This is my identity like clay on a potterÕs wheel

Taking form as my life keeps spinning around, spinning around

ItÕs changing shape with these hands and expanding with every breath

I come closer to free each time I hold it close, each time I take that step


And IÕm feeling stubborn again because I donÕt want to jump off this cliff

Surrender feels scary and I just might lose my grip

Sometimes I feel afraid the music inside of me is just going to disappear

And I wouldnÕt have anything left to write about, except maybe all of my fears



And my throatÕs been blocked by you for too long to remember

But my songs are glue, they hold me together

And when I use my voice I can feel that the Spirits are near

And music is the thing that brought me here


When I read the stories and the poetry of womenÕs lives

ItÕs like looking through a window into the unspoken, knowing inside

Broken silence, truth finally splashed out on the page

The blood and tears of years of pent-up grief and rage


I lived underground, mired down in the belly of the Earth

But you know you gotta have your hands in the dirt if you want to grow something thatÕs worth it

I like digging in the dirt, pulling up weeds to free the soil

I like weeding my own garden, too, because IÕm not afraid of my dirt no more


And IÕve fumbled a lot over the years with the people I have tried to love

And I stumbled upon some things about myself that nearly smothered me

And now, I feel the power in me and I sing, ÒIÕm cominÕ aliveÓ

IÕve been blessed with this life and I know itÕs finite, itÕs precious and itÕs wild



And when IÕm outside, I feel safe and free

Standing at the foot of a wise, old Woman Cedar Tree

And, IÕm gonna have a house by the sea like the one I walk by everyday

And IÕm gonna buy me a piano and just play, play, play


One day, IÕm gonna breathe a huge sigh of relief

Because IÕm gonna give back all the good in my life that I have received

And now, IÕm standing here doing my thing, I want to know if youÕre doing yours

Can you hear that voice in your core, is there more way down deep in you?


This is my identity like clay on a potterÕs wheel