Straighter Than An Arrow

Kate Reid


Mom, please come sit down with me

Please don't worry and please don't frown

I've been meaning to tell you for some time now

But I haven't known how


I know you tried your best with me

You taught me about sexism and misogyny

Heterosexism, homophobia

And partriarchy


You put rainbow magnets on our fridge

And rainbow stickers on our car

We havenÔt missed a single family-friendly

Pride event so far


You took me camping with all of your friends

We even went to Michigan

We danced and slept and protested

On women-owned land


But no matter how hard I try

I still have these feelings inside

No matter which way I slice it

I just can't fight it anymore


So, Mom, I thought you should be the first to know

ItÕs not just a phase IÕm going through

And, I pray that youÕll understand

And that youÕll love me in the end  


Mom, IÕm heterosexual

I really tried to be a lesbian, you know

IÕve finally stopped asking myself why

I just like guys too much to deny it


Mom, IÕm heterosexual

ItÔs a whole new concept for me, you know

Growing up in this household, youÕd think IÕd be gay

But look at me, IÕm straighter than an arrow


And no matter who we are

And no matter how we live

And no matter who we

Choose to share our hearts with

No matter who we love

YouÕll always be my mom

And I will always and forever

Be your daughter