking about how, amidst all of the fun and joy, the winter holidays can be a difficult time for many of us because it can bring up painfully heartfelt memories; challenges around family and acceptance; struggles with obligation versus following one’s heart and wishes; and just all around increased levels of stress and anxiety. It can be the time of year where, along with being grateful for what we have and how far we have come in our lives, some of us also need quiet reflection time and a break from what has also been difficult. And yet, finding this much-needed breathing space and quiet time is so challenging. I find I often have to urge myself to take time to be alone: to pay attention to what my body and soul needs. Since it is now the beginning of a new year, this is a good time to listen to what is in our hearts, to find answers to our questions, to track our feelings and make decisions based on what our ‘heart of hearts’ wants. All of the best decisions (well, ok, and maybe some of the worst…but who’s counting, seriously?) I have made in my life have been based on how I feel, and on my instinct. Decisions based on rational thinking and thought processes never got me to anywhere I really wanted to be. And yet, that is what we are taught: to think things through rationally. Well, living in this world isn’t particularly rational, if you ask me and so I believe that going with our emotions and seeing where they lead us, albeit scary sometimes, can be a much more fruitful and rich way of living. That being said, I have two solo retreats planned for myself in the next couple of months that I am looking forward to. I can hardly wait for this time! I cherish this time and space to be able to work with creative ideas, thoughts and feelings that might take me in new and unexpected directions in my work as an artist.

And now, here is a little update of all things music-related in my world.

UBC-Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice - Grad School update:
I know that grad school doesn’t seem related to music but it is because once I am done my coursework, I will be researching how queer-positive folk songs can be used as a pedagogical (aka teaching) tool. I have become really interested in the ways that grad studies could compliment my work as a musician, educator and activist. I am pleased to report that I completed my first semester of graduate school with flying colours. (Ok, I seriously kicked-ass and I’m pretty damn proud…and impressed with myself!) I must admit, it was a real challenge being back in school again: I was really unsure of my ability to achieve reasonable marks. But, I aced my semester and now that the new semester has begun, I’m feeling inspired about my work and research here, and am excited to see what the next few months will hold.

For those of you who have chosen to go back to school (and I know there are some of you out there who are doing this) what an exciting new journey for you! I hope the learning process is thrilling for you. And for those who are considering it, how could you make it happen? What possibilities could it open for you?

Hats off to the Heal Myself Kickstarter supporters + an update on Heal Myself-the Documentary:
Where to begin?Carla, Colin and Rich (the radical team at Empty Cup Media) have outdone themselves. Back in October, they created a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter in the hopes of raising $25,000.00 for their documentary Heal Myself. And….with the donations of 270 amazing and generous people, they achieved their goal! Folks donated right from the start and then, during the last few days of the campaign, while I was chained to my computer at Starbuck’s working on a 20 page paper for one of my courses, I was also obsessively checking on the status of the campaign. More and more people became galvanized to donate. It was thrilling (and unbelievable!) to watch the numbers go up and up! Thank-you to all of you who donated to Carla’s project. This has been her dream for over 7 years and with your help and the her team at Empty Cup Media, she’s making it happen. I’m really looking forward to the finished product…it’s going to be amazing (and kind of freaky to see myself on the *big* screen).

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1041252605/heal-myself-the-documentary

And, here is an update from the documentary filmmaker herself, Carla: 
What a fall it has been! The amazing response to Heal Myself's Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/18xFN8E) has allowed us to jump into post-production and inspired me to seek solitude while piecing together the film. All of us at Empty Cup Media can't begin to express our gratitude to those of you helping build community around the project and its messages. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Days following the success of the campaign, I packed up my edit suite and headed north to a family cottage where I have been swimming through hundreds of hours of footage. The daunting task of re-naming, organizing and tagging audio/video files comes first. Though certainly not the most glamorous part of the process, it is necessary and has unearthed many hidden gems in the material.
Richard, our producer has been hard at work researching film festivals and planning the private debut screening for spring, while Colin works like a fiend keeping the rest of the business running! What a team :)
The excitement generated by supporters of the film and of Kate's music/message really fuels our creativity, so keep the good energy flowing, spread the word, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Heal Myself news in the months to come! Visit healmyself.ca to check for updates.   Thank you all so much! ~Carla

Upcoming performances and workshops:
Wednesday February 12, 2014
Workshop for students enrolled in Women’s Health course
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 St. Michaels Dr.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Thursday February 13, 2014
Workshop for students enrolled in Explorations of Self course
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 St. Michaels Dr.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Friday February 14, 2014
O’Shaugnessey Hall - Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 St. Michaels Dr.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 
For tickets and info about my visit to SFUAD, contact Dr. Corine Frankland at: corine.frankland@santafeuniversity.edu

Monday June 30, 2014
Wedding: Marika Isaac and Leonie Beecroft
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Saturday August 16, 2014
Red Deer Pride
Red Deer, Alberta

Stay tuned for more dates to come!

And finally, if your school (elementary, secondary, post-secondary) is looking for a performer and/or workshop facilitator to compliment a unit plan you are giving on gender/sexual diversity, a GSA/QSA conference or special events day you are organizing, I would love to come and sing for your students! I do whole school, plugged-in assemblies, facilitate workshops and give unplugged performances for single classes, and everything in between. Just let us know what you have in mind by contacting Maike at management@katereid.net. She would love to talk with you about dates, fees and possibilities!

As you already know from my newsletters, I also do weddings so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about my performance fees.

That’s it from here. Thanks so much for reading my newsletter. I hope that each of you can find some solace in your own quiet company, in the company of the trees, the air outside, whatever animals cross your path, and in the expansive night sky. I hope you can find some peace in your own solitary process and connection with the Earth.

Here’s to a new year of possibility, new experiences and inspiration! Wishing all of you a rich, exciting and healthy 2014. Let’s make this one count. I will leave you with one of my fave, thought-provoking question from poet Mary Oliver: What is it you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?

Yours in music,
Kate xo

Kate Reid's September News

Ok, I'm kind of tardy in posting this but better late than never, as they say.....=:-)

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my September newsletter…thanks for joining us if you are new to the club and thanks for reading, if you are already committed member! J  I’m full-on in school and suddenly my focus has shifted from being my own, independent-touring artist-songwriter-business-woman to all of that plus being a student! Waah….so many readings…so many big words! Never have I used a dictionary so much and still, it doesn’t always help.
That being said, it is very interesting and challenging and also inspiring to be around so many people who are doing fascinating and important research…I love it and I really enjoy being in school again. I also have purchased the necessary school supplies: a new laptop (because mine was so slow and just all around crappy), and a pair of totally water-proof panniers for my bike so that my new computer, books and clothes don’t get water-logged on my way to school during the west coast rainy season! J

Anyways, I hope you all an incredible summer and are back into the swing of things and pondering the nature of the impending autumn. The dying of the leaves on the trees, the harvesting of what is left of our garden and watching the birds and animals starting to prepare for the winter always reminds of that it is that time
of year for me when I begin to do some reflecting about the past year and consider what it is that I have to let go of in my life in order to continue moving forward and what I want to feed in my life that will provide me with sustenance. All good things to think about, I think.

In the meantime, I am still singing! Here are a few upcoming shows in between my classes at UBC:  

Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013-7:30pm
The Songwriters Association of Canada presents:
BLUEBIRD NORTH - Where Writers Sing and Tell – hosted by Shari Ulrich
Featuring: Danny Davies, Reid Jamieson & Kate Reid 
The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre 
Corner of Davie & Pacific St, Vancouver, BC
Tickets $15 at the door - discount at door for SAC members w/ card
Information (604) 224-6201

Friday, Sept. 20-7:30pm (doors at 7pm)
Fundraiser for Project Somos –hosted by Conni Smudge
Live entertainment, art for sale, silent auction!
(see website for info on this important cause: www.projectsomos.org)
St. James Community Hall-3214 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Tickets: $20 at the door or email anastasiahumenuk@hotmail.com for tickets.

Saturday, October 19-4:30pm
The Prairie Fairies Fowl Supper and Fundraiser-this is Vancouver’s biggest, hottest and gayest fundraiser put on by the Filmore Family Foundation: www.fillmorefamily.ca/fowl
Hellenic Community Centre-4500 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC
Tickets: $60 in advance only (please see the above link for tickets)
Beneficiaries of the Filmore Family Foundation are: Camp Out (www.campout.ubc.ca), Out in Schools (www.outinschools.com), A Loving Spoonful  (www.alovingspoonful.org) and McLaren Housing Society of BC, www.mclarenhousing.com

Friday, November 22- Sunday, November 24 –all weekend
Provincial GSA Conference
Calgary, AB
Street address and more information TBA
In association with The Institute of Sexual Minorities and Services at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB (www. http://www.ismss.ualberta.ca)
I will be giving a keynote performance and facilitating workshops at this conference.

Queer Across Canada Musical-Education Kit:
I am nearly finished my first draft of the kit for classrooms and have an editor lined up who is actually one of my previous professors of a year-long women’s history course I took back in the 90’s at University of Victoria. Cameron Duder is a wonderful person and an incredible editor. Here is his website, in case you are looking to have some editing work done: www.cameronduderresearch.com.
The kit is coming together, with so the help of so many educators who I am indebted to for their input and feedback.
I had the wonderful chance to present the songs and the concept at the BC Teacher’s Federation Summer Conference this past August to a rousing and enthusiastic group of social justice teachers…what a joy! Many of them bought copies of the cd for their classrooms and asked if I would come and visit their schools…..it’s so cool to meet teachers who care about important social justice issues!

BC and Alberta Schools Bookings:
I have recently signed on with Kevin Bruce of Kevin Bruce Arts Management (KBAM). Kevin is a really cool guy who books artists into schools in BC and Alberta and he has a great roster: www.kbamonline.com. If you are interested in having me visit your school to give a performance and/or a workshop, please contact Kevin. Maike Engelbrecht (management@katereid.net) for any schools beyond BC and Alberta.

Two words on Camp fYrefly this past summer in Saskatoon……inspiring and exuberant! If you or someone you know is a queer youth, encourage them to apply for this camp next summer. They take out-of-province youth (pardon the pun) and it is truly a life-altering experience for both the campers and the staff. (www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca).

Well, that’s it. The sun is now out and it wasn’t this morning so I am suddenly distracted and want to get away from my desk and outside to the blue sky!

Right now, I’m going downstairs to visit with some friends who are coming over for kaffee und kuchen, as my partner says in German…..coffee and cake, for those of you who don’t speak Duetsch.

Blue sky….I will see you in a little bit. 

My best to you all out there. Keep on being brave and being your amazing selves!
Yours in music,


Kate Reid's May Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the May installment of my newsletter...and thank-you for joining us here! How are you all? I hope you are all well in your lives. A special shout-out to all of the youth I met on my latest tour of highschools in Ontario who have signed up for my newsletter....you rock! Thanks for signing up.

Here is a quote I wish to share with you: “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight and his punishment is that he gets to see the dawn before the rest of the world.” - Oscar Wilde.

I love this quote (I always insert “she” in there to make it relevant to me). I have often felt like a dreamer on this musical journey of mine. And as I have watched my career unfold over the last 8 years, I have certainly held on some kind of dream: the dream of making it work, of making a living with music, of continuing to be inspired to do this work and to see where it takes me. And writing the music that I do is starting to take me to places I never thought I would go. When I left teaching to pursue a career in music, I was convinced I was done with being an educator, that there was no room for that in my life anymore. And now, my music is taking me into schools and I'm using it as a point of departure to talk with students and staff about sexual and gender identity, homophobia, heterosexism, diversity and acceptance....it's magical.

So, wow....I'm tired! I've been home for 6 days and I'm still dragging my butt! The 6-week tour of highschools in Ontario was amazing, inspiring and challenging in many ways. It was incredible to see many schools doing great work with our young people. I also visited schools where they are still working towards creating positive and safe spaces for everyone in their student body. I went to schools where youth are out about who they are and who they love. I met youth who are participating in and running Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs. I met with enthusiastic teachers and administrators who are working hard to ensure the safety and inclusion of all their students. I also heard from some students who are afraid to be out in their schools because they feel like their schools are not safe environments. I met students who told me after my concerts they think they are queer and how they had never spoke about it before, to anyone. I met youth who have lesbian moms, gay dads and all manner of queer family members and friends. I heard from students who are able to articulate so many injustices they see around them and other students who are just beginning to inquire about their own and others' prejudices. It was a pleasure to meet them all. 

During my school concerts, I would open up the floor for questions in between my songs. Some audiences were more eager to ask questions than others but usually, most audiences opened up and began inquiring after a couple of songs. Students asked me a range of questions: Did you lose any friends when you came out? Was it weird to go from dating boys to dating girls? How do you write songs and how long does it take you? In that song, did that guy really say that to you? Why do you have so many harmonicas? What does your partner look like....can we see a picture of her? How long have you been with your partner? Are you going to wear a tux or a dress to your wedding? If you are attracted to women, why are you with a woman who is seen as more masculine? How do two lesbians have children? What kind of hair product/colour do you use? What is that pink thing on your head? Why do all lesbians have short hair? Do you think people are born gay? Why do school boards seem to have so many gay events? Do butch lesbians always date femmes or do they sometimes date other butches? Have you ever had someone attack you because they were homophobic? Do you ever worry that someone is going to gay-bash you after a concert? 

As you can see, some of the questions were pretty funny; some were based in plain curiosity and a desire to understand; some were based in stereotypes and some were based in fear, that is, the fear of what might happen if they themselves, came out. (At least, that was my feeling on those types of questions.) The three questions I was asked the most were of course, “What did your parents say when you told them?”, “Can I have my picture taken with you?” and, “Can I have your autograph?” This tour was such a pleasure as well as a learning experience about many things including, how I think about certain issues, how I respond to people's questions and reactions and how I deal with my own internalized homophobia when it flares up inside of me at unexpected moments. Thank-you to a few radically-minded people at the Trillium-Lakelands District School Board for putting together the grant proposal that funded this important tour.

I'm done school workshops and concerts for this school year however, if you or anyone you know might be interested in having me visit your schoolng during the next school calendar, you can check out what I do here: www.katereid.net/schools and then email: management@katereid.net to book a concert or workshop. 

Queer Across Canada CD Release Partaaaay:
Yes.....the release of Queer Across Canada is just around the corner! The big CD Release party is happening here in Vancouver on Saturday, June 8th at 8pm at the St. James Hall, presented by the Rogue Folk Club. In order to celebrate with us, people are coming from all over: Portland, Ontario, Edmonton, Bowen Island and of course, Vancouver....so awesome! I will be playing with a full band: Elliot Polsky on drums, Scott Tucker on bass, Adam Popowitz on electric guitar, Alison Gorman on horns, Mel Nieva on backup vocals plus a handfull of kids will be joining me for a few tunes. It should be a total blast....even though admittedly, I'm a little nervous about all! But at some point, I will have to just let all of that go and have a good time, right? Deep breathing is a good thing.....phew.

Queer Across Canada CDs:
The new CD will be for sale at the show and I will be autographing them. For those of you who participated in the interviews I conducted or if you sang on the album, you will be getting a free, autographed copy of the cd at the show. If you are unable to make it to the show, please let me know and we will mail your copy. Just make sure I have your updated mailing address. I am very proud of this project and I hope that you all enjoy the songs as much as the artwork on the cover. The original paintings were done by none other than my talented sister, Amy who resides in Toronto with her family. I so love that she was a part of this project and am grateful that she donated her time and incredible talent to the album. And of course, the amazing Bronwin Parks of Feisty Entertainment in Toronto (www.bronwinparks.com) with her keen eye for detail and flair brought the whole project together. You can listen to track clips and see the artwork here: www.katereid.net/music. You can also purchase your copy of Queer Across Canada from my website: www.katereid.net/shop. The educator's kit for classrooms that a few teachers and I are designing to accompany the Queer Across Canada cd will be available for purchase at the end of the summer. Stay tuned for that!

Kate Reid Fan Packs:
For those of you who purchased a Kate Reid Fan Pack in support of the making of Queer Across Canada, we will be putting those together in the next few weeks and distributing them by the end of June. Please update me with your mailing address if you have moved since making your donation. Thank-you so much!

Heal Myself – The Documentary:
If you haven't seen the teaser for Heal Myself – The Documentary by Carla Sinclair and Colin Burwell of Empty Cup Media, check it out here: www.emptycupmedia.ca. There are other clips of footage on my Facebook page and if you are friends with me on FB, you can check them out there. I daresay the Heal Myself teaser just might inspire you and bring some tears to your eyes. It inspired me, well, to be more to the point, it annihilated me for almost an entire day. Yes, I cried intermittantly throughout the day...like, sobbing crying, that is, after watching the teaser for the first time. Carla and Colin are a dynamic filmmaking duo to be sure, and this full-length feature film about my music and it's impact on people is likely to astound you. I mean, it's hard to articulate why, but I was astounded and it's about me...I live this stuff everyday! But there was something about seeing it from a third-person point of view and hearing people really articulate the ways in which my songs impacted them that was very powerful and meaningful for me. Plus, of course, the sound track is all my music so that's just downright awesome. I can't wait to see the full documentary. Carla will be completing it by early 2014 and is submitting it to the annual international documentary film festival, Hot Docs Festival in Toronto in April 2014. If you, your school, Pride committee or organization wish to talk with Carla about screening the film, please contact her at: carla@emptycupmedia.ca.

One more thing:
For those of you looking for a cool thing to do on a Sunday in Vancouver, the members of Quirk-E,Vancouver's writing group for queer elders, are the displaying project they have been working on called, Memory Boxes. The display and conversation will be held at the Al Mattison's Seniors Lounge at the Brittania Community Services Centre at 1661 Napier St, just off Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. This writing collective does amazing work...please drop in and check it out between 4-6 pm on Sunday, June 16th. Quirk-E is facilitated by celebrated Vancouver author, Claire Robson.

That's it from my action desk here in Vancouver! Thank-you for reading my newsletter. I appreciate enthusiasm for my music, your stellar support and fan-ship over the years....where would I be without all of you? Hmmmm....if you are familiar with my song, “Small Town” which is about when I lived and taught in Midway, BC, I'm hearing strains of that in the back of my head and I'm cringing ever so slightly....not that Midway, BC isn't a beautiful place, it is. But, I'm just grateful to be doing the work I am doing now.
As always, yours in music,
Katexo =:-)

Kate Reid's Newsletter April 2013

Greetings everyone!

A big welcome to those of you who have just joined the newsletter. Things have been busy around here...like, beyond busy! Plus, we just moved off Bowen Island and back to Vancouver and are very glad to be living a couple blocks off the beach in beautiful Kitsilano. Life feels much easier not having to do the ferry commute anymore, I must say! Here is an update of what I have been working on since my last newsletter:

University of British Columbia – Masters Program:
I was full-on immersed in applying to grad school at the University of British Columbia for much of January. I got this idea in my head just before winter hit that I should get a Masters degree. And I do what I usually do when ideas like that come into my head: I follow them and see what opens up. I started looking into programs and talking with friends who had done grad school. I found a program I liked with the Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at UBC. I applied (which isn't as quick and easy as it sounds) and I just found out a couple of weeks ago that I got accepted! I am thrilled and will be starting grad school in September. A friend of mine asked me what I am planning to study and I said, “queer activism, folk music and education”. She said, “So, basically, you'll be studying yourself.”....haha, she is pretty much correct!
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the learning process, being able to talk at length about these topics that I am passionate about as well as noticing what doors begin to open up. Sometimes, I think back across my life and I am amazed at where I was five, ten years ago and where I am now. Words just don't describe the feelings I get when I think of how my life has unfolded over the past few years. I guess what it comes down to is that I truly believe in listening to that voice inside me and “following the golden thread”, as a friend of mine calls it.

Queer Across Canada:
Queer Across Canada is almost in production! We are just making a few finishing touches on the final song masters and the artwork for the cover. It's been a long haul for this project since I conceptualized the idea back in the summer of 2009 and we have finally booked a cd release party date here in Vancouver for Saturday, June 8th at the Rogue Folk Club! We are planning on doing release dates in Alberta and Ontario in the fall.

And, we are still receiving donations to help with this project..in fact, a Vancouver man just purchased one of the Kate Reid Fan Packs yesterday because he read about the cd release party date in the Rogue Folk Club newsletter and wanted to support the project! If you would like to donate, I would be thrilled! Here is the link to the options...lots of cool stuff here: (www.katereid.net/shop). The Queer Across Canada education kit is in progress and starting to take shape. It will be ready for sale and distribution by September. I have had some great teachers helping me with content of the kit; I am so grateful for their input and feedback.

