Co-op Girlz

I came out to the mountains the big city lights were behind me
It was just me and my old wounded heart driving down the highway to freedom
And when I first pulled into Nelson I couldnÕt believe my eyes
There were all these hippies and little kids and freaks hanging around

And the heartbeat of this old town is a strip called Baker Street
And my stomach was empty so I started looking around to find something to eat
But I didnÕt have much money-a little loose change in my pocket
When suddenly I found myself in front of the Kootenay Co-op Health Food Store

So I walked in through those automatic sliding glass doors
Yeah, they opened for me like I was someone real important
And suddenly I was in a dream-like haze and my mouth feel open wide
Well forget my empty stomach cuz my heart was pounding for

Co-op girlz, some of the cutest women in Nelson were
Co-op girlz

Where do I start I said to myself?
I mean there were produce girls and deli girls and even herbal supplement consultant girls
So I kept it fairly simple and I picked up something from the deli
And I was feeling a little more hopeful about myself when the Deli-Goddess smiled at me

So I marched up to the woman at the till and she asked me for my number
And even though I thought she was a little forward I said 357-0126
And I was thinking I had myself a date but then she looked at me and said
ŅHoney, you must be new in town cuz IÕm talking Ōbout your membership numberÓ

Oh god, IÕm such an idiot
I said, ŅI donÕt have a numberÓ
Then I looked down at my shoes and I hung my head in shame
And just when I thought my luck was done and I was planning my escape
She asked if I wanted to be a member and I looked up into her big brown eyes and said

Co-op girl, co-op girl oh yes I want to be a member
Co-op girl, co-op girl, just tell me where to sign

So once I became a member the benefits started rolling in
There were these monthly co-op meetings, a sure fire place to get a date
So I got all dressed up and ready for my night out on the town
And I showed up at the meeting

And I pulled a chair up beside the Girl with the Big Brown Eyes
And there was the Deli-Goddess sitting on her other side
You see when I moved out to the Kootenays I had myself a plan
To ditch the straight life and become a dyke

So half-way through the agenda I took a long deep breath
It was during the topic of yearly dividends when I turned to Big Brown Eyes
And I asked her for her number because I thought IÕd try again but she
Put her arm around the Deli-Goddess and then they said to me

Desperate girl, desperate girl, better luck at the AGM
Desperate girl, desperate girl, this ainÕt the Fluid Lounge

So, I found out that theyÕve got this thing called the 10 percent monthly membership discount
ItÕs kind of like customer appreciation
Well IÕd like to find out what thatÕs really all about
I mean I could always use a little more appreciation in my life

Co-op girlz, co-op girlz, I need some appreciation
Co-op girlz, co-op girlz, just punch in 6411