Cool Enough to be Gay

Kate Reid

Our mom and our dad told my brother and me
WeÕre having a family meeting today
It must be serious, I think to myself
As I drive to my momÕs house

See, our mom and our dad are separated now
And he rents an apartment downtown
Maybe theyÕre moving back in together
Or has their divorce come through?

IÕm wracking my brain trying to figure this out
As I park in the driveway of my momÕs house
ItÕs dawning on me that my dadÕs friends
Are these stylish, westend men   

And I remember that time he took me and my brother
To that drag queen show last summer
I might be onto something here
ItÕs starting to seem clear

But heÕs so old-school
ThereÕs just no way 
My dadÕs not cool enough to be gay

I feel curious inside
What are they going to tell us this time?

Now, weÕre all sitting down at the kitchen table
My mom and my dad and my brother and me
Our dad has something to share with us
It seems

He says heÕs been keeping a secret for years
Then he came out that day to my brother and me
He knew he loved men when he married our mom

But he prayed it would just go away

And heÕs so old-school
ThereÕs just no way
You canÕt just make it go away

I  feel surprised inside
Hearing his truth for the first time
And I feel surprised inside
How did he keep this quiet his whole life?