Calendar – School appearances and more:

A few dedicated educators at the Trillium-Lakelands District School Board submitted a grant proposal to the Ontario Ministry of Education to have me visit their school board and four of their neigbouring school districts this spring: Bluewater District School Board, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, Durham District School Board and Simcoe County District School Board. The grant proposal was successful and so for six weeks starting April 12th, I will be facilitating workshops and giving concerts for the secondary students and staff of these five school districts. Check out the schools and dates on my calendar (www.katereid.net/calendar). If you are interested in having me visit your school, please contact me for more information. I do have a page on my website that outlines the workshops I provide (www.katereid.net/schools).

As well, you will see on my calendar that I have been asked to be the Artist-in-Residence with Camp fYrefly again this summer, this time in Saskatoon (www.usask.ca/education/fyrefly) ...yaay! I love fYrefly! It's such an amazing and inspring four days of queer youth, energy, art and fun. I have also been invited to be a part of National Women's Music Festival this summer in Wisconsin (www.wiaonline.org) which is an honour as it's one of the longest running women's festivals in North America. Road trip to Middleton, WI anyone?

Besides interviewing people who have been inspired by my songs, Carla and her right-hand-camera- man, Colin, have been following me around with a camera (or should I say, many cameras) for much of this year and sporadically over the past 7 ½ years spanning my career in music. Carla is the creative force behind Heal Myself, a documentary about how music saved my life and inspired her work as a filmmaker. Carla and Colin own and operate Empty Cup Media, an independent film and media company (www.emptycupmedia.ca).They have received accolades and awards for their photography and documentary film work. Heal Myself is now in production and is set for release in 2014. Carla will be submitting Heal Myself to a variety of documentary film challenges and festivals including Hot Docs, Canada's international documentary film festival held annually in Toronto. Check out the Facebook page and "like" the page, if you feel inclined: www.facebook.com/HealMyselfDocumentary?fref=ts. If you are interested in screening Heal Myself at your school, film festival or Pride Festival, contact Carla at carla@emptycupmedia.ca.

Facebook and Twitter:
Come and find me on Facebook and Twitter! One of these days, I will organize a Tumblr page but until then, I'm hanging around Facebook and Twitter: adding pictures, conversing with people and posting various anecdotes, comments and general goings-on of my life, in case you are interested. A funny story: a few weeks back, I was lamenting on Facebook the fact that there are many other “Kate Reids” in the world, not to mention a jazz musician in the USA! So, I held a random contest challenge to my Facebook friends to see who could come up with a new name for me (and in the process, make me laugh the loudest). There were a ton of responses, many of them quite hilarious. But in the end, Brenda Tacik of Regina, SK beat out everyone with her suggestion of  =:-) , which is the little signature I sometimes put after my name when I post something on Facebook (“the dash” represents my sticky-up hair). Anyway, remember when Prince changed his name to the male-female sign and then would provide the addendum, “....the artist formerly known as Prince”? Well, Brenda's suggestion made me laugh out loud. She won a copy of Doing it for the Chicks and a copy of Queer Across Canada.

That's it from here. I hope all is well in your respective worlds. Thank-you for reading my newsletter. I am grateful for your interest in my music and for joining me on this musical journey. Enjoy spring...the Robins and the Red-Winged Blackbirds singing for us out there. The world is coming alive again.
Over and out,
(The artist formerly known as Kate Reid)


Performances on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, New Mexico + An Update!

Hello All!
It's been a while since I sent out a newsletter. As you may noticed, I even slacked off over the holidays and didn't send out anything for New Years...sometimes, I feel like it's just good to stay off the computer for a while. I think it lets my brain and body reconfigure itself...or maybe that was the rum and eggnog! I did my best to enjoy the dairy-free, almond egg nog but it just ain't the same as the high-lactose, high-calorie stuff...oh well.

In any case, I hope you all had a relaxing holiday and are back in the swing of your lives. I know I have said this before but the holidays can be challenging for many of us for myriad reasons. I hope each of you were able to find some peace for yourselves in the middle of it all.

So, here's an update on all things "Kate Reid" over the next couple of months.

Upcoming Performances:
Saturday, January 26th
Music in the Lake-Lower Centennial Hall,

Lake Cowichan, BC

Sunday, January 27th
Victoria Folk Music Society-Norway House
Victoria, BC

Friday, Feb 8th

University of British Columbia-OUTweek
Vancouver, BC

Saturday, February 9th

Bozini's Restaurant and Lounge
Chiliwack, BC

Friday, February 15th
Stonecroft Folk - with evalyn parry
Ingersoll, ON

Monday, March 4-8th
Santa Fe University of Art and Design - Artists for Positive Social Change
Santa Fe, NM

What's happening with Queer Across Canada, you ask?
I was talking with a friend the other day who is in the midst of completing her Ph.D and she was saying how it feelsl like she is birthing a baby....I can relate: I feel like this project is like a baby that is taking her sweet-ass time to emerge...it is such a huge project! The recording, mixing and mastering is done (huge gratitude to all of you who generously donated....you are helping me birth this baby!) and my talented sister has submitted her gorgeous paintings to Bronwin Parks, my radical art director (www.bronwinparks.com), for the album layout and design. This is my second project working with Bronwin and not only does she do a professional, bang-up job, she and her lovely partner take it upon themselves to bestow me with gifts in the mail of SOMA Hot Chocolate mix to get me through the intense period that is album production. Besides, the album and all that entails, I am working feverishly on the educational kit that will be accompanying the project. Slowly but surely, it is coming together and we are aiming for a release date sometime in the lovely month of May. Yaay!

An update on Heal Myself, the documentary film:
Carla Sinclair of Empty Cup Media (www.emptycupmedia.ca ) has been hard at work at editing the reams of footage, she filmed while when she accompanied me during my work with the Limestone and Trillium-Lakelands School Districts. She is also in the midst of interviewing those of you who had something to say about the affect of my music on your lives. It's going to be a great film that Carla hopes to screen at Hot Docs 2014, along with other independent and queer film festivals.

Ok, I just looked outside and noticed that it is sunny, a rare occurance in the winter here on the west coast. I've been up and working since 6am so maybe I better get my pale self outside and get some fresh air and sun. Thank-you for reading my newsletter. If you are on Vancouver Island this weekend, come and join me in Lake Cowichan or Victoria.

Wishing you all the best for a successful, productive, exciting and enlivening journey through 2013.
Yours in music,
Kate xo =:-)


Workshops+concerts in Ontario+Queer Across Canada update+a doc about my music!

Greetings Everyone!
Welcome to the November edition of my newsletter. I'm sitting in the kitchen where I live on Bowen Island, BC, looking out the window to the pouring rain and the giant Cedar tree in our backyard. It's been raining pretty solid for I think about three weeks....aaahh, autumn (and then winter and spring!) on the west coast.

Anyways, on to the music....ha!

Queer Across Canada update:
I've been home on Bowen since mid-September, working in the studio on my upcoming album, Queer Across Canada (a collection of 17 songs for LGBTQ families (it was supposed to be 18 songs because I have a weird, obsessive thing about having an even number of songs on my albums, but I decided to remove one song because I didn't like the lyrics and I didn't want to mess around with re-writing. So, I got over my little odd/even hang-up and we're going with 17!).Well, I can hardly believe it! I conceptualized this album in the summer of 2009 while I was performing at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Because of a couple of encounters I had had with people and subsequent discussions, I realized that it was time to compose an album dedicated entirely to the challenges and joys that LGBTQ families face. So, I starting interviewing families that summer and then began the process of writing and composing the songs based on the stories I had gathered and Queer Across Canada was born.

Then, this year, it became an even bigger project when another idea came to me: to design an educational kit to accompany the songs. As it stands now, I am currently designing the kit but the recording, mixing and mastering of the album is complete! Wow....17 songs is a lot of work! But I did it, with the help of so many amazing musicians, a dedicated, organized and talented producer by the name of Adam Popowitz (he was producer and recording engineer for my second album, I'm Just Warming Up) and many supportive people who donated money to help make this recording possible...thank-you all for your incredible generosity....phew! My talented sister, Amy Reid is currently working on the artwork for the project and my art director, the stellar Bronwin Parks of Feisty Design is standing by, ready to create the design and layout for the album and the educational kit.

You have helped us get this far with this project and we can still use your help to complete the design/layout and duplication/manufacturing costs of the cds and the kit! I vastly appreciate each and every donation made towards this project so if you feel like you could help in some way, here is the link to the page of my site where you can check out the different donation options for Queer Across Canada: www.katereid.net/shop A huge thank-you in advance for your generosity!

Upcoming performances and workshops:
Sunday, November 11, 5-8pmRailway Club – Rock The Mic
(Vancouver's Only Open Mic for Women)
579 Dunsmuir St.
Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, November 21-Thursday, November 22
Limestone District School Board – Inverary/Kingston + area, Ontario
I will be performing concert-like workshops for students at the secondary level.

Friday, November 23 – 8pm
The Pearl Company
16 Steven St.
Hamilton, Ontario

Saturday, November 24 – 7:30pm
Full Circle Theatre

26 Craig St.Perth,
OntarioTickets $22.26 (incl. taxes) at Shadowfax:1.800.518.2729

Monday, November 26-Friday, November 30, + Monday, December 3-4
Trillium Lakelands District School Board – Kawarthas/Muskokas, Ontario
I will be facilitating workshops for students and GSA (gay-straight alliance) members, providing training for educators on how to support LGBTQ students and families in the school system and performing concerts throughout the district during this week and a half.

For info on the workshops I facilitate for students and teachers, please check out my website for the brochure: www.katereid.net/schools. To check out my full calendar, go to: www.katereid.net/calendar.

A documentary about my music:
A passionate, dedicated and all around lovely woman named Carla Sinclair is spearheading a film project about my music: she is filming a documentary about my music and the impact and importance it has had in people's lives. I met Carla back in Nelson in 2004 and she conceptualized the idea for this film a few years ago and is now putting the project together. She is looking for people who would be interested in being interviewed for the documentary about how my music has affected their lives. If you have something you would like to share for this film, please email Carla at: carla@emptycupmedia.ca.

Thank-you for reading my newsletter. Please pass on my performance information to your friends, family. I wish you all a grand autumn and hopefully, I will see you soon!

Yours in music,
Kate xo


September Shows, Summer Highlights and Queer Across Canada update!

Hello Everyone-
Thank-you for joining my newsletter and if you have been along for the ride already, thank-you for sticking with me! What a summer it has been…I hope you all have had some amazing and inspired experiences, some laugh-out-loud, boisterous times as well as some peaceful, contemplative moments this summer. I have certainly had many of these…it’s been a really great summer for me and my musical endeavors.

Summer 2012 Highlights:
Some of my summer highlights have included: performing at Edmonton Pride (love that city!), being the Artist-in-Residence at the coolest camp for young queer folks around called Camp FYrefly (the seriously kick-ass youth, youth leaders and coordinators at this camp are working hard to make the world an inclusive and accepting place), Folk on the Rocks (a fun, eclectic festival on the sandy shores of a beautiful lake in gorgeous Yellowknife, Northwest Territories), Stan Rogers Festival (an honour to be a part of the lineup at this festival of singer-songwriters out in Canso, Nova Scotia…my first festival on the east coast….met old friends and new friends and almost got struck by lightning!), Blue Skies Festival (somewhere in the sticks of Ontario….what a sweet little festival...no website…just word of mouth and people who return year after year…I ran a song-writing workshop here where a bunch of us sat down and wrote a song about the festival…I have to put the verses together now, perform it in my living room in front of a video cam and send all the workshop participants a link to YouTube where I will post it), Music on the Mountain (way up in Fort St. James, British Columbia…a party-of-a-little festival just three years in the running now…it was a pleasure to be a part of this grassroots musical weekend) and last but so not least, Nelson Pride (where I performed an opening set for legendary women’s music singer-songwriter, Tret Fure….what a treat to perform in Nelson again!).

A word about folk and music festivals and PRIDES….and a call to action:
When I perform at folk and music festivals, I receive consistent, enthusiastic feedback from audience members in countless forms: from excited and grateful “thank-yous” in person during the festivals to email, facebook and twitter messages about how much people love what I am doing…I feel thrilled about that: to know that people are enjoying my performances and that my songs are making a difference in people’s lives. If you would like to see me at a festival near you, please do not hesitate to let your local artistic director or festival committee know by telling them so! That is how these things often work…through word of mouth. Asking your local festivals to hire me by emailing, Facebooking and Tweeting them, helps tremendously in their decision to include me in their line-ups. The word is getting out there about my music and message so thank-you very much in joining me as I work for acceptance and visibility for our LGBTQ communities through song!

Upcoming Shows:
As we speak, I’m staying at a good friend’s house in Summerland, BC before flying out the Maritimes for three more shows this weekend. Then, I return to Vancouver for my final show of the summer. Here are the dates and details in case you and your partner, friends and/or family can make it out to a show!

Thursday, September 6th-8pm
The Company House
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Info: http://www.thecompanyhouse.ca

Friday, September, 7th-8pm
The Pump Nightclub
Saint John, New Brunswick
Info: http://www.pumpnightclub.ca

Saturday, September, 8th-8pm
Fables Club
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
Info: http://www.fablesclub.com

Saturday, September 15, 4-8pm (yes, it’s an early show, I go on at 6:30pm!)*
Oasis Ultra Lounge
1240 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC
Info: http://www.soundsandfuries.com/concerts.html
(*This event is open to the public and it’s also a Meet ‘n’ Greet for the Olivia Cruise women)

Queer Across Canada (an album and educational kit for LGBTQ families) update:
Yes, the upcoming project now has a name: Queer Across Canada! And yes, I said “educational kit”. I don’t remember if I told you this in my last newsletter (I think I did, but just in case I didn’t), along with this collection of songs I have written and recorded for LGBTQ families (some of the song titles are: Radical Donor Dad, Tummy Mommy, That’s So Gay, Brother from Another Mother, The Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Conundrum), I have been putting my education degree to work again, creating an educational kit to accompany Queer Across Canada that is full of lessons, activities and projects that educators can use to teach about diversity, families, homophobia, heterosexism and acceptance. To be released early in 2013, Queer Across Canada and the educational kit will be available for purchase together and separately. Like we have done with my previous releases, we are pre-selling Queer Across Canada on my website. You can pre-purchase your copy now and when it’s released early in 2013, we will send you your autographed copy in the mail. Here’s the link to my homepage where you can pre-purchase your copy:  www.katereid.net

Queer Across Canada needs you! If you would like to donate money to help in the production, manufacturing and publishing costs of the album and educational kit, we can sure put your generosity to great use! This is an enormous project so please check out these options and help this (dare I say it!) ground-breaking project become a reality. Thank-you in advance for being a part of launching this radical project and thank-you so much to all of you who have donated already! Here is the link to the donation page: www.katereid.net/shop

Stay tuned for YouTube links to some of the new songs from Queer Across Canada…sung from the comfort of my living room. J

Just a quick aside for those of you who are outdoor enthusiasts….in between my Maritimes trip and my Vancouver show, I booked a five day trip into the backcountry with my partner and two of our friends. We are going into Cathedral Lakes Park, a stunning alpine oasis in the mountains near Keremeos, in the southern interior of British Columbia. I’m thrilled to be going back into the Cathedrals….so many alpine lakes, hiking on mountain ridges and in meadows….my heart sings just thinking about it.
Well, that’s it from my wee laptop….I hope you are all living your life with exuberance and passion, in whatever form that takes. Thanks for reading my newsletter and joining me on this journey. I so appreciate your company on this musical path. See you out there on the road!Yours in music,

Prairie shows, summer festivals and more!

Hello Everyone!
How are you all doing? Welcome to my June newsletter…thank-you for joining and for reading, too! I hope this time of year is bringing some joy, sunshine and prosperity to your lives. I feel like it was a long, (wet for us West Coasters…it just seemed like endless rain this past winter….uuggh!) and dreary winter and so I am glad to be in the wide-open prairie air…to be seeing some blue sky, sun and white clouds is doing much to open my heart and mind to what is possible.   

I am writing to you from a sunny campsite at Pine Trails Getaway which is about an hour and half south of Edmonton near Pigeon Lake. We have parked the RV for a couple of days off and are loving being out in the country. Then, we head back into Edmonton to start a string of four shows that will take us down to Twin Butte near Waterton Lakes Provincial Park in Alberta. I’m particularly pumped about playing down in the Twin Butte/Waterton Lakes area as I have always wanted to go hiking in Waterton so now, we will get the chance because we have a couple of days off down there before we have to start heading over to Regina and Winnipeg for two more shows in the Prairies. I will take many pictures and post them on my Facebook page in case any of you are into seeing a part of Waterton!

I just want to give you a quick update on my summer shows…I have added a couple of exciting shows this summer. All the specific deets including ticket info and contact info for the house concerts (which are open to the public) are on my website: www.katereid.net/calendar. Here is a quick glance at what I’m up to over the next couple of months:

Thursday, June 14th-8pm
House Concert in Edmonton, Alberta
Hosts: Womonspace
Email for tix: wstreasurer@hotmail.com

Friday, June, 15th-8pm
House Concert in Airdrie, Alberta
Hosts: Janine and Nikki
Facebook for tix: Janine Cote

Saturday, June 16th-8pm
House Concert in Calgary, Alberta
Hosts: Shari, Louise and Yuko
Email for tix: shari.roberts@gmail.com

Sunday, June 17th-8pm
Twin Butte General Store, Twin Butte, Alberta
Email Jeny for tix: info@twinbuttestore.ca

Friday, June 22nd-8:30pm-presented by Grassroots Regina
The Club-Regina, Saskatchewan
Email Karen for tix: grassrootsregina@sasktel.net

Saturday, June 23rd-8pm-presented by the Red Barn Concert Series
Balmoral, Manitoba (30 minutes north of Winnipeg)
Email Amy for tix: amystorry@yahoo.ca
With Lindsay Jane

Friday, June 29-Sunday, July 1st-all weekend
Stan Rogers Folk Festival-Canso, Nova Scotia

Friday, July 20-Sunday, July 22-all weekend
Folk on the Rocks Festival-Yellowknife, North West Territories

Thursday, July 26-Sunday, July 29-all weekend
Camp fYrefly-Canada’s only national leadership retreat for sexual and gender minority youth!
Edmonton, Alberta
I will be this year’s Artist-in-Residence at Camp fYrefly. Youth registrations are now closed.

Tuesday, July 31st-8pm
House Concert in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Host: Gillian Snider
Email Gillian: gillians@sasktel.net

Thursday, August 2nd-8pm
The Flying Beaver Pubaret-Toronto, Ontario

Friday, August 4-Sunday, August 5th
Blue Skies Festival-Clarendon Station, Ontario
This rad grassroots festival doesn’t have a website…on purpose! Here is a blog that I found that has info about the festival: http://davidscrimshaw.blogspot.ca/2009/08/unofficial-blue-skies-music-festival.html

Saturday, August 11-8pm
House Concert in Consecon-Prince Edward County, Ontario
Hosts: Andrew and Andy
email Andy: asiddell@gmail.com

Saturday, August 16-all day
Royal City Pride-New Westminster, BC

Friday, August 24-Sunday, August 26-all weekend
Music On the Mountain Music Festival-Fort St. James, BC

A quick update on my LGBTQ Family Album:
Now that I’m on the road until the beginning of July, the rest of the recording has to be put on hold until I can squeeze a couple of studio dates when I’m home in between Stan Rogers Folk Fest and Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife! I have some more recording to complete but it feels like that part of the project is on the homestretch. And, then begins the artwork for the cover: I’m proud to say that my amazing visual artist extraordinaire sister, Amy Reid, is drawing the artwork for this album cover, in between raising three rowdy boys…my cute and ever-evolving nephews! Bronwin Parks of Feisty Design (www.bronwinparks.com) who did the art direction for “Doing it for the Chicks” will be the art director for this project and I am excited to work with her again. And, I am in the middle of also mapping out and writing the teacher’s guide and activity book to accompany the album so that educators can use the songs as starting points to teach about families, diversity, homophobia and acceptance in the schools.
If you still would like to donate to this great project, we would love it and we could still use your help! Please feel free to send me an email: kate@katereid.net and we can talk about all of the price range options for donating…and yes,  you will get cool prizes in exchange for donating! Thank-you in advance for your generosity!

At the end of August, after Music on the Mountain Festival, I will get to be home at our place on Bowen Island and spend some time there with the ocean air, the trees, Ravens, Eagles and Deer. It’s going to be a busy, music and fun-filled summer and I am so thrilled and grateful to be able to do what I do. It’s still hard to imagine that only a decade ago I was finishing up my second year of teaching at the highschool in Midway…light-years away from the musical-activist life that I live now. Sometimes, I am so amazed at how far I have traveled backward and forwards in my life to this spot: making music, performing for great audiences, sharing stories and being open to the creative direction of the Spirits. I love it!

