Queer Across Canada

Kate Reid-Nov. 2010


I grew up on the west coast of BC

And my grandpa and his husband come to visit me


IÕm a farmer on SaskatchewanÕs flat prairie land

And my momÕs a feminist femme lesbian


The Rockies of Alberta tower all around me

And my butch hockey jock cousin lives in my small town


I was born near the great lakes of Ontario

And my uncleÕs a fashion-conscious fairy, you know



From Edmonton to Fredericton

Brandon to Vancouver

Kamloops to Tatamagouche

Ucluelet to Riviere du Loup-lyric

From La Tuque to Osoyoos

From Canoe to Saskatoon

From far and near we're queer 

Across Canada


I live under the Yukon northern lights

In the same city as my grandmother and her wife


I built my house near New BrunswickÕs Fundy Bay

And my younger brother told me today that he is gay


IÕm a country dweller in Manitoba

And my dad came out when I was just ten years old


I live in a cove in windy Nova Scotia

And my favourite queer cousin lives down the road



From St. JohnÕs to Saint John

Drumheller, Belleville to Barrie

Happy-Valley Goose Bay to Eagle Plains

Gaspe out to Winnipeg 

Igloolik to Tuktoyaktuk

Duck Bay to Victoria

From far and near we're queer

Across Canada



I live on the vast tundra of Nunavut

And my Inuit father is two-spirited


I breathe the crisp air of the North West Territories

And a drag king performer is my very best friend


I live on the rugged shores of Labrador

And my bi-sexual step-brother lives right next door


Je parle francais et jÕhabite aux Quebec

And gender questioning is where my sisterÕs at


I overlook the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland

And my maritime trans-auntie lives around the bend     


I live on Prince Edward IslandÕs red sand beaches

And my neighbours down the street are a couple of queens



From Medicine Hat to Halifax

Calgary to Cadillac

Peterborough, Paulson and Marystown

Okatoks, Owen Sound to Charlottetown

Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa

And up to Dawson City

From far and near, weÕre queer 


From Baffin Island to Haida Gwaii

Whitehorse, Horsefly and Yellowknife

Pickle Lake, Meat Cove and Mayo 

Cape Onion to Cheeseborough

Molasses Hill to Curryville  

Milk River to Cereal
From far and near, we're queer

From Pink Bottom to Bare Butt Bay
Salmon Arm to Heart's Content

Moosehead, Moosejaw, Moosonee
Ear Falls to Buffalohead Prairie

From Eyebrow down to Elbow

And Finger to JerryÕs Nose

From far and near, weÕre queer 

I said from far and near weÕre queer

Across Canada