EveryoneÕs Fucked But Me


AinÕt got no problems here
Everything seems to be cool
So what if I tune out when IÕm driving
Half the time?

And if you think IÕm dissociative
Then, youÕve got another think coming
Cuz I get bored if thereÕs no crisis
Do you think that means something?

Well, donÕt tell me itÕs a pattern
Cuz the only pattern I got is
I canÕt keep a relationship for
More than two years

And in the end it always
Ends up being their fault anyway
So what the hell can I say but

EveryoneÕs fucked but me

I go to the same old womenÕs events
And itÕs the same old thing
Tortured dykes reading from their journals
And uptight straight chicks trying to fit in

And I just sit in the corner complaining
Making fun of everyone
Wondering when itÕs going to be over
And thinking to myself that

EveryoneÕs fucked but me

And I gave up hitchhiking
Cuz I couldnÕt handle the rejection
And I think I might give up sex, too
Cuz I just canÕt handle it at all
And I gave up trying to be an alcoholic
But I gave it a really solid effort
And it was hard for me to quit smoking
Cuz, you know, no one likes a quitter
And now IÕve got nothing left to worry about except that

EveryoneÕs fucked but me

Now, I donÕt get controlling
When IÕve had a bad day
ItÕs just that my partner requires
So much direction sometimes

And IÕd rather date myself anyway
Cuz then I could be controlling
Without all the fucking hassle

And I go to therapy to support
Local women in business
And besides I ainÕt got nothing better to
Do with my time

And I go because it helps me
Deal with other peopleÕs problems
And IÕm cured anyway
So thereÕs nothing left to say, but

EveryoneÕs fucked but me