One final thought: I have said this to a few listeners of mine over the past couple of months who have emailed me and I want to share it with you: it is important to write. I read recently in Jeanne Cordova’s memoir, “When We Were Outlaws”, that someone said to her that you can write yourself out of a nervous breakdown. I believe this to be true. You may not consider yourself a writer, but everyone is a writer. You can write your past and you can write your future. The important thing is to do it, to get your story out onto the page because writing is healing. And it is your story and your life to write and no-one else’s.  So, the time to write is now.

Thank-you so much for reading and for joining me here. I wish you all a summer full of mystery and knowing, wonder and challenge, excitement and quiet.
Yours in words and music…





Off to Deutschland, update on LBGTQ family album and more!

Hello Everyone!

Spring has sprung on Bowen Island and despite the buckets of rain that continue to come down, I am thrilled. I have been planting seeds and some small plants, getting our two new raised beds prepared for the influx of seedlings that have been sprouting in our living room. Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop on Main Street in Vancouver, trying to get this newsletter done…it takes me a long time to decide on what to say in my newsletter because I often deliberate endlessly over word usage (surprising, right? ), what experiences to share etc.  So, I shall jump in….

Update on my recording project for LGBTQQ families:  
For those of you who are curious about how the songs are sounding, I have uploaded three of the new songs on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure! You can only listen to them on Soundcloud-they aren’t downloadable yet because they are works-in-progress…there are still some mistakes and editing parts to do but I just wanted to give you a taste of what we’ve been working on. We are aiming for 18 songs on this album. Here are three previews for you: http://soundcloud.com/katereid-1.

Many people have donated to help make this project possible…thank-you so very much! Each donation is so appreciated! My goal for this part of the project is $12000.00 and we have raised $5,000.00 so far. We still need your help to complete this important project. We have yet to wrap up a bit of recording as well as mixing, mastering (two important parts of the recording process), the artwork (my talented, artistic sister, Amy, is in the process of drawing the cover art, amidst raising three rambunctious boys!), design layout and manufacturing of the cds. Then, there is the teacher’s manual I am writing to go along with the album: I have been working on lessons and activities that teachers can pair with the songs when they teach about issues like diversity, family, homophobia, acceptance, gender and sexuality. I have teamed up with some really amazing advisors who are helping me refine my lessons and activities and I am grateful for their assistance. We also need to fund the design layout and manufacturing/copying for this manual as well.

Please help us finish this huge and timely project! You can donate via Paypal, email transfer to my email address (kate@katereid.net) or cheque (Kate Reid, 410-2416 Main St, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3E2)….or just send me an email to inquire how you can assist us financially! Below are a bunch of options you can choose from, each with fabulous prizes in return for your generosity:

$25.00 or more - The Digital Reid Fan Pack
-a digital download of the album before its release
-a digital copy of the poster for the new release

$50.00 or more - The Gimme the Tunes Reid Fan Pack
-the above PLUS
-an autographed cd copy of the new album

$75.00 or more  - The Basic Reid Fan Pack
-all the above PLUS
-an autographed copy of  the poster for the new release

$100.00 or more - The Essential Reid Fan Pack

-all of the above PLUS
-Official Kate Reid press kit (This is a collector’s item: a press kit  is used to secure gigs and I send this out to festivals, promoters and presenters. It includes my bio/onesheet, a poster, a copy of  the ‘Doing it for the Chicks’ cd, a postcard, business card and some of the print press I have had)
-handwritten and autographed lyrics of one song of your choice from any of my albums

$250.00 or more - The Ultimate Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-Your name in the liner notes as a sponsor of this album
-You and a friend on the guest list for a Kate Reid concert in a town or city near you

$500.00 or more   -   The Elite Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-1/2 skype conversation with me (We’ll chat face-to-face on skype and you can ask me anything about song-writing, the music biz, what life is like as a queer/woman musician, my cats, what hair product I use…)

$1,000.00 or more - The  Hardcore Reid Fan Pack  
-all of the above PLUS
-lunch in Vancouver with yours truly (you pay your own travel, I buy lunch and we hang out and talk over a meal for an hour)

$1500.00 or more - The  Super Hardcore Reid Fan Pack

-all of the above PLUS
-private house concert for you and your friends in your house (plus travel and accommodation unless you are within 2 hours drive from Vancouver in which case, I will handle my travel and accommodation)

$2,000.00 or more - The Out-of-this-World Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-dinner and a house concert at my place on Bowen Island (just a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver) for you and 7 of your friends (you get yourself here, I provide the dinner and entertainment. There are several amazing B and B’s on Bowen that I could send you the links for plus there is beautiful hiking, walking and wonderful artisans and cafes on this sweet little island. You could make a weekend of it!)

Germany Tour:
I’m leaving this Sunday for Germany to do a 7-show tour with fellow folkies, Auto Jansz (www.autojansz.com) and Andrea June http://andreajune.bandcamp.com. Find them on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Auto-Jansz-Andrea-June/127012907419039. And http://autojanszandreajune.bandcamp.com is their shared Bandcamp page. Of course, my amazing, bi-lingual partner, Maike, will be coming as our tour manager and our translator! She’s German born and raised which will come in very handy on our tour! Here are the dates for our 2 ½ week musical adventure in Deutschland:

Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Kehrwieder 1 24376 Kappeln

Friday, May 11th, 2012
Cafe Endlich-7pm
Dragonerstall 11-20355 Hamburg

Saturday, May 12th, 2012
Cafe Begine-8pm
Potsdamer Str. 139 Berlin-Schöneberg 10783

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
Hansa 48-Theatre Alternative-8pm
Hansa Strasse 48 Kiel 24118

Thursday, May 17th, 2012
Astra Stube-8pm
Max-Brauer-Allee 200 Hamburg 22769

Friday, May 18th, 2012
Hafenstr. 17 Husum D-25813

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Music Star-8pm
Marktplatz 11 Norderstedt 22844

Canadian shows in June, July and August:
Some of the upcoming highlights of my summer include performing at Tri-Pride (Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, Ontario) Edmonton Pride, Stan Rogers Festival (Canso, Nova Scotia), Blue Skies Festival (Clarendon, Ontario), Royal City Pride (New Westminster, BC) and Music on the Mountain Festival (Fort St. James, BC). I have a bunch of other shows and house concerts throughout the summer, too. Here is a link to my calendar so you can see the full-meal-deal: www.katereid.net/calendar.

Camp fYrefly:
As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, I am going to be the artist-in-residence at this summer’s Camp fYrefly in Edmonton. Camp fYrefly is a 4-day, kick-ass, leadership camp for gender and sexual minority youth. Can’t wait for this! The deadlines for applications are: camper: Friday, May 18, youth leader: Friday, May 18, adult volunteer: Friday, May 18, workshop presenter: Friday, June 22. For complete deets on the awesomeness that is Camp fYrefly, go to: http://www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca.

House concerts:
I have been booking house concerts for the summer and if you would like me to come and perform in your living room for you and your friends, drop me a line at kate@katereid.net. I would love to entertain you in your home! J

School Workshops:
I have started doing workshops on diversity, homophobia and acceptance in schools. If you would like me to come to your school to facilitate a workshop or do a concert for your class or Gay-Straight Alliance, please drop me a line at kate@katereid.net and we can set it up. I can also send you a copy of my brochure if you would like.

Find me on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kate-Reid-Fan-Page
Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/katereid

That’s all from the coffee shop on Main and 14th. Sending you all warm spring vibes from the west coast! Thank-you so much for reading and for listening to my music…I am thrilled to be able to make music for all of you.

Have a grand month of May!


Kate's Spring Newsletter...Germany Tour, sponsorship program and more!

Hello Out There....music lovers, activists, life-explorers, friends and family;

How are you all doing? Welcome to my email list, if you are new here, thank-you for joining! I'm excited to share my creative journey with you. And thank-you to all of my existing readers and listeners. Many of you have been here since the beginning and I am grateful for your support.

I hope you are all well: struggling on, moving forward, noticing the things in your life you have to change and loving the parts that are working. I am learning more about myself, about life and my part in this world everyday. Some days are difficult and heavy and some days are awe-inspiring and light. I have realized that welcoming the hard parts as a gift is what I need to do. I have learned that without challenge and hardship, I would not know what is truly amazing and magical in my life. Without the comparison to the difficult, I would not see the blessings I have received...even the tiny ones.

Another thing I do know is that creativity is vital. I recently spent a thoroughly enjoyable, productive and energizing time down at my friend's cabin in New Mexico and I am so grateful for my time there. I am also grateful for my life here at home and for my partner who allows me to follow my creative heart and do my soul work. For me, creating is a spiritual act and writing and singing is my connection to the Divine. It's an expression of the self, myself and it also helps me to carve out the reason for my existence. I am starting to see creativity, in all its forms, as part of my daily work, alongside the administrative work I have to do to keep my career moving.

If you need to create, and most of us do, no matter what it is, do it. It doesn't have to be good, it just has to be yours. And, the more you create, the more the good stuff will come in.

Sponsorship Program for The LGBTQQ Family Album:
Speaking of creating, many of you know that I am in the middle of my fourth project: an album for LGBTQQ families, youth and children. This album is the first of its kind and it is also close to my heart in way that none of the other albums were. It touches on so many issues that young people and adults face: from bullying to gender identity, what it's like having same-sex parents to the celebration of our differences, the difficulties and joys of coming out and the impact of other people's fears, to fighting stereotypes and negative beliefs, to the different definitions of families...it's all here in this album that has allowed me the creative freedom to play with jazz, ska, rock, hip-hop along with the folk-roots and country vibe that I am known for. I love this album and it's been a joy to work with Adam Popowitz (Pacifika), Mel Watson (Fruit), Toby Peter (Pacifika), Richard Brown, CR Avery, Christina Zaenkar (Morlove) and Tim Tweedale, to name a few of the incredible people on this project. What can I say? I LOVE my job!

We are still in the middle of getting this big baby off the ground and we could really use your help! I would be grateful and honoured if you and your friends and family could help contribute to the making of this album by choosing an option below to donate. We have come up with some fun prizes for you and hope that you are able to help us! Here are your options: 

$25.00 or more - The Digital Reid Fan Pack
-a digital download of the album before its release
-a digital copy of the poster for the new release

$50.00 or more - The Gimme the Tunes Reid Fan Pack
-the above PLUS
-an autographed cd copy of the new album

$75.00 or more - The Basic Reid Fan Pack
-all the above PLUS
-an autographed copy of the poster for
the new release

$100.00 or more - The Essential Reid Fan Pack

-all of the above PLUS
-Official Kate Reid press kit (This is a collector’s item: a press kit is used to secure gigs and I send this out to festivals, promoters and presenters. It includes my bio/onesheet, a poster, a copy of the ‘Doing it for the Chicks’ cd, a postcard, business card and some of the print press I have had)
-handwritten and autographed lyrics of one song of your choice from any of my

$250.00 or more - The Ultimate Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-Your name in the liner notes as a sponsor of this album
-You and a friend on the guest list for a Kate Reid concert in a town or city near you

$500.00 or more - The Elite Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-1/2 skype conversation (We’ll chat face-to-face on skype and you can ask me anything about song-writing, the music biz, what life is like as a queer/woman musician, my cats, what hair product I use…)

$1,000.00 or more -The Hardcore Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-lunch in Vancouver with yours truly (you pay your own travel, I buy lunch and
we hang out and talk over a meal for an hour)

$1500.00 or more - The Super Hardcore Reid Fan Pack

-all of the above PLUS
-private house concert for you and your friends in your house (plus travel and accommodation unless you are within 2 hours drive from Vancouver in which case, I will handle my travel and accommodation)

$2,000.00 or more - The Out-of-this-World Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-dinner and a house concert at my place on Bowen Island (just a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver) for you and 7 of your friends (you get yourself here, my partner and I will provide the dinner and I will provide the entertainment. There are several amazing B and B’s on BowenIsland that I could send you the links for plus there is beautiful hiking, walking and wonderful artisans and cafes on this sweet little island. You could make a weekend of it! And, I wouldn't be adverse to taking all of you for a dayhike up Mt. Gardner...it's a grind but the payoff at the top is a spectacular view of Vancouver, the Georgia Straight, the Gulf Island, the Coast Mountains and Vancouver Island.)

If you are willing, able and inspired to donate, please email me and we can talk about to make it happen. I would be thrilled to hear from you! (kate@katereid.net) :-)

In other news....

LIVE TOUR DATES...Germany and Canada dates: I am doing a tour in Germany this May!
We are adding new dates to my calendar, so please feel free to check it out for a show new you (www.katereid.net/calendar). I just got confirmed for Tri-Pride in Kitchener on June 2...woot! My old stomping grounds....I remember the days of cruising King Street in Kitchener with my 80's hair and tight jeans in my parents' blue Oldsmobile with the Aerosmith cranked on the tape deck (Mom, don't get mad!), looking for something to do on a Friday night. Coming back to do Pride will be a trip! :-)

ROCK THE MIC - Vancouver's Only Open Mic for Women this Sunday, April 1st, 5-8pm...no joke!
We had a great time last month and we're doing it again. If you are a woman (transwomen welcome!) and would love to perform in a supportive environment at Vancouver's oldest live music venue, come down to the Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC) this Sunday, April 1 from 5-8pm to play us a couple of tunes. I do an opening set and then I host the rest of the show. Be brave....come down and ROCK THE MIC! Men are welcome in the audience.

That's it from my living room on Bowen Island. Thank-you so much for reading my newsletter and thank-you for listening to my music and spreading the word. I've said it many times and I will say it again, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Your support and messages keep me inspired and keep me going! Thank-you for being here. Have a kick-ass April!

Yours in music,


Kate Reid-Almost Spring Newsletter...so much going on!

Greetings Everyone! Welcome to my newsletter, all you lovely people who just joined. Wow, it’s exciting to know that spring is around the corner, I must say, I’m ready for it. Bring it on! I have invented a stellar hot chocolate recipe that has gotten me and my partner through the rainy, cold winter:

Kate Reid’s Badass HotChoc:
In a saucepan, slowly melt one large bar of Lindt’s dark chocolate …chili is best but plain or mint works, too
Add 2 ½ cups of almond, rice, soy or regular milk
Stir until the chocolate and milk become one harmonious mixture
If you’re a real badass, add a couple of marshmellows…the big suckers.
Pour into your fave mug and enjoy! If you try it, tell me what you think!

There have been a few days over the rainy winter where it felt like spring here on Bowen Island: the sun has come out a couple of times lately and the air had that spring smell to it.

I found an uber-cheap flight to New Mexico and a friend is lending me her cabin in down there for 8 days. I’m so grateful to be able to head down there in a couple of weeks to do some song-writing and project brainstorming amidst the red rocks, buttes, cacti and hopefully, the sunny air. I often forget to take time away to create so I’m proud of myself for booking this little time-out. Plus, I just need to dry out!

Are you taking time out of your life to create? To manifest your dreams? I hope so.

Here is the latest news on my musical journey. Thank-you for being a part of it….I love that you are.

Praise for Doing it for the Chicks:
Considering it was released so late in the year, Doing it for the Chicks made it on some sweet lists for 2011 including The Top 50 Playlist for Galaxie’s Folk Roots, HERizons Magazine’s Must Have Music list in their winter edition of 2012, Jeffrey Morgan’s Top Ten Albums of 2011, J.D. Doyle’s Queer Musical Heritage Best of 2011 and Queer FM’s Best of 2011 to name a few. There is also a good review of ‘Chicks’ by Tim Readman in the upcoming spring issue of Penguin Eggs Magazine and one by Cindy Filipenko in HERizons Magazine. Check out the press, if you are interested: www.katereid.net/press .

Free Stuff:
For you Number #1 Fans and Stalker-in-a-Good-Way types, Bronwin Parks (killer design babe at www.bronwinparks.com) designed a bunch of free “Doing it for the Chicks” downloads for your desktop and mobile. Yes, I did use the f-word…..FREE. If you dig this kind of stuff and want to spice up your phone or computer with pix of me (yeah, I know…weird, right? I see myself everyday so I can’t imagine why someone would want a pic of my as their wallpaper!) here’s the link to downloading your freebies: www.katereid.net/freebies .

Album for Queer Families:
As most of you know, I’ve been working in the studio on the album for queer families and it’s coming along with a vengeance! We’ve got 16 songs so far and dare I say it, I might add a couple more. There are just so many things I want to touch on with this album-so many important issues! It is a concept album that has never been done before and I’m very excited about it. I know that many of you have been waiting for this one so fyi, t’s set for release in January 2013!  If you are interested in supporting the recording of this album, I will be sending out information on how to sponsor a song in an upcoming newsletter.

Camp fYrefly 2012:  Artist-in-Residence
I‘ve been invited to be the artist-in-residence this summer at Camp fYrefly, a summer leadership camp for sexual and gender minority youth. I’m pumped about this camp. I get to spend four days with queer getting creative with queer youth! What an honour for me. If you are a youth and would love to join us this summer or you would like to be a volunteer, here is the link to the Camp fYrefly website: www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca

Hanging out in the Highschools:
 As some of you may know, I have a B.A in Psychology and a B.Ed, (a teaching degree). Prior to building a career in music, I worked in the education system for a number of years. Now, I combine my passion for queer activism and music with teaching. I have begun facilitating workshops and doing concerts in high schools. I also have begun visiting Gay-Straight Alliances in high schools, talking with students about what I do and what it’s like being a queer musical activist. If you want to know more about my workshops and school concerts, don’t hesitate to email me for information. Whether you are a teacher, counsellor or a student, I would be more than happy to send you a jpeg of my brochure (designed by Bronwin Parks) with all of my workshop information and fees.

Vancouver’s Only Open mic for Women at the Railway Club:
Along with Girlgig Productions, I will presenting and hosting a monthly open mic for women at the  Railway Club in Vancouver, BC. I perform an opening set and then host the open mic afterwards. If you identify as a woman, check out my website for the dates then come down to the Railway with your voice, your instrument and your attitude. All genres welcome! Men are welcome in the audience. This’ll be fun…I can’t wait to see what new talent is lurking out there.  www.katereid.net/calendar

Summer Festivals+PRIDES:
I’ve got some great stuff happening this spring and summer! I’ve been invited to perform at some awesome LGBTQ family conferences in the USA: the Midwest Family Equality Conference in Minneapolis, MN and Families in the Desert in Palm Springs, CA as well as some super-fun Canadian festivals: Edmonton Pride, Royal City Pride in New Westminster, Stan Rogers Festival, Blue Skies Festival, Music on the Mountain….to name a few! Here’s a link to my calendar to check out the info about these festivals and other shows I’m booked for. I hope to see you out there in the sun this spring and summer.  www.katereid.net/calendar

House Concert anyone?
If the idea of hosting a Kate Reid acoustic musical party in your home for your friends and neighbours kinda gets you all excited, then feel free to email me and let’s book a date! Here are what some previous hosts and lovely folks have to say about my house concerts:

“To have Kate Reid perform in your own home is a truly memorable experience. We’ve been lucky to host a few in the last couple of years and all have been a resounding success! Kate’s music has the power to strike such a chord in her audience’s emotions, that our last concert saw Kate passing around tissues for the tears! No matter where you fall on your musical tastes or sexual identity, Kate seems to have a knack of appealing to an incredibly diverse set of people. “A true legend in your living room” seems the best way to sum up a Kate Reid house concert.” Andrew Moss+Andrew Siddell - Belleville, ON
“Kate absolutely blew the ‘chicks’ away at our recent house concert. Up close, personal and exciting! It's absolutely the best way to enjoy her great music -- what an amazing voice and awesome guitar! And the lyrics! We are doing a second one." Shari Roberts, Louise Forsyth - Calgary, AB

I would love to come to your home and perform for you and your friends. Contact me at kate@katereid.net, if you would like to host a house concert!

That’s it from here. I’m off to make some badass hot chocolate. I know I say this in every newsletter but you have all inspired me and my music and my career. Thank-you so much for being out there, for listening to my music and spreading it around. And, thanks for reading my newsletter!

Remember David Whyte’s words: “There is only one, true life.”
I hope you are living yours. Enjoy yourselves out there.

Yours in music,

Kate Reid-oh so fun! Tour, CKUA, Vlogs, Youth Camp + more!

Hello Everyone-
How are you all doing? I hope you are well! A big, lovin' welcome to all of you who signed up at my recent shows to be a part of my newsletter club....WELCOME and thank-you! :-) I am at home on Bowen Island, just off the coast of West Vancouver. The fire is going in the woodstove and it's raining outside (as usual!) and I'm happy to be home for a couple of days before shoving off again for shows in Alberta and BC.

