When I Was a Little Boy - Kate Reid-July 2010


I met a little boy in my dreams one night

He was living in the trees, that was his home

He'd sleep alone in an old wooden box

No-one to hold him tight frightened as he was


In bare feet, he was walking on broken glass

He used some shards to cut a way to his lonely heart

His clothes were torn, hair in a tattered mess

There was despair, hanging in that forest air



Oh I was a little boy

When I was a little girl

It was a fine line for me back then

Oh I was a wild child

When I was a boy




I grew into a tough girl anyway

I knew the summer sun would come and save me from it all

I'd run around outside in my underwear

I didn't wear a shirt, I had nothing to hide back then


I styled my Barbie's hair with a pair of kitchen scissors

And a rebellious tomboy fantasy

I'd play the husband or the hero

In every single make-believe scene





They say you can be whoever you want to be               

With some restrictions and limits on that, you see

They say boys should be boys and girls should be girls

The world doesn't sit well with anyone in between

When I was young I was the son my father never had

And the daughter who tried to make up for that

Now that I'm older, I'm the woman I want to be

With a little bit of boy living on in me