Steal Me Away  - Kate Reid     


One day I was driving through town

My friend Auto sitting next to me

She piped up, “I used to live in these parts

I used to hang out down at the mall


I'd lean against the wall and smoke cigarettes

And watch all the pretty girls walk by

But this one girl in particular

She caught my eye


She was a vision out of a magazine

She was like nothing I had ever seen before

She was fast and furious

She was tough and mean


She wasn't like the other girls I knew

She was the queen of the five-finger discount

She could lift anything from any store

And I swore that I would make her mine



Oh Andy, steal me away - 2x


Well, Andy had the stickiest fingers in town

She was mighty handy with her hands

She dropped out of high school a while back

But she was a class-act kleptomaniac


I offered her a cigarette

She declined and pulled out her own

She said, “Baby, I don't need nothing from you

Except maybe a partner in crime”



Oh Andy, steal me away – 2x 



She was Thelma and I was Louise

But we got away in every getaway scene

She was Bonnie and I was Clyde

She was my crooked valentine and our love never died         


She'd hook her thumbs in the hip pockets of my

Favourite faded 501's

I'd kiss her on the lips for good luck

On those hot, summer parking lot nights


She'd pick the store and pick up the goods

I'd stand inside and be the lookout guy

We'd jump the turnstile and start running

We'd keep running till we were out of sight



Oh Andy, steal me away - 4x