As most of you know, I've been touring my latest release, "Doing it for the Chicks". I had some great shows in Ontario and the East Coast with some superfun audiences: Kitchener, Hamilton, Oshawa, Belleville, Kingston, Peterborough, London, Toronto, Woodstock, Saint John and Halifax...thank-you to all of you who came out! It was great to see your smiling faces. One show in Toronto turned out to be a bust...well, there were only 8 people at the show, 4 of which were on the guest list....aak! So, I got creative: we cancelled the show and invited everyone back to my friends' place (Thanks so much, Bronwin and Jaigris!!) and we did a house concert there. It turned out to be a fun night after all. Sometimes in this business, I just have to be uber-flexible! :-)

 Here is some KR news for you.

Alberta and BC shows:
I have a special place in my heart for Alberta! Here is a link to the calendar page of my website where you can find the deets for my upcoming shows: http://www.katereid.net/calendar.

CKUA-Folk Routes with Tom Coxworth:
And, I love Tom Coxworth....well, not love-love but you know what I mean. ;-) He invited me to co-host his awesome folk show, Folk Routes, on Alberta's coolest radio station ever, CKUA. A personal, little CKUA story from yours truly: back in 2003, before I was a working musician, I rented an old log cabin for year way up a logging road just outside of a weird, tiny town called Ymir, 40 minutes outside of Nelson, BC in the Kootenays. I was taking a year off of teaching and was contemplating the terrifying possibility of starting a career in music. I was completely overwhelmed (and at times, immobilized) with the prospect of beginning in the music business...what do I do...where the hell do I start? I was also broke and didn't have a real stereo-all I had was a little radio with an antenna that I could get a very limited number of stations on...and a lot of crackling radio fuzz. And for some reason, it picked up this great station called CKUA, all the way from Alberta. I felt like I had discovered gold! I could listen to really great music on the Folk Routes show in my wee cabin out in the woods! So, to be able to sit in with Tom and co-host the show with him that he has been doing since 1998, is just too cool for me! If only I had known back then in 2003 that I was going to be getting airplay on his show and also co-hosting with him.....

Here is the link to Tom's page on the CKUA website, in case you want to stream it live and join us for Folk Routes this Saturday, November 19th: http://www.ckua.com/08/31/10/Tom-Coxworth/landing.html?blockID=301492&feedID=7345

YouTube + Tour V-Blogs:
A friend of mine...thanks again, Bronwin (who designed the "Chicks" album cover: www.bronwinparks.com) suggested that I "vlog" my tour so that people could see some of my life on the road. So, I started posting some vids on YouTube that I made on my phone. I ran into a glitch after about 4 v-blogs and now I can't upload the last two that I have done. I'm still trying to figure it out (I'm so not a techhead). But, in the meantime, here is the link to my YouTube page with the first 4 vids. Hopefully, I will be able to post some new vlogs from my Alberta and BC shows...enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/user/KateReidMusic

Doing it for the Chicks-press reviews:
Ok. Some people get it and some people...well, they don't. Here are three press reviews that "Doing it for the Chicks" has received lately. I especially like Jeffery Morgan's Media Black-Out...this guy is just a riot...kind of pervy but so funny! And then, there's the guy from The Gauntlet (The University Calgary Student Newspaper)....oh dear....he seems to have missed the lecture on "tongue-in-cheek", "parody", and "sexism and objectification of women and lesbians in pop culture"..... ;-)




Merch (it's what cool people in the music biz call "merchandise"...now you know the lingo and you, too, can be cool!):
You can purchase my merch (all three albums and tshirts) off my website: www.katereid.net/shop.

You can also buy all three of my albums from CDBaby at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/katereid4.

and on iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/doing-it-for-the-chicks/id474064710.

Album for Queer Youth and LGBTQ Families:
For those of you who have been asking....yes! Now that "Doing it for the Chicks" has been released, I am back to working on my album for queer youth and LGBTQ families. I have 14 songs written and partially recorded. If you want to particiate in helping this album get recorded and released, I will be looking for sponsors in the next few months so stay tuned! I feel like this is an important project, especially with the continued homophobic bullying that is happening in our schools to kids and youth who are queer and who have LGBTQ parents. To accompany the album, I am putting together a booklet of activities that teachers can use in the classroom to facilitate awareness and acceptance of diversity.

And finally, attention all YOUTH out there on my email list! In case you haven't heard of it, Camp fYreFly is Canada's only national leadership retreat for sexual and gender minority youth. It's happening July 26-29, 2012 in Alberta. Their applications for Camper + Youth Leader are not up yet on their website but I just wanted you to have to link in case you feel inspired to apply and be a part of this really radical retreat....keep checking back for application deadlines...this retreat is an amazing way to connect with other LGBTQ youth and adults across Canada.(They will also be posting applications for Adult Volunteers and Workshop Presenters too, so stay tuned!)Here is the link the Camp fYreFly website: http://www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca.

That's all for now! I hope to see some of you (many of you!) at my Alberta and BC shows in the next few weeks. Thank-you so much for reading my newsletter. Here's hoping you all have joy and kick-ass passion in your hearts!

Love, Katexo

Kate Reid-Doing it for the Chicks Fall Tour info

Hello Everyone!

How are you all? I hope you have been getting some good fun in this summer. Thank-you to those of you who have just joined my newsletter….welcome!

I’m loving living on Bowen Island. My partner and I moved here at the beginning of July and it’s a sanctuary. We have Ravens sitting in the trees over our house, Crows and Stellars’ Jays in our backyard (I feed them) and the occasional Deer sleeping in our driveway at night. It’s a sweet island with beautiful beaches, great restaurants, an amazing systems of trails and a killer, quad-burning hike to the top of Mt. Gardner. Right up my alley! I’m feeling pretty grateful these days….

And….“Doing it for the Chicks” is in production! Yes! I will have the cds in my hands by Wednesday of next week. If you still want to pre-order your autographed copy, go to the “Shop” page on my new website, www.katereid.net. If you want a free mp3 from the album, simply email me and I will send you one. A huge shout out to all the people who have pre-purchased and to those who have helped fund this project….you are amazing and generous and I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. You helped make this cd possible! Also of note-in case you aren’t on Facebook or haven’t been to my website lately, you probably haven’t seen the album cover art…it’s a total riot! (www.katereid.net). To the gorgeous women who volunteered their time and beauty for the photoshoot: Jocelyn “Tutti” DeRosa, Stina Duncan, Sarcy Geddes, Soo-Mi Choe, Kyla McCorkindale, Courtney Spahan, Stacey Mitchell, Diana “Legs” Zitko, Alex Filippelli, and Samara Devlin….you are so much fun! Huge appreciation to Rebecca Blissett for the amazing photos (www.rebeccablissett.com) and to Bronwin Parks (www.bronwinparks.com) for the killer layout.

Below are my tour dates thus far…we are still booking at this time so stay tuned. Please check my website for admission prices show times and other deets.

US Tour:

Thursday, Sept. 1

Mandolin Café-Tacoma, WA


Sunday, Sept. 4

Viva La Vida Amphitheatre-Pioneer, CA (Sierra Foothills)


Wednesday, Sept. 7

Don Quixote’s-Felton, CA


Thursday, Sept. 8

Backstage Lounge-Santa Cruz, CA


Saturday, Sept. 10

Café Culture-Chico, CA


Sunday, Sept. 11

Café Nirvana-Portland, OR


Canadian  Fall Tour:

Saturday, Sep. 24

St. James Hall-Rogue Folk Club (with Jess Hill)-Vancouver, BC


Wednesday, Sept. 28

Victoria Event Centre (with Auto Jansz and Andrea June)-Victoria, BC


Thursday, Sept. 29

Lion’s Club-Saltspring Island, BC


Saturday, Oct. 1

Artspace-Prince George, BC


Thursday, Oct. 13

Flying Beaver Pubaret-Toronto, ON


Sunday, Oct. 16

House Concert-Andrew and Andy’s-Cansecon, ON


Thursday, Oct. 20

Revival Bar-Toronto, ON


Friday, Oct. 21

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Talullah’s Lounge)-Toronto, ON


Saturday, Oct. 22

London Music Club-London, ON


Sunday, Oct. 23

Out Lounge and Eatery-Oshawa, ON


Wed. Oct. 26

Showplace Theatre (The Lounge)-Peterborough, ON


Thursday, Oct. 27

Little Bean-Kitchener, ON


Friday, Oct. 28

The Pearl Company-Hamilton, ON


Saturday, Oct. 29

Ben‘s Pub-Kingston, ON


Thursday, Nov. 3

Fusion Café-Woodstock, NB


Friday, Nov. 4

The Pump Nightclub (with Babette Hayward)-Saint John, NB


Saturday, Nov. 5

The Company House-Halifax, NB


Friday, Nov. 18

Junction-Edmonton, AB


Saturday, Nov. 19

Jasper Legion-Jasper, AB


Sunday, Nov. 20

House Concert-Calgary, AB


Wednesday, Nov. 23

Zona’s Latenight Bistro-Canmore, AB


Thursday, Nov. 24

The Ironwood Stage-Calgary, AB


Saturday, Nov. 26

Sid William’s Theatre (with Ivan Coyote)-Courtenay, BC


Wednesday, Nov. 30

Minstrel Café-Kelowna, BC


Saturday, Dec. 2

The Art We Are-Kamloops, BC

That’s it for now! Thank-you for sticking with me this far…in the newsletter and with my musical journey! I am really proud of this new cd-the music and the artwork. I hope the songs resonate and spark something in you. And, I hope and makes you laugh outloud!

Be well and enjoy yourselves out there.

Yours in music and gratitude,





Kate Reid-news, shows, merch, new release and more!

Hello Folks-
Well, it feels like summer is almost here and the Canucks are going to win tonight! I can't believe I just said that but what can I say...even I am hooked. I even bought a Canucks t-shirt to wear on game night. 
A hearty welcome to all of those who are new members to my newsletter community…thanks so much for signing up! If you would like to contact me personally, feel free to email me at: kate@katereid.net. I love hearing from you! We are starting to book my fall cd release tour so if you would like to present a show or would like to see me perform at a venue in your town, email: bookings@katereid.net.
I just finished my spring tour with Toronto's Evalyn Parry (www.evalynparry.com) and then had one day home before leaving for my USA West Coast tour. Evalyn and I had a great time together...touring around BC, Alberta and Ontario. It was awesome to see old friends and faces and meet new fans along the way. I also love the sights: travelling through the northern Kootenay Mountains, the beautiful Rockies, the islands on the west coast and then to rural areas in Ontario. I did some highschool workshops in Ontario as well and met some amazing queer and queer-friendly youth. Their energy, enthusiasm and pride was so inspiring…they are amazing people and they give me so much hope for the future. And in the USA, I had some really great shows down through Oregon and California. It was fun to be back there again. And, we camped down along the sunny Oregon Coast (I got sunburned just in time for my gig in Eugene!), stayed on the beach in a campground (which was actually a paved road with RVs parked side by side along the water) in gorgeous Santa Cruz. You know those huge bus-like RVs? The US is full of them! At our cement-pad-beach-campground, I saw an older gentleman, sitting in his lawnchair, outside his RV beside his wife and their little lapdog, and the guy was eating Ritz crackers with squeeze cheese from a spray can....gotta love RV culture. Then, at the end of the tour, my partner and I decided, on a whim, to drive all the way across the Nevada desert on what is known as "The Loneliest Highway in America", Highway #50....they weren't kidding....there's practically nothing out there except rolling hills and flat desert land....for a whole long day of driving. It was quite breathtaking. We made it to Canyonlands National Parks, in southern Utah and stayed there for 3 nights, hiking and camping in the red rocks, arches and beautiful sandstone.
And now, we are moving out of Vancouver and onto Bowen Island...which is so very cool! Bowen is a small island just off the coast of West Vancouver. It is a 20 minute ferry ride to get there. But life is slower, quieter and more rural there...right up our alley. We move at the end of the month and are thrilled. We have been scheming on how to move out of the city for quite some time and now, it's happening!
So, onto the music news.....
My website is FINALLY getting updated....it will be all pretty and new and ready to view next week. Check it out! www.katereid.net
"i'm just doing it for the chicks" T-shirts:
Since they are so popular, (with lesbians, straight men and, I discovered, farmers!!), we are placing another order of "i'm just doing it for the chicks" t-shirts. If you would like one, please go to  www.katereid.net/products.html.
"Kate Reid is my homo-girl" t-shirts:
A friend of mine designed this fun shirt! They will be for sale on my website soon at wwwkatereid.net/products.html.
"Doing it for the Chicks" (my latest studio release):
It's close to being done and I can’t wait! If you would like to help fund the manufacturing of this cd (or if you want an autographed copy before anyone else!), you can pre-order and receive your personalized copy in the mail by going to www.katereid.net/products.html. Huge and heart-felt thanks to everyone who donated to this project!
Street Teams:
We are building Street Teams across Canada and into the USA to help with promotion of the shows. If you would like to be a part of a Street Team and do some homo-promo for me and an upcoming show in (or close to) your town, email Stina at promo@katereid.net. She will tell you what's involved and what you get in exchange for your efforts!
House Concerts:
If you would like to host a house concert,  email bookings@katereid.net. I would love to come and play music in your livingroom for you and your friends!
I have a bunch of summer shows coming up....here are the deets:
Saturday-Sunday, June 11-12th
Women's Weekend (this weekend)
Crooked Lake Resort, Horsefly, BC
For tix and info, email: celinamoore@hotmail.com
(cabins, camping, kayaking, hiking, ATV-ing, swimming, music)

June 26, 1-3pm
Honouring Our Elders' Tea (A Qmunity event)
Vancouver, BC
For info and event address, email: generations@qmunity.ca
(Each year QMUNITY Generations, along with community partners, invite queer elders who are 65 years of age and over to a Sunday afternoon of tea, coffee, scones, jam, sushi, entertainment, and celebration.)

Saturday, July 2-8pm
House Concert (at Heidi and Kari’s)
Oyama, BC
For tix, address and info, email Heidi Starr: hrstarr@hotmail.com or find her on Facebook.

Saturday, July 9-12:30pm
Prince George PRIDE Festival
Prince George, BC
For info, go to: www.pgpride.com
Free admission!

Sunday, July 10-7pm
Clozout Club-A Prince George PRIDE event
1177 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC
Tickets $12 adv/$15 at the door

Friday-Sunday July 22-24
Raise the Roof Women's Music Festival
Myles Acres Farm, near Kingston, ON
This is Canada's ONLY weekend-long music festival for women and children only! Get your tickets now...the line-up is awesome: Rita Chiarelli, Hunter Valentine, Celisse Henderson, The Wilmas, Sister Funk, Stephanie Bosch....to name a few.
Tickets and info at www.rrwmf.ca

Saturday, July 30-1pm
Harmony Arts Festival
West Vancouver, BC
For schedule and info at www.harmonyarts.ca.  
Free admission!

Thursday, August 11-7pm
Coming Home Cafe - A Royal City PRIDE event
753 - 6th Street, New Westminster, BC
Free admission!

Saturday, August 12
Eugene PRIDE Festival
Eugene, OR, USA
For schedule and info, go to www.eugenepride.org
Free admission!

WE DEMAND Conference
Saturday, August 27-7:30pm
Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver, BC
(We Demand-On August 28, 1971 over two hundred lesbian and gay activists gathered on Parliament Hill to demand the federal government bring an end to laws and practices that criminalized, marginalized, and stigmatized lesbians and gays. Acting in solidarity with their central Canadian allies, Vancouver activists staged the same action on the steps of their city’s Court House. It was the first recorded national political action undertaken by gay liberationists and lesbian feminist activists in Canada. “We Demand” marks the 40th anniversary of the 1971 action. The conference seeks to showcase current work on all aspects of the history of sexuality in Canada, from pre-contact to present times. The conference runs from August 25-28th.)

That’s it for now. Thank-you for reading my newsletter. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves out there! Thank-you again for all of your support and enthusiasm, in whatever form it comes….I appreciate it all because if it wasn’t for you, I would not be doing this! Have a fabulous summer. I hope see some of your smiling faces on my travels.
Until then, be well, be brave and follow your hearts.
Go Canucks.

Kate Reid-US Tour as we speak! :-)

Hello awesome folks.....all the way from the USA: What a whirlwind tour with Evalyn Parry! Phew! We had a great time....lots of fun shows and audiences and beautiful towns along the way. The people hosting us were gracious and lovely. Evalyn and I had some great laughs and good times. Both of us were exhausted at the end of the tour. We were on the road for nearly a month...packing in gigs in the evening and some school workshops during the day. I did a few school gigs on my own as well and had the pleasure of doing a concert in a highschool in Lindsay, Ontario, where groups from two highschools came to be a part of the audience. Both highschools have GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances) with many queer and queer-allied youth. They were so inspiring, so fabulous and so radical! I filled me with amazement and hope for the next generation. I felt so much gratitude to be able to perform for them... I also facilitated two workshops in another school in Fenelon Falls, Ontario where we discussed how women are portrayed in pop music through lyrics and video. These students were amazing! The discussions we had were enlightening and interesting. I am stunned by how intelligent, aware and articulate youth are these days....certainly very different from how I was in school..I was smoking cigarettes in the smoking area (yeah, we had a smoke pit at our school!) and was not much of a critical thinker. So, it was truly a joy for me to work with youth in this way. So, I was home for 24 hours (loving the greenery and the scent of the gardens in bloom in Vancouver) before packing up the RV and heading down into the US for a wee tour. I am in a Starbuck's in Washington right now, using their wi-fi and sending you this newsletter. I will tell you that my lovely partner, Maike (who is with me for this tour) and I stopped in at the mall in Bellingham, Washinton, to pick her up a couple of pairs of new jeans. We were walking by a shoe store and I spotted these rad black Converse sneakers with red trim....so cool! Here is a synopsis of the conversation that ensued: Me: Honey, do you think I need another pair of Converse? Maike: I'm not answering that. That's a loaded question. :-):-) Here are the US tour dates...I'm looking forward to seeing y'all down here in America again: Thursday, May 12th, 2011-7pm The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce/Main Street Conway WA 98238 USA Admission: suggested donation $15 Call 360-445-3000 or 360-424-8182 for more information Friday, May 13th, 2011-7-9pm Bipartisan Café 7901 SE Stark Street Portland OR 97215 USA Admission: No Cover Charge Call 503-253-1051 for more information Saturday, May 14th, 2011-7pm HotFlash Dance 1707 SE 1114th Court Vancouver WA 98664 USA Admission: $8.00 Call Pauline Miriam-503-252-9333, pauline@hotflashdances.com Wednesday, May 18th, 2011-9pm Cozmic Pizza 199 w. 8th Avenue Eugene OR 97401 USA Admission: $8.00 Call 541-338-9333 for more information Thursday, May 19th, 2011-8pm Café Flo 365 E. 6th Street Chico CA 95928-5630 USA Admission: $10.00 Call 530-402-7121 for more information Friday, May 20th, 2011-7-9pm Backstage Lounge 1209 Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz CA 95062 USA Admission: $10.00 - $15.00 Call 831-469-9900 Saturday, May 21st, 2011-8pm Viva La Vida OutDoor Amphitheater Amador County-Sierra Foothills Pioneer CA 95666 USA Price: $20.00 510-701-1813 for more information My 'Doin' it for The Chicks' Album is getting mixed this month....so exciting! It will be ready to go for my fall touring schedule. I can't wait for you to hear it! I think it kicks ass....just sayin'. :-) As for the family album (the one where I interviewed the kids, youth and adult children of LGBTQ parents): I have decided to work a little more on that album over the summer and winter months. I realized there were a few more songs that I wanted to write for that project. And, I realized that I was not ready to birth that project this year. I had a dream that told me that I still need to nuture this one a bit more before releasing it. So, I will release it in the spring of 2012. Come find me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube...I have uploaded a few new YouTube vids that you might enjoy. Thank-you for reading my newsletter. Hope all is well in your world. Have a fabulous spring! Be kind to yourselves....and enjoy. Katexo ps-I bought the Converse shoes. :-)

Kate Reid-Tour with Evalyn Parry, upcoming releases update, US Tour

Greetings Everyone- Hello and how are you all doing? Welcome to all of you who have joined in on my newsletter scene…thank-you for signing up! Spring is almost here....I finally raked our front garden and pruned, too: prepping for the new plants that will take root there soon. Lots of Blackbirds and Chickadees are singing and our resident Cooper’s Hawks have returned to the park across the street...a sure sign of warmer times...woohoo! And onto news of a musical nature…I am thrilled with the way both new recording projects are coming together! We recorded the “queer choir” last week, along with Mel Watson with her crazy horns on the kids’ project. The 'adult' album I am recording in Toronto is on the homestretch as far as the recording goes. I can’t wait for you all to hear the songs! I have been sharing unmixed and unfinished versions with a lot of my friends for their opinions and feedback and they are all loving what we have done so far…phew…I’m on the right track! And, a ridiculously huge and heartfelt thank-you to all of those who donated and sponsored a song for these projects! Thank-you for supporting what I do…your generosity has been incredible! If you still would like to donate to these projects, please check out the “buy” page of my website. Pre-sale of the new releases: We are now pre-selling both releases now. If you would like to make a pre-purchase, each cd costs $20 plus $3 for shipping and handling. All cds pre-purchased will be personalized and signed by me and mailed to your door, hot off the press…that is, as soon as we pick the shipment up from the manufacturer! You can either go to the “Buy” page on my website (katereid.net) and follow the instructions there or send a cheque or money order to: Kate Reid Box 410-2416 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2. Make sure you let me know which one(s) you want: the kids’ or adult project and who I sign them to. Thank-you in advance for your support…I hope these songs make your heart sing! Some of my excellent friends are hosting a house concert here in Vancouver, BC. I will be showcasing a lot of the new songs from both projects…here are the deets: House Concert Saturday, May 26th-8pm 4240 Beatrice St, Vancouver First come, first served-40 seats available. Email Tracy for tix: simpsig@yahoo.com I am touring with Evalyn Parry (www.evalynparry.com) this April and May...so fun! (Please note: all dates are with Evalyn except for four shows April 27-30.): Thursday, April 14-8pm Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir St) Vancouver, BC 604.681.1625 Friday, April 15-8pm Duncan Garage Showroom (201-330 Duncan St) Duncan, BC 250.748.7246 Saturday, April 16-8pm Joe's Garage (115 5th St) Courtenay, BC 250.702.6456 Sunday, April 17-8pm Solstice Café (529 Pandora St) Victoria, BC 250.475.0477 Thursday, April 21-8pm Jasper Legion (corner of Cedar and Gelkie Ave) Jasper, Alberta 780.852.3740 Friday, April 22-8pm Junction (10242-106 Street, NW) Edmonton, Alberta info@junctionedmonton.com/780.756.5667 Saturday, April 23-8pm Georgetown Pub (1101 Bow Valley Trail) Canmore, Alberta 403.678.3439 Monday, April 25-7:30pm Heroes-900 McGill Rd (2nd Floor-Campus Activity Centre) Thompson River University Kamloops, BC Wednesday, April 27-7pm (I'm solo for this show) Downtown Bookstore (945 2nd Ave, East) Owen Sound, Ontario 519.372.9760 For tix/info email Joan: jklbeec@bmts.com Thursday, April 28-8pm (I'm solo for this show) Little Bean (417 King St, West, Unit B1) Kitchener, Ontario 519.954.7872 For tix/info, email: Charmaine-littlebeancoffeebar@rogers.com Friday April 29th- 8pm (I’m solo for this show) Magnificent Hill Highland Grove, Ontario (Even if you can’t come and see this performance…come on down for the Nubian Goats…check out their website!!) http://web.mac.com/diane.doiron/Site_7/Magnificent_HIll.html Saturday, April 30-8pm (I’m solo for this show) House concert at Andrew & Andy's Belleville, Ontario For tix/info, email: Andrew-andrewsiddell@gmail.com or call 613.403.0295 Wednesday, May 4-7:30pm Zen Waffle Inn Waubaushene, Ontario For tix/info, call: 705.538.1463 Friday, May 6-8pm Pearl Company (16 Steven Street) Hamilton, Ontario 905.524.0606 Saturday, May 7-8pm Revolutions Night Club (14 Garrett Street) Kingston, Ontario 613.545.1591 For tix/info, email Pam-phavery@hotmail.com Sunday, May 8-8pm Acoustic Grill (172 Main St) Picton, Ontario 613.476.2882 Kate Reid - US Tour this coming May: I am doing shows in Washington, Oregon and California in May and will add these dates to my next newsletter...stay tuned! New Kate Reid t-shirts: “i’m just doing it for the chicks” and “my baby’s in the beer tent again”, both in black, are for sale on the “buy” page of my website…check ‘em out! That's it for now. Thanks so much for reading my newsletter. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves out there...be well and welcome in Spring in 12 days! Love, Katexo

January News-2011...a whole new decade and year!

Hello Everyone out there: Here we are in a new year, new decade....wishing a happy and expansive 2011 to you all! I hope your year has got off to a rocking start. Admittedly, I do love those last couple of weeks in December...it was definitely awesome down-time. I even went snowboarding which I have only done once or twice since I moved to Vancouver...and it was so fun! Time off is groovy for the soul but it does make getting back to work somewhat of a transition, I must say. But, here I am, slammed in the middle of two major recording projects and loving it. There is so much to tell about the songs but I really should just save all that chat and just tell you that I am very proud of my new songs and thrilled with the production of both albums so far. I have been working with two awesome producers and a host of stellar musicians, too…such a cool thing that is! Here's an update for you on the progress of the albums: The family album which I am recording in Vancouver (well, Coquitlam, to be exact!) has ten songs recorded and we still have 2-4 left to record. I have to do harmonies and harmonica on a couple of tunes. Mel Watson (of the former all-women band from Australia, FRUIT) will be adding her brass and woodwind genius to a few songs. And, (this part rocks!), I'm putting together a choir of queer youth from Vancouver and the surrounding cities along with some of the children from my community to sing back-up harmonies on a few songs as well! There will be a surprise cover tune on this one as well that I couldn’t resist adding to the mix…that song title will remain a secret, though until the album’s release. For my other album, I am in the studio in Toronto as we speak and have been for almost two weeks, working full days to get this project cranked out, too. I think I told you a few of the family album titles in my last newsletter so here are a few of the titles from this album: Revolution, Captain Cupcake and the Cambie Hotel, Closet Femme, Crying Holy, Ain’t No Drama Queen, I’m Just Doing it for the Chicks, When I Was a Little Boy, My Baby’s in the Beer Tent Again and another surprise….a Zeppelin cover which shall also remain nameless until the release. We arranged it a little differently than ol’ Robert Plant and Jimmy Page did, though….our version is SO WAY better! If you want to be a part of these awesome recordings, here’s how: Opportunity #1 For a purchase of $1,000.00 you will receive: An autographed CD shipped to your door prior to the release date An autographed poster A Kate Reid t-shirt Two tickets to any show in 2011 in Canada/USA One of the new songs dedicated to you in the cd liner notes Opportunity #2 For a purchase of $2,000.00 you will receive: All of the above, plus: A YouTube home video of me performing your song for you. I will send you the link and post it on my YouTube page. Opportunity #3 –THIS OPPORTUNITY HAS BEEN PURCHASED…yaay! For a purchase of $3,000.00 you will receive: All of the above, plus: my autographed guitar that I performed with between 2005-2007 Remember, there are a limited number of songs so if you are inspired to be a part of this, all opportunities are on a first come, first served basis! Upcoming tours/shows: I have a few shows booked for the next couple of months. My full cd release tour and other dates will be confirmed as we get closer to spring. As well, you can always check my website or facebook for updates. Sunday, Jan. 30-8pm Café Montemartre-Thundering Word 4362 Main Street (at 28th) Vancouver, BC Tues. Feb. 8th -8pm Hugh’s Room 2261 Dundas Street, West Toronto, ON Saturday, February 12th-8pm The ARTery 9535 Jasper Ave, NW Edmonton AB 780.441.6966 / 780.441.6966 Thursday, February 24th-8pm Music in the Lake 309 South Shore Rd-Lower Centennial Hall Lake Cowichan, BC For info, email David Lowther: without_a_net@shaw.ca Saturday, February 26th-7:30pm Rhizome Café-Our Voices -An evening for Screaming Weenie Productions (screamingweenie.com) and Our Spaces (ourspaces.ca) 317 East Broadway Vancouver, BC Friday, Feb. 25-8pm House Concert Address TBA Sooke (Vancouver Island), BC For tix and info, email: shirley@mysticmeadows.ca Friday, March 4th-9pm Cafe Montemartre-with Tim Readman 4362 Main Street at 28th Vancouver, BC 604.874.8895 This show is ALL AGES. Wednesday, April 27th-8pm House Concert Address TBA Owen Sound, ON For tickets and info, email Joan Beecroft: jklbeec@bmts.com Friday, May 6th-8pm Pearl Company 16 Steven Street Hamilton, ON 905-524-0606 / 905-524-0606 Saturday, May 7th-8pm House Concert Address TBA Kingston, ON For tickets and info, email Pam Havery: phavery@hotmail.com That’s it for now, folks! I hope all is well in your respective worlds. I’m having a grand time! I keep you in my mind when I write: trying to make sure I say what I need to say for myself and also what needs to be said for others. Thank-you all for your tireless support and enthusiasm about my work. Without you, my life as a musician would not exist. Of that, I am fully aware. Over and out from the snowy, slushy city that is Toronto…. Love, Katexo

Kate Reid's November Newsletter 2010

Greetings Everyone- I hope you are all well and rockin’ your lives, doing what you love doing! You have all provided such grand inspiration for me and it is because of all of you that I continue to be inspired to write and sing. Because you are a member of my fan community, I want you to be a part of my next two albums to be released in spring of 2011! Below is an exclusive opportunity for you to participate in the release of these upcoming albums: Opportunity #1 - for a purchase of $1,000.00 you will receive: An autographed CD shipped to your door prior to the release date An autographed poster A Kate Reid t-shirt Two tickets to any show in 2011 in Canada/USA One of the new songs dedicated to you in the cd liner notes Opportunity #2 - for a purchase of $2,000.00 you will receive: All of the above, plus: A Youtube home video of me performing your song for you. I will send you the link and post it on my YouTube page. Opportunity #3 - for a purchase of $3,000.00 you will receive: All of the above, plus: My autographed guitar, that I performed with between 2005-2007 (As I have one guitar to give-away, this is only available to the first person who chooses this opportunity!) Remember, there are a limited number of songs so if you are inspired to be a part of this, know that all opportunities are on a first come, first served basis. A bit about the songs: one album is the follow-up to my 2009 release, “I’m Just Warming Up” that will include these and other titles: “When I Was A Little Boy”, “My Baby’s in the Beer Tent Again”, “I’m Just Doing it for the Chicks”. The second album is a very-dear-to-my-heart project where I have interviewed kids and their LGBTQ parents. I am composing songs inspired by their lives. Some of the song titles on this album include: “Radical Donor Dad”, “Tummy Mommy”, “Sister from Another Mister/Brother From Another Mother” and “Queer Across Canada”. This will be the first album of it’s kind, anywhere. You can be a part of musical history with me! Decide which album you want to be a part of then go to the “BUY” page of my website to purchase your opportunity. www.katereid.net I wouldn’t be doing this without all of you so, THANK-YOU so much! Your enthusiasm and presence at my shows fuel me. Your stories and experiences move me. I see your faces in my mind and say “thank-you” for being who you are: for your spirit, your energy, your smiles, laughter and tears at my shows, your emails and Facebook messages, your support and kind words. As a friend of mine says, you inspire me to “kick ass and agitate the masses”! I would also like to extend a heart-felt welcome to all of my new fans and appreciative listeners in the USA. Thank-you for coming to my shows over the past month and for joining my fan community! Please have an amazing rest of 2010...make it count for the end of the decade: take a risk of something you’ve always wanted to do. Do something that challenges you…afterall, as David Whyte said in his poem, All the True Vows: There is only one life you can call your own and a thousand others you can call by any name you want. Hold to the truth you make every day with your own body, don't turn your face away. Over and out from my home in Vancouver. Love, Katexo

Kate Reid's October 2010 Newsletter: upcoming 2011 releases, US tour and more! :-)

Greetings Everyone- How are you all doing? I hope life is treating you well. If you are new to my email community, then a hearty welcome to you! If email is too old-fashioned for you and you prefer social networking, then Facebook me, Tweet me and we’ll connect. I do make a point of answering all messages so I promise you that your efforts to connect won’t go unanswered! I am excited....I will be sending out information in my next newsletter about my upcoming recordings! I will be in the studio all winter working on two new albums: my kids' album and a follow-up to “I'm Just Warming Up”....so stay tuned for that newsletter......Actually, as we speak, I just got the mixes for “Tummy Mommy” and “Radical Donor Dad” from my kids' album sent to me via email from my producer, Adam Popowitz, in Vancouver...they sound great! Yaay! And, in fact, I am currently in Toronto and just spent my first day in the studio here working on three songs for my “adult” album...it's so much fun!! Back to the rest of the newsletter....a word about my first tour out to the Maritimes this past fall. It was fun, albeit challenging, at times. I started off in Ontario and did a bunch of great gigs around the Peterborough-Belleville-Kingston area and a gig in London. Then, I packed up my rental car and headed east to the windy provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I played a string of fun gigs in both provinces including one not-so-hot gig in a tiny café in New Brunswick where I made a shameful 19 bucks in change and a case of beer! A guy in the audience (who, incidentally, was one of 6 people present, 2 of which were my friends!) happened to be a rep for Molson who felt sorry for me...so he gave a voucher that I could redeem at any beer store in NB. Seriously, it can get pretty glam on the road sometimes.....! ;-) One of my favourite shows was in a tiny town called Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia at a charming club called Fables. It's run by this very friendly, politically-minded and slightly eccentric couple of ex-pats who put me up for the night in their awesome house with their four, cute-as-hell, golden labs and a cranky potbelly pig named “Pourquoi”. I meet cool people on my travels, indeed. This just came my way yesterday: a fun review of my 2009 release, “I'm Just Warming Up” by music blogger/reviewer, Jeffrey Morgan in Detroit....this guy is a riot! Scroll down to “Sizzling Platter of the Week”: http://www.jeffreymorgan.info/ Upcoming West Coast USA Tour: here are the dates for my first tour in the USA! Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 Green Frog Acoustic Tavern 104 - 902 N State Street Bellingham WA 98225-5089 USA 360-756-1213 Thursday, November 4th, 2010 House Concert-7:00PM 1707 SE 114th Court Vancouver WA 98664 USA 503-252-9333 Friday, November 5th, 2010 The Conway Muse-8:00PM 18444 Spruce/Main Street Conway WA 306-445-3000 Saturday, November 6th, 2010 Mandolin café-6:00-8:00PM 3923 S. 12th Street Tacoma WA 98405-1508 USA 253-761-3482 Sunday, November 7th, 2010 Jewelbox Theatre-with Travelin'Light (Mel Watson & Corbin Keep)-7:30PM 2322 - 2nd Avenue Seattle WA USA 206-441-5823 Price: $15.00 Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 Haven Coffee-7:00PM 3551 SE Division Street Portland OR 97202 USA 503-236-6890 Price: $10.00 Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 Cozmic Pizza 199 W. 8th Avenue Eugene OR 97401 USA 541-338-9333 Price: $10.00 Friday, November 12th, 2010 Caffe Trieste-Womengig-8PM 2500 San Pablo Avenue Berkley CA 94702-2013 USA 510-548-5198 Price: $10-15 Saturday, November 13th, 2010 Cafe Flo-7:00-10:00PM 365 E 6th Street Chico CA 95928-5630 USA 530-402-7121 Price: $10.00 Sunday, November 14th, 2010 Sutter Creek Theater-4:00PM 44 Main Street Sutter Creek CA 95685 USA 916-425-0077 Price: $16 adv / $18 day of show Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 Don Quixote's International Music Hall-7:30PM 6275 Highway 9 Downtown Felton CA 95018 USA For Reservations: 831-603-2294 Price: $10 adv./$10 door seated Upcoming Home Shows with Ivan Coyote: I have teamed up with award-winning Vancouver writer, Ivan Coyote for some shows here in British Columbia before taking our show on the road next spring. These will be special performances that will combine Ivan’s moving and often hilarious storytelling with my songs-some you have heard and some that you haven’t. We are performing at two sweet, intimate venues to start off…here are the deets: Friday, Dec. 10th-8pm Solstice Café-529 Pandora Street, Victoria Tix at the door $15-20 Saturday, Dec. 11-8pm Rhizome Café-317 Broadway (across from Kingsgate Mall), Vancouver, BC Tix at the door $15-20 Get 'em in advance at Rhizome or email: management@katereid.net: or call: 604.317.8872 YouTube: For those of you who are YouTube gluttons, I am posting more vids up on my site. Some are “live” vids from various performances and some are me and my guitar in my living room in Vancouver. Come hang with me on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/user/KateReidMusic Spencer Harrison: A friend of mine in Toronto named Spencer Harrison is doing important work with his art. I have mentioned him before in my newsletters and also have posted links on Facebook about his work. In light of the much-publicized teen suicides in the LGBT communities across North America, it is increasingly important that the media takes notice of artists like Spencer so that values of acceptance and pride in who we are can spread throughout our society. Spencer is involved in a process whereby he needs votes in order to secure funding for the next phase of his work. If you are interested in voting and have a few minutes to spare, please check out this link to help Spencer : http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/iddeas/acf6862 and the “idea number” is ACF6862. A final thought/feeling: A friend of mine passed away a couple of days ago from major health complications. His name was Victor Reece and he was an incredible Tsimshian mask carver who lived on Pender Island in British Columbia. (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlXwcV4Bfx8 ).Victor was doing his soul work. Finally, after all those years of being stuck and afraid, I am doing mine. Are you doing yours? Are you doing the things that bring you joy and passion...listening to those things that burn inside of you? I hope that all of you out there are living amazing lives....you are amazing people! Take your hat off in the wind, take a deep breath in, let the rain or the snow fall on your face....enjoy the changing of the seasons. Thank-you for joining me on this journey! Much love to you all...I will see you again soon, Katexo

Kate Reid's Newsletter-Fall 2010

Hello Friends and folk music lovers: How are you all? I hope you are all well. Welcome to those of you who just joined my email community! It's nice to have you onboard! And, a huge thank-you to those of you who send me enthusiastic emails....I love hearing from you....it always makes my day! :-) Autumn is around the corner and I always feel a mixture of feelings about it: sadness that summer is coming to a close, excitement about cooking with orange vegetables (I know, weird!) like pumpkin, carrots, yams etc, anticipation about my upcoming adventures on the road (also, there is trepidation there, too, I must admit!), some age-old fear about surviving the oncoming winter and relief that with the change of season comes a time to slow down a bit and spend more time inside writing and finishing the songs for my next album. I just finished putting together a huge crockpot of stew complete with a large can of Guinness and a few slugs of red wine for extra kick...seems appropriate for this dismal day in rainy Vancouver! And now, after procrastinating in the kitchen, I am finally sitting down at my computer to write you this newsletter. I leave tomorrow for my tour out east so once I am done this letter, it's time to pack! Here's a bit about my summer and also my upcoming shows. Highlights of summer 2010- There were so many highlights of this past summer, it will be hard to tell them all. But two come to mind right off the top: Islands Folk Festival and Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Wow! I had an incredible time at both festivals! Islands is a sweet little festival in Duncan, BC (Vancouver Island) that is very family friendly and held on a beautiful working farm called Providence Farm. I did a number of sets throughout in the weekend, all of which I got standing ovations for....that was so cool! As well, I had the pleasure of hooking up with Vancouver's well-known and well-loved writer and performer, Ivan Coyote. We did a rather impromptu show together that had 'em weeping and laughing in the aisles! Again, a standing “o” for Ivan and I....it was a a magical weekend. Ivan and I had so much fun together that we are working together on a tour for next year that will combine her story-telling with my songwriting. Stay tuned for more info about that in the upcoming months. Edmonton Folk Music Festival was equally amazing, for different reasons. The sheer size of this festival is impressive and the community of committed and friendly volunteers made me feel like I was working with a close-knit family. Again, I did several sets over the weekend including a live CBC spot with Peter Brown and a live spot with CKUA's Tom Coxworth. This was great fun. I had so much fun doing workshops with Dala, Tanya Tagaq and Celina Kalluk, Shamik, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Jeff Stuart, Diana Jones, Patrick Watson, Lucas Chaisson, and The Waifs. The energy and collaboration that I shared with these folks on stage was inspiring and exciting. It was incredible to play my music to thousands of people who had never heard it before and also to many who know me well. Being a part of the folk festival circuit is a dream come true. Every time I walk onto a festival site with my gear, I think back to the times long before I began my life as a musician when I would attend festivals as a volunteer or as a festival patron and dream about playing on those stages. I also had the pleasure of playing a number of PRIDE festivals, including Regina, Grey Bruce (Ontario), Toronto, Campbell River and most recently, Saltspring Island. Each of these events were awesome and for sure, the best part for me is seeing people celebrating our amazing diversity and being proud of exactly who they are. I love that! (And, an aside...the outfits people wear are to die for, I must say. I learn a lot about fashion and accessorizing at PRIDE events!) New Albums- Amidst touring and festivals and working on the music biz, I continue to work on songs for my upcoming album. I am just about done...I need to write 2 or 3 more songs and then I will start recording. To entice you, some of the new song titles are: I'm Just Doing it For the Chicks, Close to the Water, When I Was a Little Boy, Gonna Be a Revolution, Captain Cupcake and the Cambie Hotel, Auto and Andy, Crying Holy and of course, the “live” favourite, My Baby's in the Beer Tent Again. Once I am back from tour this fall, I plan to be going into the studio to start recording. I will be starting fundraising efforts again in the fall for this album so if you are interested in helping me out by buying me some studio time, stay tuned...there are several options for donating! Once I finish writing the songs for this album, I will get back to work at my album of songs for kids who have queer families. This project will be fun, indeed: the interviews were interesting and inspiring and I know that recording this one will no doubt be a riot! Fall Tour (Ontario and The Maritimes)- I am excited to be going out on tour for the next few weeks. It will be my first time touring in the Maritimes...I am looking forward to that! I haven't been there since I was on a camping trip there back in 1990! More details are on my website (www.katereid.net). For most events, you can get tix at the door or by contacting the respective emails below for tix to the house concerts. Here are my dates...I would love to see you at a show. Also, please pass them on to people who might be interested: Saturday, Sept. 18-8pm London Music Club (We are recording this show “live” for a live album!) 470 Colbourne Street, London, ON Wed. Sept. 22nd-8pm The Spill-Open Mic Night-hosted by Kate Reid 414 George St., N, Peterborough, ON (Arrive before 8pm to sign up for a slot!) Thursday, Sept. 23-8pm Kingston House Concert Kingston, ON For tix and info: phavery@hotmail.com Friday, Sept. 24-8pm Peterborough PRIDE Women's Dance The Lion's Centre Peterborough, ON For tix and info: michelle.r@cogeco.ca Sunday, Sept. 26-afternoon show: 2-4pm Peterborough House Concert Peterborough, ON For tix and info: michelle.r@cogeco.net Wednesday, Sept. 29: 7-9pm Bridge Street Cafe 8 Bridge Street, Mount Allison University Sackville, New Brunswick Thursday, Sept. 30-9:30pm Plan B 212 St. George Street Moncton, New Brunswick Friday, Oct. 1: 7:30-9:30pm Fables 259 Main Street Tatagamouche Nova Scotia Saturday, Oct. 2-9pm Boom Nighclub 474 Queen St Fredericton, New Brunswick Sunday, Oct. 3-7:30-9:30pm Pump Nightclub 507 Main Street Saint John, New Brunswick Friday, Oct. 8-8pm Union Street Cafe 183 Commercial Street Berwick, Nova Scotia Saturday, Oct. 9-8pm (with Bonnie Ste-Croix) 2202 Gottingen Street Halifax, Nova Scotia Wednesday, Oct. 13-8pm National Arts Centre of Canada-Fourth Stage 53 Elgin Street Ottawa, ON For tix: www.nac-cna.ca Thursday, Oct. 14-8:30pm La Caravane 4500 Chemin Capelton-Route 108 North Hatley, Esterie, Quebec 819-842-2364 USA dates: I am doing some dates in the US during November....yaaay! So far, the dates below are confirmed. I will have more details and info for these and other shows in the US in my next email. Or, you can always check my websites for updates! Saturday, November 6 Mandolin Cafe-3923 S 12th St. Tacoma Washington Sunday, November 7 The Jewelbox Theatre-with Travelin' Light 2322 2nd Ave, Seattle, Washington Friday, November 12 Caffe Trieste-Womengig 2500 San Pablo Ave Berkley, California Saturday, November 13 Cafe Flo 365 E6th Ave Chico, California So here's a little story here that I am going to interject into my newsletter because it just happened and it's sweet: I am sitting at my desk writing this email and the doorbell rings and it's the young woman who came to pick up a bunch of boxes of paperwork from my partner's company that were piled up in our garage. I tell her to drive around back through the alley to the second garage. I meet her back there and she gets out of her big truck and thanks me for helping direct her down the alley. She says, “Yeah, it looked like a tight squeeze in there and unlike the guys I work with, I like to take care of my truck.” I help her stack the 25 boxes of paperwork into the back of her cube van. She's young....probably in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair in a ponytail, she's wearing her shredder company uniform and she's very friendly. She comments on the “Willkommen” sign we have hanging by our front door, saying that it's cute and she likes the fisherman's motif of the welcome sign. I said, “Yeah, my partner is from Germany and we just spent three weeks visiting her relatives who live near the North Sea. We went a little crazy in the trinket shop.” She then said that her grandparents were German. We kept stacking and then she did up the invoice and told me to sign and date it in a few places. As I was signing, she said, “So, you mentioned your partner was a “her”....so, you're lesbian, eh?” I said, “Yeah”. Then, she leaned back on her foot and thought for a bit and said, “Whoa. That must be awesome for shopping for clothes, eh? I mean....it would kind of be like shopping with your girlfriend.” I laughed and said, “Yeah, it is kinda like shopping with my girlfriend." Then, she said, “Cool. Well, thanks. See you later”. What a riot! She was so earnest and matter-of-fact about it. I laughed outloud to myself as I walked back to the house. Well, that's it from my computer desk. I hope you are enjoying yourselves out there and living well! See you on the road sometime, I hope. Again, thanks for reading and for listening to my music. I appreciate all of your support and enthusiasm....all the time. Over and out, Katexo

Kate Reid's Big News

Hello Everyone- First of all, if you are new to my email list, a big welcome to you...thank-you so much for joining! How are you all doing out there? I am well, I must say...loving the green and the fragrant air of spring hree in Vancouver. It just gets into my heart. I have been in the garden. Yesterday, I dumped manure and mixed it all in and then planted some onions, mint and various flowers. I have discovered that I can wear one shoe to help with the shoveling and have the other foot bare to feel the soil...that way, I only have one dirty foot to wash when I come inside! Like last year, I am on a mission to plant a veggie garden in our front yard, complete with corn this year... And, I have been doing a ton of writing...I have a whole bunch of new songs and seriously, they just keep coming...what's going on here? It's so much fun and of course, for me, the endless worrier, quite a relief that I can still piece words and music together from the depths of my bizarre mind and wondering heart and come up with songs! Here are some of the titles...just to give you a wee idea of what's cooking: I'm Just Doing it for the Chicks, Boy's Club, Crying Holy, Traveling Light, Auto and Andy, Tie One On and Tie the Knot, Captain Cupcake and the Cambie Hotel, to name a few. I must say it helps to have a brand, new guitar...with whom I am in love. For those of you who are into guitars, it's a Martin...and I love it...you know, a new guitar is a really good thing. Yahoo! Before I begin with my news, I want to invite you to a house concert being hosted in our home here in Vancouver. Here are the details below: Patricia Sereno in Concert-Saturday, May 15 Patricia will be performing her beautiful, original compositions on her Harp. The show starts at 7pm and tix are $20-all proceeds go to Patricia in support of funding her upcoming recording. If you would like to attend, please email me back asap. We will provide the appies and the atmosphere. Bring your own drinks and enjoy an evening of sweet music by the fire in our livingroom! Yukon Tour: So, where do I start about the Yukon? My tour up there was incredible on many levels: the people, the space, the absolute beauty of the land...I had an amazing time up there. The hosts of the house concerts were so generous and hospitable. Thank-you to all of you who hosted the shows...it was great to meet you and share dinners with you! The folks that came out to the shows were so fun...thank-you to all of you who came out to see me sing my songs....and a huge shout out to the folks in Whitehorse and Dawson for your collective free spirits and raucous appreciativeness...is that word? (For the record, I learned that Whitehorse has the highest number of lesbians per capita in Canada...can that be true?? I for one, what aghast! Imagine my pleasant suprise....:-) Anyways, I'm digressing....besides the shows, here are just a few of the many highlights from my trip: I met some amazing folks in Teslin who run a great summer vacation spot called Dawson Peaks Resort. I went to Liard Hotsprings with my host from Watson Lake and we saw a Bison herd on the road, a Northern Hawk Owl and many Rough-Legged Hawks. I saw Caribou driving back to Whitehorse, licking salt off the highway. This friendly, wild, old, mountain-cabin-dweller dude took me for a crazy dog-mush way out in the mountains near Annie Lake...within seconds of starting the run, I was on my face in the crusty snow wondering how the rest of the ride was going to be...it was a riot! I met a family way out in Haines Junction whose daughters play banjo and guitar-they are 7 and 12 years old! I drove with Remi, their 7 year old, out to Sheep Mountain to watch the Mountain Sheep come in for summer grazing. The Ravens in Whitehorse are devilish and amazing birds to watch. I saw many Eagles! I met a lovely lesbian couple in Carmacks (the only ones in that tiny town) who moved up north from Kingston, Ontario. I went to Dawson...a town that seems like it hasn't changed much since the days of the gold rush. The streets are dirt and there are boardwalks for sidewalks. The host of the show there took me to two of the local watering holes: Bombay Peggy's and The Pit. I flew to Old Crow, the most northern community in the territory and felt the anticipation of the people there who wait for the Caribou to come in every spring. I learned about many of the signs of spring in the Yukon: the Trumpeter and Tundra Swans that return by the thousands every year to mate (I saw these beautiful birds at a place called Swan Haven outside of Whitehorse...so much noise!!), the fuzzy crocuses that pop up through the brown grass, the Seagulls returning, the mud (!), the rivers breaking up(and the "river pools"-where people bet on when the river's ice will give away...I saw this on a sign-up sheet posted in the grocery store in Old Crow!), the Porcupine Caribou herd that numbers in the thousands that comes across the lands outside of Old Crow...I saw five Caribou while hiking with friends up on the mountain behind Old Crow, and the light...I couldn't believe it! The increase of daylight everyday was so significant, I noticed it's increasing presence each day! So many things I saw and felt in the Yukon. I don't know how many times I heard the story, "I came up for a couple of months in the summer and I never left..." It is a truly magical place. If any of you ever feel the pull to go up there, go for it. A huge thank-you to Home Routes in Winnipeg for organizing the tour and sending me up there! Upcoming Shows, Tours and Festivals: This Saturday, May 8th - Rhizome Cafe (This is an all-ages show!) With Ottawa's Chris MacLean and Vancouver's Eirene Cloma Chris' album, "Feet Be Still" won two awards at the 2008 Ontario Council of Folk Festival Conference 317 East Broadway, Vancouver Tix at the door: $10-15 sliding scale Showtime: 8pm (Come early for dinner and a good seat...Rhizome is a warm space!) Ontario Tour- I'm heading to Ontario do some a bit of touring in May-June. As well, I have been putting together a workshop about homophobia, writing and music for schools. I will be doing a few of these workshops in several schools while I am in Ontario in May. I am looking forward to hanging out with the kids and doing some neat stuff there. Here are my upcoming dates and venues (there are more details on my website, if you want more info): May 20-Syndeham United Church Kingston, ON May 25-ShishKabob Hut Peterborough, ON May 26-The Splice Restuarant and Lounge Peterborough, ON May 27-The Gladstone Hotel Toronto, ON May 28-Lion's Hall (Women's Dance) Peterborough, ON June 25-London Music Club 470 Colbourne Street London, ON PRIDES and Folk Festivals- Campbell River PRIDE Walk Away From Homophobia Day Monday, May 17th, 5-8pm Spirit Square, Campbell River, BC Regina PRIDE Saturday, June 19 With Jeffery Straker Regina, SK Grey Bruce PRIDE Sunday, June 20th-2pm Harrison Park Picnic Shelter Owen Sound, ON Toronto PRIDE-Dyke Day Saturday, July 3-daytime event Prince George PRIDE July 6-8-various events Prince George, BC Islands Folk Festival, Duncan, British Columbia July 23-25 Edmonton Folk Music Festival August 5-8 That's it for now. I hope all is well in your respective worlds. Thanks for reading! Over and out..... Love, Katexo Voted Fave New Discovery of 2009 - Penguin Eggs Magazine critics. Sweet. 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee, New/Emerging Artist of the Year. www.katereid.net www.myspace.com/katereidacoustic www.youtube.com/katereidmusic www.sonicbids.com/katereid2

Kate Reid's Big News

Hello Excellent Folk Fans: Well, it's been a while, people! How are you all? I hope you are well. I must say, I've been hibernating...and loving it. But, I am glad spring is here....time to start moving again. I can't wait to get in the garden but that will have to wait for another month because I am leaving for the Yukon this Thursday...more on that later. Let's jump in.... Whenever I doubt myself or think I should just "shut-up already" when I sing about being a lesbian and such related experiences, I am regularily reminded of the importance of what I do. Just today, I received an email from a youth who connected with me because he is struggling with being gay and is not out to his parents. I met him at a performance a while back and he emailed, asking to talk with me. Then, I was on YouTube a couple of hours ago when I came across all of these incredibly disturbing and idiotic anti-LGBT videos. As well, I am sure many of you have heard about Constance McMillen, the young woman in Mississippi whose highschool has cancelled their prom because she wants to attend with her girlfriend as her date and she wants to wear a tux. Her struggle continues. I get emails from people who find my music out there and thank me for doing what I am doing. I have connected with a very inspiring man I met at a festival last summer who does amazing work as the artist-in-residence at a George Vanier Secondary Highschool in Ontario. His name is Spencer Harrison and he combines art with LGBT awareness-raising and discussion. Check out this video-it is very moving. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zdmcNrZ_KI. I know a teenaged girl who got in trouble for wearing a necktie (can you believe it??) on picture day...the photographer wouldn't take her picture. Needless to say, she got the support of her school administration and got her photo done. This cool girl has posters in her locker of of Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Libby Davies (East Van's NDP MP) and me! What a riot! Anyways, it always makes me think that the fight for visibility and acceptance is far from over. It is especially true for our youth who are struggling to find themselves amidst all the social pressures of school and family. There are two really great camps out there that I know of for LGBT youth: Camp FyreFly (http://www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca) and Camp Ten Oaks (http://www.tenoaksproject.org). Pass it on! I want to update you on my latest tour info and a couple of other things so if you're ready, here we go! I spent a week down in New Mexico at an incredible place called the New Mexico Women's Retreat. I stayed in an adobe casita (constructed by women) and spent the week writing and hiking in the 1,000 acres of desert. I came back to Vancouver with 7 new songs under my belt! For any women interested, here is the link: http://www.nmwomensretreat.com. Jae is the woman who manages the land and does the bookings for the retreat. Truly inspiring. My good friend, Tim Readman posted a video on YouTube and I am his back-up woman on guitar, harmonica and vocals. Tim's a mainstay on the Vancouver folk scene and has been involved with various bands and projects. He wrote a song called, "The Only Man with the Lesbians", a true story and a fun song about coming to one of my gigs here in Vancouver. If you want to see the vid, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtzN4h1Oir0. Shows, Tours and Festivals: Saturday, May 8th - Rhizome Cafe with Ottawa's Chris MacLean and Vancouver's Eirene Cloma Chris' album, "Feet Be Still" won two awards at the 2008 Ontario Council of Folk Festival Conference 317 East Broadway, Vancouver Tix at the door: $10-15 sliding scale Showtime: 8pm (Come early for dinner and a good seat!) Yukon Tour- Yes, the Yukon! I have been looking forward to this one for a while! I am doing a 11-date house concert circuit put on by a company out of Winnipeg called Home Routes. The tour will take me to Whitehorse, Dawson City, Watson Lake, Haines Junction, Teslin, Carmacks and Old Crow, a fly-in community north of Dawson City. The tour runs from April 10-23 so if you happen to know anyone up there who might enjoy my music, pass them Tim Osmond's email for ticket and show info: tim@homeroutes.ca. Tim can also be reached at 1.866.925.6889 ext. 207. Ontario Tour- I will be doing some shows in Ontario tour in May-June. Here are the dates and venues so far (there are more details on my website, if you want more info): May 22-Carrigan Arms Burlington, ON May 25-ShishKabob Hut Peterborough, ON May 26-The Splice Restuarant and Lounge Peterborough, ON May 28-Lion's Hall (Women's Dance) Peterborough, ON June 25-London Music Club 470 Colbourne Street London, ON Festivals: I am performing at Edmonton Folk Music Festival (Edmonton, Alberta) this summer. The festival runs from August 5-8. Yahoo. I am performing at Islands Folk Festival (Duncan, British Columbia) this summer. The festival runs from July 23-25. Yahoo again. Get your PRIDE on, people! I'm performing at a few PRIDE festivals...big and small..so rad! As more details come in, I will post them on my website. For now, it is confirmed that I will be performing at the following: Campbell River PRIDE Walk Away From Homophobia Day Monday, May 17th, 5-8pm Spirit Square, Campbell River, BC Regina PRIDE Saturday, June 19 With Jeffery Straker Regina, SK Grey Bruce PRIDE Sunday, June 20th-2pm Harrison Park Picnic Shelter Owen Sound, ON Toronto PRIDE-Dyke Day Saturday, July 3-daytime event Prince George PRIDE July 6-8-various events Prince George, BC This is super cool...Penguin Eggs (Canada's Folk, Roots and World Music Magazine) voted me as their Favourite New Discovery of 2009. Linkage right here: http://www.penguineggs.ab.ca/peggs.php?page=albumoftheyear If you're into folk music, Penguin Eggs is a great mag. Here's the link to the latest issue: http://www.penguineggs.ab.ca/peggs.php?page=thisissue I also got another great review of my cd in HERizons magazine but damnit, I can't find the link. :-/ Thanks to Penni(editor) and Cindy (music reviewer)! For those of you who love social networking, yes, I'm on Facebook! I have a regular page, not a "fan" page, so if you are inclined, I post gigs and updates there regularly...so come and find me! I also am on Twitter...good grief...who comes up with these names? If you want to follow me there, feel free! Well, I think that's it for now. Thanks so much for sticking with me. I truly appreciate it. Keep on keeping on out there. Keep filling up your souls with fresh air, music and earth energy. Over and out, Katexo

Kate Reid's New Years News

Warm greetings to all of you- How are you all doing? I hope you have had a restful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday season! I have some news and a few shows planned for this winter but mainly for the next couple of months, I am writing...there's a ton of ideas brewing in my brain. I am currently working on several songs for a new album and also have finished 2 new songs for the kids' album that I am interviewing, researching and composing for....it's really exciting! It feels great (and a relief, I must say!) to feel the creative urge surging inside of me after working, for the most part lately, on the business side of being an independent artist! So, my creative soul is filling up...getting a handle on one of my new year's resolutions: to spend more time writing songs! :-) Here are some things I would like to share with all of you. Upcoming Shows: Friday, January 8th - 8pm The Communitea (#117-1001 6th Ave, Canmore AB) $12 in advance/$15 at the door (www.thecommunitea.com) With Cori Brewster and Lori Reid (The Fates) Saturday, January 9th - 8pm Nickelodeon Music Club (Cres. Heights Community Hall-1101 2nd St.,NW, Calgary AB) Price: $20.00 in advance (www.thenick.ca) Opening for Bill Bourne and Madagascar Slim Sunday, January 10th - 8pm Money Pennies (1742 10th Ave, SW, Calgary AB) $12 in advance/$15 at the door With Toni Vere Sunday, January 17th - 8pm Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir St.Vancouver BC) $10 for non-members/$8 for members With Ann Vriend Sunday, January 31st - 7:30pm Cafe Montemartre-Thundering Word (Main and 27th, Vancouver BC) By donation (I love this event produced by Bill and Wanda...it's always lots of fun and Bill and Wanda are super sweet folks! I never turn them down when they ask me to perform, if I can help it!) Radioplay: Many of you have been emailing or phoning me and telling me that you are hearing my songs being played on GALAXIE Satellite Radio and it's true. Roch Parisien, the programmer, has been spinning my album so much that it made the Top 40 Canadian albums of 2009! Also, THIS WAY OUT Radio, in California chose my album as one of the Top Ten albums of 2009. This Way Out is an internationally syndicated Lesbian/ Gay/Bi/Queer/Trans station that keeps us informed of LGBTQT issues around the world, activism, music and more. JD Doyle is the programmer and a great guy! Press: I was recently interviewed by Tim Readman for Penguin Eggs magazine, Canada's folk music magazine. If you are interested in reading the article, the link is below. (My name was on the front of the magazine...right beside Dolly Parton's...my brush with fame! :-) http://www.penguineggs.ab.ca/peggs.php?page=samplestory Curve Magazine, a lesbian glossy mag from the USA, also did a review of my cd, along with Catie Curtis and Sarah Bettens as the one of the top three albums from 2009 to buy. I don't have the link and it's not posted on their website yet, but hard copies of the mag can be found in alternative bookstores and major chain stores like Chapters. Live Performance Vids: Stephen Emery has filmed and posted a video of me performing "Uncharted Territory" on Facebook. I will be posting it on my website. Grant Slavin filmed me singing "Truckdriver" and "The Only Dyke at the Open Mic" in Prince George at Artspace back in November, 2009. It's up on my website. New song recording: Some of you may have heard me perform a song that I wrote this summer called, "My Baby's in the Beer Tent Again". This song has been a new hit with my audiences. I am almost done recording it and I will be putting it on iTUNES in a few weeks. Don't forget, if you are a social networkin' junkie: join me on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube, if you are into that sort of thing...swing by and "friend" me! ;-) That's it from here in my living room. Let's make this year and this decade count! It's going to be a good one. All the best to each of you for 2010. Over and out....and yours in music, Katexo

Kate Reid's Latest News from a Mouthy Dyke!

Hello Everyone- First of all, if you are new to this email list....welcome and thank-you for joining!! If you have been with me for a while ...thanks for sticking around! How are you all doing? I hope you are well. I am excited on many fronts. I will try and keep this short but well...by now, you know me. :-) I am home from a very busy 6 months and feeling creative. I have lots of writing to do and ideas are busting through. I love winter because it's a real chance for me to sit down and write. I sit in my chair by the window, build a fire in the fireplace, make a pot of tea and just go for it...poetry, journaling, songwriting. I have been waiting for these long, dark nights for while. And the rain of the westcoast...I must say, I do love it. Finding some way to express ourselves creatively is life-giving and important. And, here is the latest news of my musical exploits: Upcoming Shows: Thursday, December 3rd - Logan's Pub (This is a fundraiser for Loudspeaker Festival in Victoria-I will be doing a short set amongst a great line-up of performers) 1821 Cook Street, Victoria, BC 8pm showtime, $10 at the door Friday, December 4th - Solstice Cafe (I'm doing a full show here with local act: Jennifer Louise Taylor and Co.) 529 Pandora Street, Victoria, BC 8pm showtime, $15 for adults/$7 for teens at the door YouTube vids/Website vids: I will be posting a couple of new, live videos of me singing my songs on YouTube. If you want to subscribe to my YouTube videos, you can go to: www.youtube.com/katereidmusic Galaxie Folk Show/iTunes Gay Pride Canada Top Ten: A friend of mine in Kamloops told me the other day that I made the iTunes Top Ten Gay Pride Canada list...I'm not really sure what that means but it sounds cool! I have yet to find that list on the internet...if someone can help me out, that would be cool. I want to check it out. Also, "I'm Just Warming Up" has been getting a lot of play on Galaxie Satelite Folk Music with host, Roch Parisien. It's been listed at #2 in the top ten Canadian folk albums...that's pretty awesome. I've met Roch and he is a great guy. Canadian Folk Music Awards: Well, I didn't win...but who cares? It was such a thrill for me to be nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award-Best New/Emerging Artist of the Year. It was incredible to showcase at the CFMA and also to attend the gala/awards show. I met some really interesting folks and musicians and just had an all-around amazing time. There were so many stellar musicians who were nominated and the volunteers who run the CFMA pulled off two killer evenings of folk music. The Good Lovelies received New/Emgering Artist of the Year and they are fabulous! Check them out at www.goodlovelies.com! Winter Projects: I will be conducting interviews over the next few weeks for my upcoming project: "Songs for Kids with Two Moms". I will be interviewing children (and their parents) of lesbian households and then taking their stories and writing them into songs for an album that I suspect will be released in two years. As well, I am continuing to write songs for a follow-up album to "I'm Just Warming Up". Spring Tour: In the new year, I will begin booking a spring tour of Ontario and Eastern Canada for May and June, 2010. If any of you have any venues (including house concert options) where you would like to see me perform, please let me know! In fact, if I book a show at a place you suggest, I will gladly send you a complimentary cd in the mail! Also-I am working on a European tour for the autumn of 2010. If anyone has any venue suggestions for me in Europe, that would be awesome, too! That's it from here. All of my best to each of you. Have a wonderful weekend. Welcome December! Yours in music, Katexo

Kate Reid-News from The Canadian Road

Hello Friends- How are you all doing? I hope you are well. As I write this I am sitting in my hotel room in Regina, listening to the pigeons outside on my window sill, making their chatty cooing noises. I put the creamo that I bought for my coffee out on the window ledge because there is no fridge in the room...perhaps they are curious about what that little carton is all about! Their funny chortling is keeping me company.... Anyways, I just wanted to connect and give you an update of what's happening in my life as a dyke folksinger! I am doing my last show here in the Prairies before heading back to BC for a handful of shows. The tour has been fun and I have met some very interesting people along the way and had some great audiences! Most of my time was spent in Ontario as well as Quebec and I must tell you that the fall colours of central Canada have, at times, taken my breath away! I have seen some truly stunning landscape. And, the sound and the smell that the brilliant leaves make as I walk through them reminds me of growing up in southern Ontario. Some really great news here: I have been nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the New/Emerging Artist category! This is unbelievably thrilling for me...I cannot tell you how it feels to be recognized as a valuable musician in the Canadian folk music community. All my hard work and songwriting is paying off! I will be attending the awards ceremony November 20-22 in Ottawa and will also be part of the showcase there. (For more deets and the list of nominees go to: www.canadianfolkmusicawards.ca) On the list of the Galaxie Folk/Roots Channel's most-played, high-rotation Canadian album releases for September 2009, my latest album, "I'm Just Warming Up" came in at #7! Roch Parisien, the programmer told me a couple of weeks ago that it's going to move higher because it's been getting lots of airplay! How cool is that? I am working on new songs for two different upcoming albums. Some of you may remember the album idea I talked about for kids who are brought up in lesbian-headed households. Well, I have a long list of families who I will be interviewing upon my return to Vancouver which I am really looking forward to. And, I am also working on ideas for another album to follow "I'm Just Warming Up". Lots of stuff is percolating and I can't wait to see what comes....stay tuned for the tunes! So, here are the dates of my final shows for 2009. I hope you can come to a show or at least pass on the info to friends you may have in the following communities: Tuesday, Oct. 29-10pm GLCR (2070 Broad St, Regina, Saskatchewan) Wednesday, Nov. 4-8pm Artspace (1685 3rd Street, Prince George, BC) Tickets are selling fast, so get 'em by emailing Jim: Friday, Nov. 6-8pm Pat Beulah's House Concert (Summerland, BC-sold out) e - pbeulah@live.ca, in case there is a cancellation and she can squeeze you in! Saturday, Nov. 7-7pm Hitching Post (90 Scott Street, Hedley, BC) Reserve tickets b/c Hedley sells out, too: hitchingpost@nethop.net - Wilson is the contact- $10 for the show/$30 for dinner + show combo. Tuesday, Nov. 10-7:30pm Bluebird North - with host Shari Ulrich - guests Kate Reid, Amelia Curran, Valdy and Melissa Endean Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre (corner of Pacific and Drake, Vancouver, BC) Thursday, December 3-8pm Logan's Pub (1821 Cook Street, Victoria, BC) This is a fundraiser for a new, Victoria women's festival called Loudspeaker Festival - produced by Andrea Routley. (I will be doing a short set this night.) Friday, December 4-8pm Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora Street, Victoria, BC) (This will be a full show with a local, opening act.) That's it from my pidgeon-friendly hotel here in Regina....see you all soon and have a wonderful rest of the year! A million thanks for coming to my shows, buying my music, sending me your letters, emails and messages! You rock my world. Yours in music, Katexo

Calling all children of lesbian parents!

Hello Kind Folks and Folkmusic lovers- How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well: enjoying the autumn and feeling inspired in whatever you are doing. Summer is finally done for the year and I have gotten used to the fact that it's getting darker and colder, that things are slowing down and the earth is going to sleep. It is soon time to settle in and do some wondering, thinking, writing and creating. Part of me resists all of this and the other part of me longs for it. At this time of year, I always try to sit quietly with the parts of me that I need to give up so that I can expand even more into my life and my work as a folksinger. Its always a challenge: moving out the old stuff to make way for the new but it is important and necessary to continue forward, you know what I mean? I am having a fantastic time out on tour: meeting fun people, enthusiastic audiences and spending time in beautiful in Ontario in the autumn! (My one regret is that I am not home to help with the digging up the potatoes from the veggie garden in our front yard. It's like digging up treasure!) NEW ALBUM- On that note, I have a new project in the works! I spoke briefly about it in my last email blast and now I would like to tell you all about it. This past year has brought a lot of wonderful things. Specifically, I have enjoyed the fan mail and feedback I have received, especially from gay and lesbian folks, young people and children and their lesbian moms and how important my songs are to them. These encounters and letters I have received have got me thinking about children who grow up in lesbian homes. Further, it got me thinking about how children in lesbian homes have their own stories to tell about their experiences of living in -please forgive the phrase-"alternative" homes. I decided that I would like to write an album specifically for children with lesbian parents. As such, I will be interviewing children, of any age, who have lesbian parents: to get their stories, experiences, anecdotes....anything that they would like to share with me about what it is like to be a child of lesbian parents. Then, (without the use of names so as to protect privacy) I will turn their stories into songs for an album entitled, "Songs for Kids with Two Moms". So, this is a call out to you to please put me in contact with any children and/or mothers who might be interested in being interviewed by me. Email is the best way to contact me and I will organize interviews from there. I am thrilled about the opportunity to meet and talk with kids and hear what they have to say. I already have started some interviews and some writing...it's just going to be so inspiring and I have no doubt, a lot of fun! TOUR UPDATE- Just a couple of new dates added to the "I'm Just Warming Up" Tour this fall (please check my website, www.katereid.net, for full tour deets): Thursday, Oct. 8-9pm Carden Street Cafe 40 Carden Street, Guelph ON 519.837.2830 (cardenstreet@hotmail.com) Thursday, Oct. 22-8pm The Rankin Gallery 3248 Round Lake Rd, Inverary ON (For tix, email Al at: as.rankin@sympatico.ca) 631.353.6650 Friday, Oct. 23-10pm The Mansion 506 Princess Street, Kingston ON 613.531.0003 Plus really cool news-I have received word that I am booked to play at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, 2010! So, I will see you in Edmonton next August. What a total kick...I have dreamed of playing that festival! Thanks again for all your support in all the forms you give it....thank-you....always. I do read all your emails and still have some replys to do...I haven't forgotten you. Don't forget, please send any interested interviewees my way for the new project! All the best....over and out! Yours in music, Katexo

Summer 09 Update, Exciting News and "I'm Just Warming Up" Fall Tour, Sept./Oct.

Hello Everyone: Well, summer seems to be inching ever closer into fall and what a summer it has been! I hope this email all finds you well and enjoying yourselves out there. I will try and keep this brief, as lots of you know, I can be a woman of many words! :-) I suppose if I did these emails more often, they wouldn't end up being so freakin' long.... In this email, I have included and update on my summer, some exciting news and my fall tour dates. Summer update: This summer I had the amazing fortune to perform at the Vancouver Island Music Festival, The Vancouver Folk Music Festival and Hillside Festival in Guelph. What an amazing time I had at these festivals…I can barely tell you! It was so cool for me to share the stage with some outstanding musicians: d’bi young, James Keelaghan, Eekwol, Basia Bulat, Women in Docs, Great Lake Swimmers, Dan Mangan, Bop Ensemble-including Bill Bourne…to name a few! At the Vancouver Island Music Fest, I became inspired to write a new song which I did. I finished it a week later at 1:30 in the morning, the night before my performance at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and a friend of mine convinced me to play it that night on the main stage, never having played it in front of an audience, certainly not thousands of people! But, not wanting to back down from a challenge, I thought, “What the hell? I have nothing to lose…right?” So, in light of this summer’s politics surrounding the first ever beer tent at the VFMF, I played “My Baby’s in the Beer Tent Again” to cheers and a rousing applause. It’s destined to become a festival classic!! ;-) Hillside Festival was no less exciting. I first discovered Hillside while attending University of Guelph, way back before I was even considering writing and singing music. Somewhere inside of me, I was yearing to be on the stages there. My show was a complete blast. The tent was packed and the audience embraced my music like they had known me for years. They gave me a raucous standing ovation…what a rush! All three festivals were the highlights of my year so far. Exciting News: My exciting news is that I got accepted to the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Conference this October in Ottawa for an official showcase! For those of you who don't know, OCFF brings together talent buyers, folk music industry people, festival artistic directors, campus and co-op radio show hosts, musicians and basically all things folk music for an annual weekend conference of workshops, musical showcases and networking. It's a 4-day folk music meat market/schmoozefest and it's a lot of fun! Official showcase attendees, such as myself, are selected from hundreds of applicants to perform for a half hour hoping to get our names and music out there to get more gigs...more work! So, I am very fortunate to have been selected and am thrilled to be able to see what possibilities are out there for me to spread the dyke folk love! Fall Tour: I have been very busy for the past several months booking my fall tour in support of my latest album, I'm Just Warming Up". Here are the dates below. I am still working on a few more dates but these are the dates so far. If you know somebody in any of the towns on the list who you think might enjoy my show, please don't hestitate to pass on this email...with huge thanks from me! There are more details about the shows on my websites. BC Saturday, Aug. 29th-The Black Box Theatre, Kelowna (Presented by the Kelown Women's Centre) BC ALBERTA Sunday, Aug. 30-Money Pennies, Calgary AB Wednesday, Sept. 2-Henotic Restuarant and Lounge, Lethbridge AB Thursday, Sept. 3-The Soda, Calgary (A Miscellaneous Youth Network Event) Friday, Sept. 4-Prism Bar and Grill, Edmonton AB Saturday, Sept. 5-Velvet Olive, Red Deer AB Monday, Sept. 7-Ironwood Stage and Grill, Calgary AB BC Wednesday, Sept. 9-Victoria Event Centre, Victoria BC Thursday, Sept. 10-The Duncan Garage Showroom, Duncan BC Friday, Sept. 11-The Cambie, Nanaimo BC Saturday, Sept. 12-The Roxy Theatre, Gabriola Island BC Sunday, Sept. 13-The Lion's Hall, Saltspring Island BC ONTARIO and QUEBEC: Saturday, Sept. 19-Ohio Lesbian Fest-(www.ohiolba.org) Sunday, Sept. 20-Ohio Lesbian Fest-(www.ohiolba.org) Wednesday, Sept. 23-Big Mama's Boy, Toronto ON Thursday, Sept. 24-Slack's, Toronto ON Friday, Sept. 25-The Spill, Peterborough ON (A Peterborough Pride Event) Sunday, Sept. 27-Owen Sound Farmhouse concert (email me for tix, if interested) Saturday, Oct. 3-The Yellow Door, Montreal QE Friday, Oct. 9-The London Music Club, London ON Sunday, Oct. 11-The Tranzac, Toronto ON (with Evalyn Parry) Wednesday, Oct. 14-Amazing Coffee-Madoc ON Thurs, Oct. 15 to Sunday, Oct. 18-OCFF Conference, Ottawa ON Sunday, Oct. 18-Acoustic Grill, Picton ON Monday, Oct. 19-The Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa ON (with Sarah MacDougall and Ariana Gillis) Thursday, Oct. 22-The Red Canoe Cafe, Wilno ON Friday, Oct. 23-Amherst Island Lodge, Amherst Island ON (tentative) THE PRAIRIES Tuesday, Oct. 27-The Park Theatre, Winnipeg MN Thursday, Oct. 29-The GLCR, Regina SK BC: Wednesday, Nov. 4-Artspace, Prince George BC Friday, Nov. 6-Summerland Cherry Farmhouse concert, Summerland BC (email me for tix, if you are interested) Saturday, Nov. 7-The Hitching Post, Hedley BC (with Pascale Goodrich-Black) Tuesday, Nov. 10-Bluebird North at the Roundhouse, Vancouver BC (with Shari Ulrich and friends) Whew....that was a lot...even to type!! ;-] So, thanks for sticking with me and reading all of that. I appreciate your support in all the forms it arrives to me...thanks for keeping me going! I am taking the day off to go hiking in Garibaldi Park tomorrow...I can't wait to see some alpine splendor. I hope summer has been a fun-filled and relaxing time for you all. See you out there in the big world! Over and out, Katexo

Big News from a Mouthy Dyke!

Hi Everyone: How are you all? I hope you are well. Well, I had grand plans of sending out one newsletter each month but I sidetracked myself with other things...cd recording, working at my day job and booking shows. I find myself longing for solitude, some time out there in the trees and the spacious air, listening to the world come alive again after winter. I can't wait to get into the mountains...I can't wait for the snow to melt up there and get my feet on the earth. Sometimes, my soul aches for that. But, the Eagles are coming back to Vancouver and that always gives me hope for what is to come... And, I am excited. I have some great news! I don't know if I told you all this in my last newsletter but if I did...well, it's so cool, I will say it again: I got confirmed to play Vancouver Folk Fest this summer! And, not only that, I also just got confirmed to play Hillside Festival in Guelph....this is huge! I remember back in the days before I played music, in the 90's, and I went to Hillside a couple of times and dreamed about living that life: playing my own music at festivals in the summer. This is truly unbelievable for me. I got invited back to Edmonton Pride, too...very cool. I love Edmonton. Here are some of my upcoming shows: Friday, April 24th-Summerland House/Farm Concert, Summerland: with Pascale Goodrich-Black Email: pbeulah@live.ca for tix and info Saturday, April 25th-Stand Up and Sing at the Sugar Shack, Nelson-8pm Go to: www.missquincy.net/sugarshack Saturday, May 2-Habitat, 2448 Leon Street, Kelowna-8pm Tuesday, May 5-Vancouver Rowing Club-6pm Go to: www.singaround.com for details My calendar is filling up with shows I am booking for my cd release so check it out if you want. (www.katereid.net) And last but so not least, my second cd is coming together! And, I am preselling the cd, just like I did with my first cd. If you would like to buy one, please email me your name and mailing address and I will mail you a signed copy when it's complete. It is $23 per copy (includes postage). These funds will go towards finishing this project and getting it out there in the world! I have been very fortunate to have had some great donations come in so far which has helped a lot in getting this thing off the ground. It has felt truly amazing for me to receive support from all of you...in all the ways you can do it-whether its funds, emails, letters, kind words. It reminds me that it's important what I do and what I sing about. On that note-I feel like I am doing something good when a young lesbian comes up to me after a show and tells me a story about how she heard my music and came out and how she hasn't taken my cd out of the player since she bought it. We all need a voice. And, I am still finding mine, in my songs, and sharing it with all of you. So, it's a mutually healing experience, this songwriting thing. Thanks so much to all of you! You keep me going! All the best...see you soon out there, Kate ;-)


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Kate Reid News. This one's lengthy but loaded, my friends!

Hello Everyone: Grab your fave beverage and sit down…this is a long one but lots of cool stuff here…if you can spare the time! Three shows and hanging with Ferron: What can I say, people? You rock. For those of you who made it out to the WISE Hall on Sunday, November 16th, thanks for coming to see me realize one of my dreams: to do a show with a mentor of mine, Ferron. I was in folksinger heaven. The show was high energy and entertaining: Ferron was her usual amazing self and it was great to see so many friends and fans in the audience. Thank-you so much for coming to the show! For those of you who weren't there, I did receive your emails and appreciate your well wishes! After the WISE Hall, I summoned up some more courage (gulp!) to phone Ferron and ask her if I could open for her for her next shows on Saltspring and Pender Islands and then attend her writer's workshop on Pender for the weekend. She said "yes"! So, I skipped my day job, took a floatplane to Saltspring (so cool!) and again, the shows were incredible. Ferron loved my song "Rise Up" so much-that’s the one I wrote about how I felt after declining her offer to come to her place in Michigan in the summer of 2007...it will be on my next album. As you can imagine, I was flattered beyond belief. Of course, now, I have some more dreams in the works but I can’t really tell you about that now…if you are interested, stay tuned?! While on Pender, I spent the weekend in Ferron’s writing workshop with a group of wonderful women and also with friends of Ferron-very inspiring and generous people on Pender Island-Sharon Jinkerson-Brass, her husband, Victor Reece and their very good friend, Georgina Weber. Sharon and Victor are the creative genius behind Big Sky Multi-Media and Storytelling Society which creates stunning and innovative performances of Native story through theatre, dance, mask and song. Sharon, Victor and the Big Sky members are incredibly talented and passionate about what they do. They have big plans and I am sure they would love your support. They will be at Vancouver's Talking Stick Festival this February 2009. You can check them out at www.bigskymultimediastorytellingsociety.com. Georgina Weber owns and is the chef at Pender Island's best restaurant, Islander's Restaurant. Georgina fed us all weekend with her killer culinary creations! If you are ever on Pender Island, don't miss Georgina's awe-inspiring meals and hospitality (250.629.6682 for reservations or online at www.islandersrestaurant.com). You will not be disappointed!! Women in the Round Tour: Next on my list of news, my tour with Sarah MacDougall and Joanna Chapman-Smith as Women in the Round. During our 6-week tour we had some great adventures, met wonderful and hospitable people, spent time with friends and family and rocked our shows! Our tour took us from Gabriola and Saltspring Islands all the way to Montreal. Sarah, Jo and I have a blast on stage together and really enjoyed all the different venues in Eastern Canada that we performed at. It was great to back each other up with harmonies, harmonica, clarinet, melodica and the occasional kazoo solo! And, lots of laughs…as always! We stayed with friends and generous folks along the way: Kareno and Kimi on Saltspring, Carolyn and Diana on Gabriola, Ellen of Summerland, Shirley and Dan of Gold Mountain RV Park in Hedley, Eva in Nelson, Allie in Lethbridge, Steve in Calgary, Tina and Julie in Edmonton, Kamala in Winnipeg, our families in the Toronto area and Mel and Laura in Ottawa. I had the pleasure of opening up for Po’Girl at Hugh’s Room in Toronto and doing a solo show in Winnipeg at Club 200. A massive thank-you to all of you who opened your homes to us…it makes touring so much nicer to spend time with friends and family along the way. And, a big thanks to Joanna’s father for the use of his car to get around Ontario and Quebec…thanks so much! I must say that our show in Waterloo was a blast from the past, seeing old friends from high school and my good, old party days was a blast. Thanks so much to all of you who came out to the shows! It’s been a long time since I have been back to Ontario and what a great way to come back. Women in the Round at OCFF: Sarah, Jo and I also attended the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals conference in Ottawa where tons of musicians and folk industry folks meet to do all things folk music. We shared a hotel room with a musician friend of mine, Sarah Calvert of Toronto...our room looked like a tornado hit it during the day but at night, it transformed into a live music venue with performances by myself, Sarah Mac, Joanna and Sarah Calvert. We generated some great buzz at the conference for our music, saw some amazing and inspiring acts and met lots of people. Performing at Vancouver Island Folk Music Festival 2009: Out of our weekend at OCFF, Women in the Round got rave reviews for our show and got invited to perform at the Vancouver Island Folk Music Festival for the upcoming summer, July 10-12, 2009. We are thrilled about this! New songs from my upcoming cd: As you may know, I am working on my second cd. I aim to release it late in spring of 2009, in time for the summer. I will be posting a few new songs on my website and Myspace (and maybe Facebook, if I get around to it!! Damn.) so you can get a taste of what is to come. So, check back for new songs posted. Fundraising plans for my new cd: I have also dreamed up a couple of ideas to help me fundraise for the making of the cd. As I did with my debut cd, I am currently pre-selling my next cd on my website and at shows. There are instructions for pre-purchasing cds on the “Buy” page of my website if you would like to help out. I will sign each pre-perchased cd, of course and include the purchase number on the cd. And...the kick-ass fundraising idea is-you can have a real hand in helping me with this project by purchasing studio time for me! More details can be found on the “Buy” page of my website. I have prizes for each increment of money, including signed posters and cds all the way up to dinner out with me in a city near you. Can you help? The Laramie Project in Vancouver: I recently attended The Laramie Project-a play that was written about the story of Matthew Sheppard: the young, gay man who was savagely beaten, tied to a fence and left to die outside of the town of Laramie, Wyoming in October 1998. The Laramie Project was put on by Fighting Chance Productions and performed at Havana on Commercial Drive. Lord Byng Secondary School of the Vancouver School Board, also put on a production of the Laramie Project this month. Watching the play brought home the ever-present reality of how much homophobia there still is in the world: in Canada, the USA and certainly across the world-there are many countries where homosexuality is still illegal, indeed, punishable by death in some countries. While we are extremely privileged to have lesbian and gay rights including legal marriage here in Canada, that does not mean we are free of homophobia and the violence acts are spawned from this fear and hatred of GLBT people. I thought of all of the dykes, just a few decades ago, who used get dragged out of the women’s bars, beaten and raped. I thought of Aaron Webster of Vancouver who was brutally beaten and murdered by a group of men in 2001. I thought of Jordan Smith of Vancouver who was beaten by two men this past summer and had to have his jaw wired shut. I thought of my friend who was beaten and had her ribs broken by a man outside of a Vancouver bar. I thought of my own experience with my first girlfriend’s brother who chased us out of the house in the middle of the night, trashed my truck, threatening and yelling homophobic insults at us. It reminded me of how far we have come but how incredibly far we still have to go. It reminded me that what I sing about is important-no matter who tells me that it’s too much, too lesbian-focused or whatever opinion they have about what I do. It reminded me to keep going. House Concert Donation for Vancouver AIDS organizations: Like last year, I donated an acoustic house concert as a silent auction prize to one of Vancouver’s largest fundraising nights for finding a cure for AIDS-The Fowl Supper. This evening is a huge annual dinner and silent auction with wild and fun entertainment on by the Fillmore Foundation to raise money for three Vancouver AIDS/HIV organizations, The Dr. Peter Centre, Lovin’ Spoonful and McLauren Housing Society. The silent auction, of which I was a part, raised $11,000.00! The dinner and entire evening raised thousands of dollars as well! It's an incredibly successful event. Chix with Picks XMAS-Sunday, December 7 at 7pm: Trigger of Girlgigs Productions here in Vancouver is hosting her annual Chix with Picks XMAS where she gathers a whole gaggle of Vancouver women musicians together to play their tunes and raise money for the Positive Women’s Network. Bring a non-perishable food or bath item to donate. I will be there! It’s a great time for a great cause…always packed! (The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver) Well, that’s it for now. There was so much to share with you all so I thank-you for taking the time to read it! I will keep you posted on how the album is coming…I have some dreams and ideas in the works. Once again, thank-you so much for all of your support, in whatever way, shape or form. I appreciate every last word and gesture…it helps me do my thing! Yours in life and music, Kate

Help Kate in recording her next album by buying her some time in the studio!

Making an album in the studio costs serious money...thousands of dollars in fact, and I need some help. My goal is to raise $8,000 towards getting this cd completed. Here's what you will get if you are willing to help: Fame and notoriety. Well, actually...just kidding....that would hopefully be me. Okay, seriously speaking: 1. Decide on the amount you would like to contribute. The increments and benefits with each amount are below: $75-1 a personal thank-you card and a signed cd $100- a signed poster, a personal thank-you card and a signed cd $200-two ticktes to one of my shows in your town (or a town near you) a signed poster, a personal thank-you card and a signed cd $500-special mention in the liner notes of my upcoming cd, two tickets to a show in your town (or a town near you), a signed poster, a personal thank-you card and two signed cds $1000 + -dinner out with me in your town (Dutch treat!) and all of the above 2. Go to my "Buy" page and send your chosen amount via PayPal. You must have a credit card to use this service. Please make sure to add your name, phone number, mailing address and email so that I can contact you. 3. Or send a cheque or money order directly to me at: Kate Reid 410-2416 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2 Again, please ensure you include your name, phone number, mailing address and email so I can contact you. Thank-you so much for your generosity in helping get this album out. It's a really great thing. Yours in music, Kate

Pre-buy Kate's second studio album due for release in 2009 Spring!

Just like when I was making my debut album, I am taking orders now for my upcoming cd. Pre-selling is a really helpful way for me to raise money to help with the costs of recording, production, manufacturing, duplication, hiring musicians and artwork design. Each cd will cost $23 if I mail it to you, $20 if I hand it to you directly at one of my cd release shows in a town near you this coming spring. I will sign each cd you purchase. For pre-buying my next cd, here's what you can do: 1. Decide how many you would like to buy. 2. Go to my "Buy" page and purchase your order through Paypal. You must have a credit card to use this service. Include your name, mailing address and email so I can track and send you your order. 3. Or you can send me a cheque or money order directly at: Kate Reid 410-2416 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2 Please include your name, mailing address or email so I can track and send you your order. Thanks so much for your awesome support in helping me get my music out there! I appreciate it so much. My best, Kate

Going on Tour-Autumn 2008

Hey Lesbian Folksinger Appreciators: I am getting ready to go on tour with Sarah and Jo. We are doing our first show tomorrow night on Gabriola Island...one of my favourite gulf islands! Jo won't be there because she is on tour in Northern BC but she will be joining us at Rhizome on Friday, Sept. 19th. The next day we have a show on Saltspring Island-another beautiful gulf island. Then, we leave for the Okanagan on Tuesday, September 23 to start our tour over to Montreal! I am very busy with preparations and last minute details as well as going into the studio to record a few more tracks before I hit the road. It has been a challenge to achieve more balance in my life since I began this musical journey. For the last couple of years, I feel like I have done nothing but work on building this dream (which has been amazing, fun and challenging all at the same time!) and now I feel like I am wanting a little more fun and space in my life...slowly, I am getting better at that part! I so appreciate all of your emails, kind words and letters. It is what keeps me forging ahead because I believe in the work that I do as a writer and musician and I know that it is important: not only for myself but for women, however we identify. So, I am really looking forward to these upcoming shows and seeing you all out there as well as meeting some new folks! It will be good to be playing music in your towns again. I hope you are all well in your lives. See you on the road. Kate

Recording My Second CD

Hey Music Fans: For those of you who don't know, I am in the studio recording my second album. I am working with local Vancouver producer, Adam Popowitz who has been in the music scene for a long time. He is a musician, a recording engineer and producer and he is fabulous to work with! We have finished the percussion, guitar and the vocal tracks (I still have to do some harmonies!) for four of my new songs. There is a lot of work to be done and due to my touring schedule this fall and Adam's busy schedule with his band, Pacifika, and other recording projects, I aim to release the album in the spring of 2009. So, I will keep you posted on it's progress. I am thrilled to be working with Adam on this project and t's very exciting for me as well because creating and writing is such a wonderful process..it's always exciting to see what comes forth...I love it! That's it for now. Hope you're are all doing well in your lives! Over and out, Kate

Fundraising House Concert at 1175 East 17th Ave. in Vancouver

Hello Everyone: I just want to send out a huge thank-you and appreciation to all of you who attended my house concert on the evening of Wednesday, July 30th. Thank-you so much for your generous donations towards the recording of my second album, which I am currently working on in the studio at this time. It was great to see some familiar friendly faces and meet those of you who I hadn't the pleasure of meeting before. I am glad you all had a great time, it was my pleasure to perform for you and have you be a part of this fun evening! Thank-you again for your generosity and for supporting my music! A special thanks to Maike for her wonderful hospitality and for hosting the concert in her home and to Jocelyn, as well for doing a kick-ass job at the door! All the best to each and every one of you, Kate

A writer's workshop this June with Kate Reid and Claire Robson!

June 27 – 29, UBC WORDS & LYRICS: A Prose and Songwriting Retreat with Kate Reid, Singer/Songwriter and Claire Robson, memoirist, editor, writer. For writers, singers, those who want to be, and all others who love words! “Every song has a story behind it; many stories can be put to music!” The Weekend: Hang out for a whole weekend with a writer and a singer/songwriter and write prose, poetry, make music, write lyrics, and share the experience with others, all with expert advice, structured exercises, and tons of support. You’ll leave this workshop with three brand new songs, poems, or stories, the tools you need to revise and polish them, and a little experience in how to present them to an audience. And we guarantee that you’ll have lots of fun along the way. Who Should come: Writers, musicians, those who love words, stories, aspiring and accomplished writers and singer/songwriters looking for more skills, a new direction. Times: Friday June 27 7:30pm – 9:30 pm Saturday June 28 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (1 hour brown bag lunch break, coffee & tea provided) Sunday June 29 9:30 am – 1:30 pm Location: UBC campus (location and other details will be emailed to registrants) Fee: $150 - $225 sliding scale. Pay what you can afford on this scale. Kate Reid is a dynamic, political, singer/songwriter who has made an impression upon the political/music/lesbian scene in Vancouver and elsewhere. Her songs and presentation are quirky, thoughtful, sometimes in-your-face, often humourous, always with style and ease with her audience. Claire Robson is a published author, and well-known teacher. She specializes in making writing processes accessible to everyone, regardless of previous experience. Her students have great success, and have read their work in many different venues, including the Roundhouse, UBC, and the Vancouver Public Library. Www.katereid.net Www.clairerobson.com To register, send a cheque, either in full payment or a $50 non-refundable deposit with postdated cheques (latest date, June 15) to: Sounds & Furies PO Box 21510, 1424 Commercial Dr. Vancouver BC V5L 5G2 Include with your cheque your name, email address, phone #, and whether you’re interested in sharing a low-cost room at Gage Towers (UBC campus) for the weekend with other workshop participants. Pat/Sounds & Furies will give names of others seeking roommates. Make a weekend of it. Give yourself a treat, a retreat! Write to your heart’s content with no distractions from the “outside” world. If you prefer a room of your own, contact Gage Residence at UBC.

Women in the Round Tour with Sarah MacDougall and Joanna Chapman-Smith

Hello Everyone; Well, what can I say? Women in the Round...on the road rocked. I went on a two week tour with Sarah MacDougall and Joanna Chapman-Smith through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and we had a blast! We started in Vancouver at Rhizome Cafe on April 11th...an all acoustic show to a full house. The next night, we played at the Howe Sound Pub in Squamish to a fun audience. Heidi, who booked us, treated us so well....it was fantastic! The next night, we were supposed to be in William's Lake at the Blue Spoon Cafe. We tried driving up the old Duffy Lake Road but got turned around by an avalanche/rockslide that covered the highway! We ended up having to turn around and drive all the way back down through Whistler, Vancouver and then going to the long way, through Hope, Armstrong, 100 Mile House and then William's Lake. It was a very long day of driving but we made the show in record time (thanks to my lead foot!)and were warmly received by the folks in William's Lake. We stayed with a lovely woman, Deb, who put us up for two nights in her funky house. Thanks so much, Deb! We shall meet again.... After that, we played at Artspace in Prince George to a sold out crowd of very appreciate people! Great room, great audience, super sound....thanks to Jim who booked us there. Then, we traveled through Jasper and over to Edmonton for two nights: first, a low key evening with Harold at the Blue Chair Cafe...always a pleasure to play there. And, then a riotous night at the local lesbian bar, (hecklers included!) Prism Bar and Grill to an over-capacity house of 110 women! It was loud and super-fun! Thanks so much to the women who ran the bar, especially Tina! Then, we drove down through a nasty snow storm ( I know, it was April for chrissake's!!) to Calgary to play at Money Pennies, the local lesbian bar. We had another sold out show there and were treated really well by the owners. We will definately go back again. Thanks Money Pennies! Then, we had a night off and a day to rest before playing at the Ironwood Stage and Grill to a busy Monday night crowd. Thanks so much, Patrick (you wild and crazy guy!) for booking us. After that, we headed out onto the prairies and to Regina for a show at the local folk club. The audience was very small but very appreciative and thrilled to have us there. A singersongwriter from Winnipeg named Suss, joined us there and warmed up the audience for us by playing an opening set. Next, we went to Winnipeg for an awesome show at the Park Theatre. Suss had organized and promoted the show and joined us on stage as a part of the round....it was a fantastic night....what a room and what amazing sound! Thanks so much, Suss and the Park Theatre! Then, we drove like bats out of hell to make it across the prairies (through yet another gnarly snowstorm....I know, did I say it was April for chrissake's?!!) to my old stomping grounds of Nelson, BC. Always a pleasure to play in Nelson. Thanks to Eva (you're the best, old gal!) and Catherine for setting up the show and promoting it and to all of my friends and the Nelson folks who came out to see us. It was great to be there again. The next night, we played to a packed house at the Hitching Post in my favourite small town, Hedley, BC. I love performing in Hedley because the people are grand and we got treated like queens again! Thanks Hedley folks and Wilson and Brenda of the Hitching Post. Then, we headed back to Vancouver for a show at the Railway Club. It was a fun night as always at the Railway! And, a great audience with tons of hecklers....I love that. You know I do. Thank-you to Trigger and Janet for having us! Our final show was on Gabriola Island for the Dancing Man Festival at the Roxy Theatre. I love this place...it's a funky venue (with very cool red velour seats!) with great sound and an even greater owner, Stephen. And, thanks to Carolyn and Diana, as usual, for having us at your place. Always a pleasure! Thanks so much to all of the island folks who came out to see our show. The tour was unbelievably fun and successful. We got some good press and our audiences couldn't have been better. It was so good, in fact, that Sarah, Joanna and I have started planning on our next tours as Women in the Round. We plan on touring down the west coast of the USA and also heading over to Eastern Canada in the autumn....so stay tuned! Also, drop me a line if you have a venue in your town that you think might be a good fit for three wickedly entertaining folkies (that would be me, Sarah and Jo!!) who are itching to get on the road again! All the best to each of you and thank-you so much for gracing us with your presence at our shows...we love it! Kate

North American Folk Alliance

Hi! I just got back a week ago from the North American Folk Alliance in Memphis. What a fantastic conference! I had such a riot and met some amazing, friendly and enthusiastic people. Some of the performing highlights of my time there were with Desert Highway Records, Rockshop Publishing, RedNewt Records/Frederick Productions and the GoGirls private showcases. What a blast! Such fun people and enthusiasm for my tunes! I also saw some amazing music: Leela and Ellie Grace, Vanessa Torres and her band Touching Ground, Bill Reveles, Sarah White, Elam McKnight...to name a few of the other guerilla showcasers. And then there was all the official showcases...so much! But, staying up until 4am every night is enough to make any farm girl need a week of sleep to feel normal again. Thanks so much to all of you who I met and who came to listen to my songs. This conference is amazing! Great opportunity for any folkie who wants to get their name out there and meet others in the biz. I totally recommend it. Until next year, Kate

Mavis McMullen House

Hello People: On Saturday, February 9th, my friend, Chelsea organized to have me come and hang out with and play some songs for the women who live at the Mavis McMullen Co-op located in Vancouver's downtown eastside. It is the second time I have spent time with the women at Mavis and it is a real pleasure for me to be there with these women. I am able to share my music with them and they share with me their tenacity, courage and positive outlook on life. I feel amazed and am blessed to be able to sing for them. Thank-you, Women of Mavis for having me. And, thank-you, Chelsea for getting me there. Until next time, I am yours in music, Kate

House Concert for the Dr. Peter Centre in Vancouver

On Saturday, January 12/08, I had the pleasure of performing in the home of Jan Radford, her partner, Lindsey and their four children. Jan and Lindsey “purchased” me for an evening of musical entertainment as part of the silent auction for the Fowl Supper: an annual fundraising dinner put on by the Dr. Peter Centre. The Dr. Peter Centre provides comfort and care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Vancouver, BC. There were lots of great women at the party, we had a blast and the money went to an invaluable cause. Thank-you Jan and Lindsey for your generosity to the Dr. Peter Centre and thank-you for having me into your home. I had a fantastic time! And….happy birthday, Jan! Regards, Kate

New Years update and thanks to all of you!

Hello Good Folks and Folk Music Lovers: I hope all of you had a fun and relaxing holiday. I have some news I want to share with you that is darn exciting. It’s a bit lengthy-I hope in the rush of life, you can squeeze in a bit of reading time here. First, as you can see, I finally have a new website! Please feel free to send my any feedback in the guestbook or via email. And check out the "Links" page...there is some cool stuff there. Second, over the past several months, Sarah Estacaille, a high-energy videographer, has been working on a video for me that will include interview footage and live gig footage from the Gumboot Café on the Sunshine Coast. The five minute video is in the final stages of production and will be available for viewing soon on myspace, my website as well as on YouTube. So, stay tuned for that! Third, I am working with Sarah MacDougall (www.sarahmac.net) and Joanna Chapman-Smith (www.joannacs.com) at putting together a spring tour of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The tour will be called “Women in the Round”, just like the women’s performance night that I produce and host at Rhizome Café in Vancouver, BC. We are excited to be working together and will be going on the road in April 2008. We have booked a few dates so far.Check them out on myspace and my website. Fourth, as mentioned in my first blog, I am thrilled to announce that Canada Council has given me my first grant! I have received money to put towards my promotional tools. This rocks! Thanks so much, Canada Council! Fifth, I will be traveling to Memphis, Tennessee for the 2008 North American Folk Alliance February 20-24th to perform showcases with Desert Highway Records, a record company based in L.A and GoGirls, a company out of the USA dedicated to promoting women in music. I am really thrilled to be able to attend the Folk Alliance and spend some time in Memphis, too. So, I want to take this time to thank-you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have come out to my shows, fed me, given me a place to stay, given me your feedback and opinions and fan mail, let me use your cool photos on my sites, told me your stories and listened to mine, laughed at my jokes and supported me in whatever amazing ways you have. It has been so awesome to work with you, get to know you, see you at shows…all of it! I so appreciate your interest, support and energy. Your response to what I do helps to feed my passion and gives me a boost when things feel challenging. So, with gratitude in my heart: thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I wish all of you the best for this New Year: health, love and happiness. ---Kate Reid

Canada Council Grant

Hey Friends: I am thrilled to have received my first grant from Canada Council! The funding comes from the Career Development fund which allows artists to improve their promotional tools. Thank-you so much, Canada Council!

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